Top 5 Funniest Moments of Attack on Titan

Top 5 Funniest Moments of Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan TV series is an excellent one, with a solid storyline and intriguing characters. Even though the show features some amazing action sequences and emotional moments to shed a tear over, let’s not forget about the humorous scenes that had us snickering. Whether it be Sasha Blouse’s complete and utter disregard of laws about theft or Hange’s insanity regarding Titans, the anime has a bit of everything, lightening the mood at some very dark times. With the show having some memorable funny moments, it’s about time to list the five funniest moments of Attack on Titan. Sasha Blouse is obviously the queen of comedy on the show, with Hange having her share of humorous moments as well. With that in mind, how does the list stack up? Well, down below you will find the top 5 funniest moments of Attack on Titan!

5. Sasha Blouse Reveals “Borrowed” Meat to Her Comrades

funniest moments of attack on titan sasha blouse

Oh, Sasha Blouse, nothing can satisfy your hunger. Who could have thought that after her punishment for stealing the potato she would go off and decide to “borrow” some meat, doing the exact same thing she did before? Well, I didn’t. However, I was gladly surprised by how well that moment of revealing the stolen meat to her comrades actually went. Everybody was on-board for a slice, yet what makes this moment truly hilarious is how Sasha Blouse behaves. While at first she’s able to control herself, she quickly starts drooling when thinking about spreading that meat across some bread. Given, even I wouldn’t say no to a good sandwich but Sasha Blouse takes he excitement to another level, seeming completely possessed when speaking about the meat she “borrowed”. Not only that, she starts laughing in a maniacal way, looking as if she’s having an orgasm just thinking about eating a sandwich. It makes the scene a bit uncomfortable but also very funny. It’s short and sweet, straight to the point and worth a few laughs.

4. Jean Kirstein Wipes His Faith In Humanity Off on Connie Springer

funniest moments of attack on titan jean kirstein

This moment caught me off guard, as it literally came out of nowhere. One second we see Jean Kirstein admiring Mikasa’s beauty, a few seconds later we see him wiping his faith in humanity off on Conny Springer. Why? Well, he witnessed the girl he has a crush on walking alongside Eren. So, what’s the deal with this moment and why is it funny? Well, Jean Kirstein doesn’t like Eren but likes Mikasa because of her looks, so when he sees the girl he likes with Eren, he jumps to the conclusion that they are romantically involved. Keep in mind, moments before this scene, Jean made peace with Eren, putting their differences aside, sealing the deal with a “handshake” of sorts. He used his right hand for the “handshake”, the same hand he wipes on Conny Sprinner. In other words, he wipes Eren’s “handshake” off his hand, together with his faith/trust in humanity. That’s more than enough to fuel a good giggle, and let us not forget about how well this moment is actually set up. The look on Jean’s face when seeing Mikasa together with Eren, Connie’s reaction to the awkward wipe and Jean’s blank stare at the end. To put it simply, it’s a funny moment, one that actually has a good amount of meaning to it.

3. Hange Sees Eren’s Magnificent Transformation

funniest moments of attack on titan hange zoe

After Eren fails to transform himself into his Titan form on command, he accidentally creates his Titan arm when picking up a spoon, resulting in a moment of disaster and humor. While Levi’s crew is armed and ready to kill Eren for transforming without permission, things change once Hange Zoë comes running towards the magnificent Titan arm, drooling with excitement. The screechy scream and the desperation in her voice is what makes this scene hilarious, as she seems to feel about Titans as Sasha Blouse feels about food. She not only reacts in a very over-the-top and excited manner, when she touches the skinless Titan arm and burns herself, she does an epic slide, throws her hands in the sky, almost as if it was worth getting burned over. Moments later, after Eren pulls his arm out of his Titan form, Hange starts grabbing her head, stomping on the ground, like a little kid who just saw someone eating the last piece of candy. Everything just comes together nicely for one funny moment that is quite memorable, as Hange’s love for Titans is heartwarming, although a bit too much at times.

2. Keith Shadis Rips Into Trainees of the 104th Squad

funniest moments of attack on titan keith shadis

Being that this is the longest humorous scene, there’s time to set up jokes with great camera angles. This makes for a chain of funny moments, mixing both physical and verbal comedy nicely. The character responsible for the bulk of the jokes is the head instructor of the 104th Trainees Squad, Keith Shadis. It starts with Armin, who gets a few harsh words, yet when Shadis questions Jean Kirstein, that’s when things get hilarious. All of a sudden, the instructor headbutts the young man, dropping him like Levi would a nasty Titan. He continues down the line, coming across Marco Bott who is grinning nervously. Thanks to great camera angles, the close-up of Marco’s face makes this interaction truly hilarious. A few seconds later, Shadis moves on to Connie Springer, whom he picks up by his head. All of this is essentially leading up to a showdown between Shadis and Blouse, with the end of the moment marking the birth of “potato girl”. Not only does Sasha Blouse try to argue with her intructor after being caught with a potato in her hands, she tries to make a peace offering, giving “half” of her potato to Shadis. This obviously angers the instructor to the point of punishing the young girl, making for one memorable trade of words between the two. The moment comes together nicely, especially when you consider the well-selected camera angles and sudden physical jokes. All of it makes for a scene that is worth a re-watch, time and time again.

1. Sasha Blouse Goes Insane Over Bread

funniest moments of attack on titan sasha blouse bread

Honestly, the way in which this moment starts is reminiscent of a horror movie. Sasha Blouse’s eyes turn bright pink, she darts for the bread, which she identifies from smell alone. Then, as she’s on all fours, she growls and looks like a young girl possessed by a demon. Seconds later it’s revealed that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her as the pink eyes and unrealistic leap towards the bread were cosmetic, added to make the scene more humorous. When she realizes that she has bread in her hands, starving from running all day due to her “potato incident”, she trikes a hilarious pose with a stern face. Then, she turns around to face the girl who brought her the bread and some water. That person happened to be Krista Lenz, whom Sasha Blouse grabs a hold of and asks whether or not she’s god for appearing out of nowhere and coming to her aid in time of hunger. Keep in mind, it’s Sasha Blouse, so she didn’t exactly ask the question in a calm manner. Quite opposite, she raised her voice and yelled the question out, making for one over-the-top and screechy question. As Ymir approaches, enquiring Krista about what’s happening, Sasha decides to go to town on the delicious bread, passing out seconds after devouring it. The moment comes together nicely, with memorable added effects and over-the-top voice-over performance by Blouse’s voice actor. It’s well-written into the storyline so that it doesn’t feel out of place, finalizing the list. So, there we have it, the top 5 funniest moments of Attack on Titan!

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