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Top 10 Best Gangsta Characters

Manglobe's Gangsta is known for its fascinating characters, but who's the best? It's time to find out! So, I give to you the 10 best characters of Gangsta!

Studio Manglobe‘s Gangsta is an entertaining TV anime, mainly because of its fascinating and captivating characters. I’d even say that the characters are the highlight of the Gangsta anime! Whether you’re looking for badass mercenaries with troubled pasts or heartwarming individuals in a grim world, Gangsta has it all. But who’s the best character? How would you rank them? I hope that my list can be of help. Thus, I created the 10 best characters of Gangsta list.

I’ve been working on this list for nearly 2 months, and it’s finally finished! While that’s crazy by some people’s standards, it’s normal for me, as I take great pride in my work. But that’s not all. We’re talking about the “Best Characters” list, which is a big deal, isn’t it? So I take my time to make sure that the order is rock solid, at least in my opinion. But to each their own, am I right? Without further ado, I present to you the 10 best characters from Manglobe’s Gangsta anime!

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10. Gina Paulklee & Ginger

Illustration of two women with one of them holding a gun

The 10th spot is actually an “honorable mention”, as both Gina Paulklee and Ginger deserve to be included, while ultimately being forgettable. It’s an oxymoron, I know! But Gina’s presence alone deserve praise, as she’s an intriguing character, with a somber and gloomy personality. I mean, she’s downright captivating whenever she’s involved, but sadly that’s not too often.

When it comes to Ginger, it’s quite the opposite. She’s far more mellow than Gina Paulklee, but she’s still strong and stern. In addition, she shows no signs of hesitation in her actions. Whether she’s breaking up a fight or saving Gina from a fatal attack, Ginger is cool, calm and collected. I mean, she’s pretty badass, just like Gina Paulklee.

Simply put, Gina Paulklee and Ginger deserve inclusion, and thus they’ll share the 10th spot!

9. Joel Raveau

Old woman reading a newspaper with glasses

Granny Joel is equal parts comedic relief and the elder know-it-all. Thus, she’s got a great heart and plenty of personality, often seen joking around or teaching others important life lessons. So she’s pretty quick with the stick, and she’s got a short wick, and plenty of knowledge to back up her schtick!

All jokes aside, Joel Raveau fills a necessary role and does it well. While she’s obviously not that interesting, with barely any information about her backstory, she’s a solid character. In turn, I’ll gladly include her on this list as she deserves some recognition. If you disagree, you will get the stick from granny Joel, and you’ll end up like Worick!

8. Galahad Woehor

Galahad Woehor holding Alex Benedettor and holding hand up

Galahad Woehor caught me by surprise, as his wholesome behavior and energetic personality came out of nowhere! He’s like a burst of flavor, and it made Gangsta more interesting. But, let me explain, okay? Until we meet Galahad, most Gangsta characters are somewhat somber and serious. In turn, it’s surprising to come across someone like Galahad, who’s loud and brash, and something the show desperately needed. While he doesn’t rank high, his inclusion was a must. Thus, he’s taking this solid 8th spot!

7. Nina

Blue-eyed anime girl reaching her hand out and smiling

There’s something heartwarming about Nina. Whether it’s her caring nature or her endearing behavior, Nina adds a warm touch to Gangsta. Otherwise, the anime would be even more somber, gloomy and dramatic. So the inclusion of characters like Nina is a must, as she’s kind of like glue, bringing one character closer to another. I often refer to characters like this as a “crutch”, which simply means that she’s used to improve others and shine a spotlight on them. While this trait is a double-edged swod, Nina pulls it off well. Therefore, she lands on this respectable 7th spot!

6. Marco Adriano

Marco Adriano with a scar on his face

There’s something about Marco Adriano, isn’t there? While he’s obviously an excellent character in the manga (Gangsta: Cursed), I wasn’t expecting him to be adapted properly by Manglobe. I must admit that I was wrong, as he’s portrayed rather well. Therefore, he comes across just as likeable in the anime as in the manga, and that’s quite impressive. Whether it’s the detail in his behavior or his strong character, Marco Adriano is easily recognizable in Manglobe’s adaptation.

Keep in mind, Marco Adriano’s personality is similar to an actual human, making him the most relatable character of Gangsta. Thus, I’d consider him among the very best Gangsta characters!

5. Loretta Cristiano Amodio

Loretta holding up a finger in a dark alleway

Loretta is the head of the Cristiano Family, and she’s just 14 years old! She’s a minor, but she’s not a minor character, and she caught my attention already in the first episode. With her fierce determination, headstrong behavior and commanding personality, Loretta somewhat stole the show in the second half. Not only is she an intriguing character, but she’s heartwarming as well, considering the way she cares about her crew and workers. In turn, Loretta plays an important part in Gangsta, and that’s her role of giving even the pointless characters value.

4. Doug

Doug with a hoodie against a bright blue sky

If there’s one fan favorite in Gangsta, it’s Doug. The loud and obnoxious man, who’s constantly mistaken for a child because of his small size and cheerful behavior. But underneath it all, Doug is a mature and understanding young man, with a realistic behavior and a likeable demeanor. In turn, he transcends a basic stereotype, as he’s rather complex. With that being said, he’s loved for his vulnerable nature and good heart, which is something I can fully understand. Thus, I’ll rank Doug as the 4th best Gangsta anime character!

3. Alex Benedetto

Alex Benedetto smiling and looking up

Alex Benedetto is a complex character, who’s struggling to live a normal life. With demons from her past constantly knocking at the door, her journey is the most heart-wrenching. She literally doesn’t know how to exist without Barry and drugs, which leads to numerous disturbing scenes that I could hardly watch. It’s gut-wrenching to see her so submissive that selling her body has become a mundane thing, without any value for herself. Therefore, she’s the character you will feel sorry for, but also be genuinelly happy when she’s experiencing something positive. Simply put, she’s the heart of the show, while Worick is the brain and Nicolas Brown is the soul.

2. Worick Arcangelo

Worick Arcangelo smiling with a cigarette and eyepatch

Talk about a troubled character? Our beloved Worick Arcangelo is the epitome of “depth”, as he is written in such way that makes every aspect of the character interesting. Thus, it’s a big part of what makes Ricky engaging and downright enthralling, or is that just me? After all, Worick’s past is disturbing, and so he drowns himself in his works, simply so that he doesn’t think about what he’s experienced. So whether he’s a hired gun by day or gigolo by night, Ricky does what he must to put food on the table and steer clear of his own subconscious thoughts. Thus, he’s a character that we never know enough about, but keep yearning for more!

Worick Arcangelo is simply as good as Nicolas Brown. Depending on the day, I could switch the spots without a second thought, and I’m sure many feel the sameway. After all, What’s Nicolas without Worick? What’s Ricky without Nic? Thus, they’re a dynamic duo that should be treated as such. So this #2 spot is downright even with #1!

1. Nicolas Brown

Nicolas Brown showing off his dog tags and smiling

There’s no character more engaging and interesting than Nicolas Brown. The Twilight who works as a bodyguard for Worick Arcangelo, whose past is dripping in blood and whose future is short-lived. Thus, his captivating personality and memorable attitude mean so much more, especially as we learn more about his story. Whether it’s the fact that he slaughtered the Arcangelo family or suffered at the hands of his father’s mercenary group, Nicolas Brown’s story is fascinating. In turn, he’s the soul of the show, as it would feel shallow without him.

Don’t let Nicolas Brown’s blood-thirsty ways fool you, okay? He’s a lunatic with a heart of gold, proven time and time again by his actions. When you consider that he’s deaf, subtlety becomes the character’s key ingredient. It forces him to jump over hurdles that other’s don’t understand, and thus he’d rather deal with situations by doing something, instead of speaking. For better or for worse, he’s a man of action.

Underneath the surface, Nicolas Brown is clearly unhappy, with a constant look of irritation and boredom. He’s seen it all, done it all, and experienced far too much, even for a bloody Twilight. Thus, he pushes himself too far, surpassing his limits by popping Celebrer, with no care for his own well-being. But we as viewers definitely care, as he’s literally a product of his environment. So we can’t help but feel sympatethic towards him, as he lays his life on the line so casually.

Time to wrap this up, right? I crown Nicolas Brown as the best character from the Gangsta TV anime! Any objections? Feel free to sound off! After all, it’s all a matter of perspective.

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