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Top 10 Best Gangsta Characters

Manglobe's Gangsta is known for its fascinating characters, but who's the best? It's time to find out! So, I give to you the 10 best characters of Gangsta!

Top 5 Greatest Akame Ga Kill Villains

White Fox's Akame Ga Kill has scary villains, and now it's time to rank them! From Esdeath to Seryu Ubiquitous, here are the 5 best Akame Ga Kill villains!



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Top 5 Crucible Hunter Designs

Amazon Game Studios released and cancelled Crucible in the year 2020. However, I still want to list the 5 best Crucible Hunter Designs!

Top 5 Vi Splash Arts (League of Legends)

Champion splash arts are the catalyst to a purchase, with Vi splash arts being among the best. It's time to rank Vi's greatest splash arts!

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