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Top 5 Funniest Moments of Attack on Titan: Season 1


The Attack on Titan anime’s an excellent one, often seen as grim, serious and dramatic – all of which are positive qualities. Understandably, the show is primarily known for its breathtaking action sequences and tear-jerking emotional moments. However, we shouldn’t forget about the humorous scenes that had us snickering. Given, there’s not much to choose from, yet it feels appropriate to lift moments that genuinely gave way to laughter. Whether it be Sasha’s disregard of laws or Hange’s obsession with titans, the funny scenes lighten the mood during some very dark times. While Sasha Blouse is undoubtedly the comedic relief, Hange has her fair share of hilarious moments as well. So, which moments made you laugh during the first season? Well, here’s my list of the top 5 funniest moments of Attack on Titan: Season 1. I hope you enjoy!

5. Sasha Blouse Reveals “Borrowed” Meat to Her Friends

Oh, Sasha Blouse, can nothing satisfy your hunger? Well, who could have thought that following the potato incident, she’d go off and “borrow” some meat? I surely didn’t, yet I was quick to laugh when she revealed the stoled good to her comrades. While she’s able to control herself initially, she soon starts drooling when thinking about spreading that meat across some bread. Given, even I wouldn’t say no to a good sandwich, yet Sasha’s excitement was on another level. She seemed possessed when speaking about the meat, even laughing maniacally. In all honesty, it seemed like she was having an orgasm just thinking about a sandwich, making this scene as awkward as it’s humorous. It’s short and sweet, straight to the point and well-structure, making it a noteworthy comedic moment. It’s worthy of a few laughs, that’s for damn sure!

4. Jean Kirstein Wipes His Faith In Humanity off on Connie Springer

One moment we see Jean Kirstein admire Mikasa’s beauty, a few seconds alter he’s wiping his faith in humanity off on Connie Springer. But why? Well, he witnessed his crush walking alongside a young man he doesn’t like, named Eren Yeager. So, Jean Kirstein immediately jumped to the conclusion that the two were romantically involved. Keep in mind, a few moments earlier, he buried the hatchet with Eren and shook his hand. However, when he sees him walking together with Mikasa, Jean Kirstein wipes his hand clean on Connie’s back. In turn, he metaphorically wipes away the truce he made with Eren, together with his faith/trust in humanity. While the last part is obviously an exaggeration, it’s the way Jean explains himself, when Connie questions what he wiped on his back. Simply put, this scene was intended to be humorous in a subtle way. At the same time, some might’ve caught it instantly, while others might’ve blinked and missed it completely. However, the subtlety makes this funny, with some good depth to it, easily able to fuel a good giggle!

3. Hange Witnesses Eren Yeager’s Transformation

When Eren Yeager failed to transform on command, it wasn’t long before he accidentally created his titan arm when picking up a spoon. With Levi’s crew present, they were ready to cut the young man down in size, when Hange Zoe entered the scene turning it comedic. She literally came running towards the scorching hot titan arm, drooling with excitement. Together with the desperate excitement in her voice, this moment was made as endearing as it was hilarious, as she seriously loves titans. So, when she burned herself, it was all the more humorous as she did an epic slide, throwing her hands in the air, as if it was worth it. While the moment is over-the-top and silly, it’s quite adorable as well, especially the way Hange stomps the ground as the arm disintegrates. It’s the little things that make this scene work and the timing was just right, before several action sequences made the show as grim as we love it.

2. Keith Shadis Rips Into the Trainees of the 104th Squad

This chain of scolding is a sight to behold, mixing both physical and verbal comedy, with ample time to set-up jokes properly. It’s made amusing by the sheer abundance of comedic interactions, stacked one after another, with Keith Shadis responsible for the bulk of them. However, it’s the unpredictability that had me laughing, like when the instructor headbutts Jean Kirstein without being provoked. It wasn’t enough that he then humiliated Marco Bott, who was nervously grinning, but the camera angles made it funnier than it should’ve been. It’s a sequence followed by Connie Springer being picked up by his head, and while merely cosmetic, it was definitely humorous. However, this was foreplay, as it’s all leading to the showdown between Shadis and Blouse, with the conclusion giving birth to “Potato Girl”. Not only does Sasha get caught with a potato, she suggest a peace offering – half of potato for instructor Shadis? Well, that didn’t end well, leading to a funny trade of words between them, which put a cherry on top of this sundae. However, it’s the overall structure, well-chosen angles and the physical elements that make this funny, worthy of a re-watch, time and time again!

1. Sasha Blouse Goes Crazy Over Bread

This moment is absolutely hilarious, as it starts off much like a horror film. Suddenly, we see our beloved character’s eyes change color, she darts towards a person and then growls on all fours, looking completely possessed. So, what happened? Is this The Exorcist? No, it’s a false alarm, as it’s just Sasha Blouse demonstrating her gremlin-like abilities when hungry. Not to mention, the bright pink eyes and unrealistic leap were merely cosmetic, so she’s completely fine, right? It’s not long before she strikes a fierce pose, with bread in-hand, starving from running all day following the potato incident. So, with exhaustion and delusion setting-in, Sasha Blouse mistakes Krista Lenz for God, even grabbing a hold of her and asking her if she’s actually God. I mean, who can blame her? Krista appeared out of nowhere, coming to Sasha’s aid in time of hunger, and while that’s a major stretch, I’m just trying to think like Potato Girl, okay? So, with that being said, it’s beautifully structured, with funny animations and a humorous dialogue. In turn, Sasha’s Japanese voice actor deserves some love for her vocal performance, as the moment was memorable because of her superb delivery.

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