Top 10 Best Re:Creators Characters

Re:Creators has many interesting characters with colorful personalities, like Selesia and Mamika. But which are the best? Here are the 10 best Re:Creators characters!

Imagine if anime, manga and video game characters came to life, face-to-face with their creators? What if these Creations start a war that could destroy the entire world? Well, that’s pretty much the story of Re:Creators! Without giving too much away, we’re thrown into a fictional world where logic doesn’t excist, with plot armor to our necks. Thus, it’s just about sitting back and enjoying the ride, and let me tell you, it’s action-packed! However, this isn’t the list for the best moments of Re:Creators. I’ve barely started that one! Here are the top 10 best Re:Creators characters! I truly hope you enjoy!

Re:Creators, directed by Eoi Aoki and produced by Troyca, was released in 2017!

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10. Blitz Talker

Blitz Talker holding his gun near sunset

Blitz Talker is a gloomy gunslinger, known equally as much for his badass demeanor as his talkative nature. However, he’s this way for good reason, being motivated by his daughter’s death in Code Babylon. Therefore, Blitz Talker’s motives and intentions make sense, which can’t be said about the majority of characters from Re:Creators. Nevertheless, what makes this character appealing is how differently he behaves from everyone else, making him a breath of fresh air. The way he suddenly appears from the shadows, dropping one-liners, and being a part of some great action scenes, are enough to rank him in the top 10!

Honestly, Blitz Talker would’ve ranked much higher, if only he’d have more screentime and better build-up for his confrontation with Shunma Suruga. But, wishes are for the wishing well, and there’s none around. Thus, Blitz Talker ranks as the 10th best Re:Creators character!

9. Takashi Matsubara

Takashi Matsubara smoking and talking on the phone

Takashi Matsubara is a simplistic character, written with the intent of making him realistic and feel like a human being. Hence, his character is quite bland and unassuming, especially when compared to the Creations. But, don’t think I’m insulting Takashi Matsubara, as that’s not my intention! Quite the contrary, as I find Matsubara to be an important character, and the most intriguing Creator from the show! Thus, it’s logical his behavior, personality and design would be simplistic, which isn’t necessarily a knock on the character. But, he simply cannot compete with some other characters, who just do more and have more exciting storylines. That’s it, and nothing more. Therefore, Matsubara finishes at this respectable spot!

8. Yuya Mirokuji

Yuya Mirokuji smiling with sunglasses on a beach

Yuya Mirokuji is case of wasted potential. While he had a memorable entrance, a fun personality and great fights, he was nothing more than a sparkler, in the midst of fireworks. I simply mean, he could’ve been so much more! He was in-fact the final boss from his video game, titled Exclusive Underground. However, we barely see him in this light. While I like the character’s design, behavior and concept, it’s just lacking overall. Perhaps it’s about inclusion, and more screentime would’ve improved Yuya Mirokuji? But, it’s not enough, considering the way they wrote him in Re:Creators. While I might’ve enjoyed Yuya Mirokuji, I constantly wanted more from him, and never got enough!

7. Sota Mizushino

Sota Mizushino standing on blue ground while surprised

Sota Mizushino was obviously an important part of Re:Creators. While merely dubbed as the “narrator”, his storyline connected all the dots. In turn, Sota Mizushino was as significant and important as Setsuna Shimazaki. Without him, we wouldn’t have gotten to know Altair’s creator, and the story would’ve been much different. Thus, I’d like to praise Sota Mizushino and the role he played, portraying a human with his flaws and weaknesses on full display! Although, I cannot deny that he falls short compared to other characters, merely for how simplistic he is compared to Creations. While that may have been the intent all along, making Creators plain jane and Creations exciting, Mizushino is no match for the likes of Altair!

6. Mamika Kirameki

Mamika Kirameki smiling in a white onesie

Mamika Kirameki is all types of candy and bubblegum, as she’s the sweetest character from Re:Creators! With a bubbly personality, fun-loving nature and Sailor Moon-esque fighting style, she’s the complete package! While she’s the typical anime mediator, fighting in order to bring peace, Mamika flourished in this role as intended, making for some great moments. Namely, her relationship with Alicetaria, and her willingness to talk to Altair, knowing full-well what she was planning. In turn, she represents the innocence of heroes who often die too soon. Consequently, Mamika met her demise quite early on, at the hands of Altair. Anyways, Mamika was a funny character, with a heart of gold, and that counts for something!

Honestly, Mamika can be best described as the embodiment of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns! She’s a ray of light, and was arguably the main attraction for the first 8 episodes of Re:Creators. Hence why Mamika ranks this high, while only appearing in 9 episodes!

5. Selesia Upitiria

Selesia Upitiria holding her sword while serious

Selesia Upitiria’s design is superb, complimenting her fiery personality and feisty behavior. Thus, she’s mostly memorable for her attitude, as well as her badass fight scenes! While she lost every single fight, it doesn’t take away from Selesia’s likeable personality and her contribution to the show. She’s still the primary Creation we follow through the first two quarters, and she doesn’t disappoint! However, she’s somewhat used as a crutch for other characters, which is a double-edged sword. I simply mean, Selesia is used to make other characters more interesting, which takes away from her own character development. Nevertheless, I still consider her among the 5 best Re:Creators characters!

While Selesia Upitira was great in the first half, she was forgotten in the last quarter. She almost seemed like a minor character, considering how unimportant she felt. Ironically enough, she’s the poster girl for Re:Creators. Thus, she deserved far better, especially considering her great design and memorable personality.

4. Altair

Re Creators characters Altair smiling in her military outfit

The Military Uniform Princess caught me by surprise, and I surely wasn’t alone? I mean, the moment she pulled out a Tommy Gun and used a sword to play it like a violin, I was hooked! Nevertheless, my admiration for the creativity aside, she’s an all-around interesting character, with good motivation and understandable contempt for the world. Hence why she works well as an antagonist, with a design that’s both badass and beautiful at the same time! While she had some great fights, and even greater monologous, she shined most during her dialogue with her Creator. It was the sheer vulnerability of the character that made it exciting, seeing Altair finally let her guard down, with the one person she could trust, Setsuna Shimazaki.

Why isn’t Altair ranked higher? Perhaps it’s just me, but didn’t it bother anyone that Altair barely appeared before the ending? Whenever she was in an episode, she was hiding in the shadows and letting others do her dirty work. Thus, she didn’t directly contribute to the storyline the way other characters did, removing her impact. While she was pulling the strings, she could’ve shown up more! I simply felt cheated, as she should’ve been a bigger part of the entire story, not merely the ending. Together with her ridiculous plot armor strength and abilities, every battle with Altair felt pointless, knowing she couldn’t lose. Thus, the suspense was thrown out the window for this otherwise interesting and well-designed character.

3. Magane Chikujoin

Magane Chikujoin smiling with bright eyes

Magane Chikujoin is a terrible character, arguably the worst in Re:Creators! Is that believable enough? Well, like Magane Chikujoin would say, a lie about a lie, will turn inside out! Honestly, who am I kidding? I genuinely like Chukujoin and think she’s debatably the best character from Re:Creators. It’s not just about her solid character design and storyline, but the behavior and personality that make her such an entertaining character to follow! Therefore, she could do whatever, and I’d be glued to the seat to see what happens next! Thus, her unpredictability is a great trait and her quotes are amazing! Just wait, and you’ll see that my Re:Creators quotes list will be filled with Chikujoin’s quotes! Nevertheless, she’s easily among the top 3 Re:Creators characters!

2. Alicetaria February

Alicetaria February smiling in her common clothes

Alicetaria February is a fantastic character, with a great look and solid character development. I say this, as most other Creations in the show are stale and don’t change whatsoever. Therefore, Alice stands out for being conflicted. She’s the only character that questions her morals and challenges her worldview. Whether it’s the blood she’s spilled in her world or her view on “Gods”, Alice’s motivation is undoubtedly polarizing. While not perfectly executed, her evolution is engaging and intriguing. But, don’t get it twisted! I’m merely calling her fantastic in comparison to other Re:Creators characters, alright? So, with that said, Alicetaria February is easily among the best!

Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Alicetaria February, and I’m not sure why? Perhaps it’s her abracive and foolish behavior, without an ounce of concern for herself or her foes? Maybe it’s her unbreakable moral code and affection she showed Mamika? Anyways, it’s obvious that Alice is somewhat gullible, capable of making questionable decisions. However, she defines the word “hero”, as she’s willing to kill and die if the ends justify the means for a greater good! As a result, her storyline makes sense, from beginning to the end, and I appreciate that.

1. Meteora Österreich

Meteora Österreich smiling in her combat gear

Obviously our little miss know-it-all, Meteora Österreich, is the best character of Re:Creators! Everything from her design to her personality is wonderful, making her stand out in the midst of over-the-top characters. Ironically enough, that’s quite rare, isn’t it? It’s usually the obnoxious and loud characters that are the best, but not in Re:Creators! If anything, Meteora’s lack of emotion works in making her a great comedic relief, as she’s dead serious when saying some funny stuff. Therefore, her soft-spoken nature and humorous ways made her a great narrator as well! Not only that, but her quotes are great and her involvement in the story is the deepest, making her a shoe-in for a top spot!

Remember, the key to a great character is consistency; a red thread that ties things together seamlessly! Consequently, making Meteora come across far more interesting and likeable than most other characters. While the show has something for everybody, there’s no doubt in my mind that Meteora Österreich is the very best of the Re:Creators characters! So, let’s celebrate with cake! You know Meteora would love a good snack!

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