Top 5 Titans of Attack on Titan (Season 1)

The Titans are terrifying and disturbing, but very memorable. In turn, I wonder which ones stood out to you? Here are the 5 best Titans of Attack on Titan: Season 1!

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) manga is brilliant, adapted into an anime TV series in 2013. It wasn’t long before Attack on Titan gained new fans worldwide, mesmerizing viewers with excellent action and appealing characters. However, what mainly attracted the first-time viewers were the titans, presenting more questions than answers. Where did they come from and what purpose do they hold? Why don’t they have digestive systems nor reproductive organs? However, I suggest another question entirely: which titans stole the show? While the Armored Titan made a badass entrance, the Colossus titan made a bigger impact. Also, Eren showcased the Titan-Shifter ability, with the Female Titan having several epic fights. So, it’s time to list the top 5 titans of Attack on Titan (season 1)!

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*This list is solely based on the anime TV series.

5. Smiling Titan

Smiling Titan grinning with bright red shadows cover her face

There are numerous creepy titans that can send shivers down your spine, with the Smiling Titan arguably the most disturbing of them all. With a grin that produces nightmare fuel, this monstrosity became unforgettable when it devoured Carla Yeager. In turn, being essential to the evolution of Eren Yeager, who witnessed the event first-hand. While the Smiling Titan’s impact was tremendous, the titan had little screen time, merely seen in the debut episode. However, no one will forget the creepy characteristics and the death of Carla Yeager. With that said, I feel that Smiling Titan deserves a spot on everyone’s list.

4. Armored Titan

Armored Titan letting off steam

The Armored Titan made an epic entrance, appearing out of nowhere and charging through the Shiganshina district’s inner gate. In a matter of minutes, this titan left its mark on the show, with a remarkable appearance. I mean, the sheer presence of the Armored Titan was intimidating. With a plated body and a muscular build, it separated itself from others. Not only was his introduction short and sweet, it showed us how different titans can be, with unknown capabilities. Therefore, it made viewers long for the next time this big bastard would appear on-screen! Sadly enough, it wasn’t before the 2nd season we got more of Armored Titan, a beast among the titans of Attack on Titan!

3. Attack Titan

Eren Yeager in his titan form looking crazed in the city

Eren Yeager promised to destroy all titans, yet he lacked the power and strength to follow through. So, when he gained the Titan-Shifter ability, slaughtering titans was no longer a dream but reality, but at what cost? While Eren Yeager’s titan form was a sight to behold, with a ferocious fighting style, he was killing titans purely on instinct. It showcased how little he understood what he had become, yet it also led to numerous fantastic moments. However, his struggle to control himself made him the darkest cloud for some, yet his potential made him a silver lining for others. In turn, it wasn’t long before Eren became the brightest light for humanity’s survival. Eren’s titan form gave us great fights, memorable moments and insight into a Titan-Shifter.

2. Female Titan

Female Titan ready to fight with both hands up in the city

The Female Titan was impressive and fascinating from the very first scene, looking and acting differently from all the other titans. It seemed to have superior spatial awareness, coming across as knowledgeable and intelligent, capable of learning things quickly. In turn, it was jaw-dropping to see it strategically defend itself and fight, even being playful, as if it was an animal playing with its meal. It was simply mesmerizing. Paired with the possibility that a human might be controlling it, the Female Titan soon became the show’s primary antagonist.

Some wanted to kill it, others wanted to capture it, but everyone wanted to know who was behind the wheel. This hunt lead to unforgettable fights that could only be described as pure carnage, like when it humiliated Eren in the forest and dismantled Levi’s crew. So, when it’s revealed that Annie Leonhart’s the person in control, the story gets new life, with the context changing completely. However, it’s the abundance of superb moments that make this titan exceptional, which is the reason it became arguably the most recognizable figure from the show!

1. Colossus Titan

Colossus Titan looking over the Shiganshina District wall

On that day, humanity remembered the terror of being dominated by titans, trapped like animals in a cage. The one responsible was the 60-meter Colossus Titan, appearing out of thin air, breaching the Shiganshina district’s wall. With its jaw-dropping frame, the Colossus Titan left a gigantic mark on the show, coming across like a horror movie villain. The way it would unexpectedly appear, cause destruction and leave, impossible to be caught or killed. Keep in mind, this titan forced humans to remember what lurks beyond those walls. I’d even say that the Colossus Titan is a symbol, considering that he represents the oppression of humanity. With merely a couple of moments, the Colossus Titan became the face of the show, being the most recongizable of all titans of Attack on Titan!

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