Top 5 Strongest Re:Creators Characters

Troyca's Re:Creators has some extremely powerful characters, but who's the strongest of them all? Here's the list of the 5 strongest Re:Creators characters, so enjoy!

Troyca’s Re:Creators is an action-packed anime, with interesting characters and exciting fights. Whether it’s a humorous duel gone wrong or a bloody battle royale, Re:Creators has something for everyone. However, these fights are memorable because of the participants, and let me tell you, there are some crazy strong characters in this show! Some have mastered the art of agility, like Yuya Mirokuji, and others have an unstoppable will, like Alicetaria February. However, some have the writers on their side, and a ton of plot armor, just like Altair and Sirius. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to compare strength levels in a show like this, considering that every character has their own universe. But I’ll try my best to rank their power levels appropriately, and so I present to you, the 5 strongest Re:Creators characters!

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5. Yuya Mirokuji

Most Impressive feat: Blocking Mamika’s Magical Flare | Deflecting Blitz Talker’s bullets.

Side-Note: Yuya Mirokuji saves Selesia Upitiria twice from a fatal blow.

Fight Record: 1 Win – 3 Losses

*Yuya took out Mamika (ep.7). But he lost to Magane Chikujoin and Sho Haku, and nearly died at the hands of Altair.

Yuya Mirokuji is a competent fighter, with excellent agility and lightning-fast reflexes. With or without Hangaku, Yuya’s a problem. But with the cursed spirit by his side, Yuya is a nightmare! Don’t believe me? Ask Alice, who fled from Hangaku, and Mamika, who was placed on her butt during the Battle Royale during sunset. While it’s difficult to compare characters from different worlds, Yuya Mirokuji’s undoubtedly A tier, without a doubt in mind.

Yuya has tasted defeated 3 times, and that’s a cause for concern, right? No. Not really. Perhaps you’re wondering why? Yuya Mirokuji lost to Chikujoin and Altair, the two undefeated Creations. The third? Sho Hakua, the protagonist from Exclusive Underground. This means that Sho Hakua was written to be stronger than Mirokuji, the Final Boss of the video game. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the “good guy” would beat the “bad guy”. Therefore, these losses don’t change much.

Why isn’t Yuya Mirokuji ranked higher? His abilities are inconsistent, as some things don’t make sense. While Yuya’s proven to be great at dodging, in the last episode, he gets stabbed by Altair and doesn’t see it coming. How come? What changed? Nothing. It’s the fault of the writers, not taking care of the characters, and that makes Yuya’s abilities inconsistent. In addition, we’ve seen him lose, but we’ve never seen Alicetaria February lose a fight. She literally killed herself, albeit unknowingly. Therefore, Yuya Mirokuji is the 5th among the strongest Re:Creators characters!

4. Alicetaria February

Most Impressive Feats: Using GΓΆtz von Berlichingen to blast away Selesia and Meteora | Swiping away Meteora’s rocket barrage | Toying with Rui Kanoya.

Side-Note: Alice never came close to losing a fight, before unknowingly killing herself against Altair.

Fight Record: 3 Wins – 1 Loss

*She edged Selesia (ep.6), annihilated Meteora (ep.10), and toyed with Rui Kanoya (ep.19).

Alicetaria February has proven that her strong will, unbreakable moral code, and intense fighting strength are enough to beat almost everybody! Whether it’s Selesia, Meteora or Rui Kanoya, she never came close to losing, and that’s says something, doesn’t it? While it’s difficult, and nearly impossible, to compare characters from different universes, Alice undoubtedly had the most jaw-dropping moments in Re:Creators. But, don’t get it twisted. I’m obviously talking about battles, and not storyline moments, as this is a list of the strongest Re:Creators characters!

The reason Alice isn’t ranked higher is rather simple; the top 3 strongest Re:Creators characters have a level of plot armor that she doesn’t reach. This obviously means that Alicetaria February doesn’t stand a chance against them, and doesn’t enter the conversation. However, I’d consider her the 4th strongest! Admittedly, it could be a toss-up between Yuya and Alice. But, If I would have to put money on one of them beating the other, I’d feel comfortable betting on the yellow-haired, steed-riding, lance-wielding, stubborn badass!

3. Sirius

Most Impressive Feat: Taking Over Altair (for a few minutes).

Fight Record: 0 Wins – 1 Loss

*Sirius took over Altair for a few minuters, but Altair consumed her from within.

Sirius is a carbon copy of Altair. Thus, the plot armor is in full-effect. However, she was created with a sole purpose; to kill Altair, and Sirius failed! Therefore, she cannot rank any higher, while obviously topping most other Creations. While it’s not a fair comparison, this anime isn’t logical to begin with, even within the realm of its own story. In turn, it’s not possible to make a clear-cut conclusion. However, it goes without saying that Sirius did in-fact take over Altair, if only for a brief moment. That’s her first and last fight, being consumed from within!

2. Magane Chikujoin

Most Impressive Feat: Every Time “A Lie About A Lie…” | She stole Hangaku from Yuya Mirokuji.

Side-Note: She never physically attacked anyone, but won every fight.

Fight Record: Undefeated

*Magane beat Yuya Mirokuji (ep.10). She deceived Alice into fight Meteora and Selesia. She was the reason Setsuna Shimazaki could appear in the real world. Thus, she outplayed Altair and is responsible for her decision to stop fighting.

Next to Altair and Sirius, Magane Chikujoin is as close to unbeatable as it gets. How come? She can twist reality with her words, and make “a lie about a lie, turn inside out”! Thus, she could’ve possibly beaten Altair, given a good motive and her deception of words. But, where’s the fun in that? Let’s not forget, Magane loves to stir the pot and play around. While doing so, she nearly killed Alice, stole Hangaku, and never came close to losing a fight. In addition, she’s primarily responsible for Setsuna Shimazaki appearing in the real world. I mean, she was the reason it worked, and you could say, Magane somewhat defeated Altair. Without her power, the ending of Re:Creators would’ve been very different!

Magane Chikujoin is stronger than Sirius, mainly because the copy-cat is a shell and doesn’t have a functioning brain. Therefore, someone like Chikujoin would toy with her and destroy her whenever she pleases, and there’s no two ways about it. If you cannot think, you cannot beat Magane Chikujoin. End of story.

1. Altair

Most Impressive Feat: Taking over Sirius | Escaping Selesia’s Infinite Gate | Creating a copy of Ruy Kanoya’s Gigas Machina.

Side-Notes: Altair never lost, and was ultimately not defeated. She decided to stop fighting.

Fight Record: Undefeated

*Altair beat everybody, and killed Mamika and Alicetaria. She’s also indirectly responsible for killing Selesia and Charon, pitting them against one another. She also consumed Sirius, killing her in the process.

#PlotArmor. That’s pretty much it, isn’t it? I honestly couldn’t explain it any better if I tried, as it’s the perfect description of Altair. However, it’s not meant as an insult, but a blatant fact. Thus, it’s important to remember how Altair gained her powers; from fan-written stories. In turn, she became overpowered. While Setsuna Shimazaki made her strong, she’s not solely responsible for Altair’s abilities and omnipotent presence. It’s the accumulation of fiction created by people that loved Setsuna’s character, the Military Uniform Princess, Altair.

Considering that Magane Chikujoin (somewhat) defeated her, why doesn’t she rank higher than Altair? It’s because Altair made a decision to stop fighting, and wasn’t actually “defeated”. She met her creator, got the answers she wanted and changed her mind. Let’s not forget, Altair is still alive and well, without a bruise on her body, but an injured heart. Hence why Altair is ranked as the strongest, with Magane Chikujoin as a close second.

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