Top 5 Crucible Hunter Designs

Amazon Game Studios finally released their first major title, and now it's time to delve into the characters, and list the best Crucible Hunter designs!

Top 5 Vi Splash Arts (League of Legends)

Vi is a well-designed Champion from League of Legends, with some great illustrations, and here are the top 5 Vi splash arts. I hope you enjoy!

Top 5 Zed Splash Arts (League of Legends)

Zed has great illustrations, by the likes of Bo Lu and Alex FLores. It's time we dive into them, and list the the 5 best Zed splash arts.

Top 5 Modern Warfare Operator Introductions

Do you know about the 4-second cut-scenes when you unlocked a new operator? Here are the 5 very best Modern Warfare operator introductions.

Top 5 Wukong Splash Arts (League of Legends)

Wukong has nice skins, accompanied by excellent illustrations. So, It's about time we pay our respects to the talented artists and rank Wukong Splash Arts.

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