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Top 5 Vi Splash Arts (League of Legends)


I’ll make this introduction short and sweet, as Vi’s splash arts had me thinking and writing for days! Which ones to include and in which order? Which illustration will take the cake? I mean, it should not be surprising, as Vi’s among the best looking champions in League of Legends. It’s the clean, yet excellent, base design that makes her the perfect template for skins, and phenomenal splash arts. While it’s easy to find favorites, it’s necessary to be somewhat objective, so the list has some integrity. It’s not a simple process at all, being challenging every single time. So, without burdening you with my struggles, it’s time we list the top 5 Vi splash arts! I hope you enjoy.

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*I only considered and ranked the currently official splash arts.

5. Officer Vi

Officer Vi eating donuts on a bike with Caitlyn in the background
Artist: Bo Lu

I struggled between Officer Vi and Original Vi splash arts, debating which one should make the list? When I dug deep, I realized that Bo Lu’s artistry and spunk was just a cut above, making the 5th spot! Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance, betting on anime hair physics and caricature-like characters, especially if it looks good. While it’s all preferential, the clothing creases, detailing and Caitlyn’s presence make this quite the treat. However, the angle is questionable. I simply mean, the rough-looking wheels, the twisted body and the bad background throw it in a blender. In turn, Bo Lu’s dealing with many double-edged swords, which help as much as they hurt. Simply put, the viewer decides the fate of the artwork and not necessarily the artist. So, with the beauty in the eyes of the beholder, and me writing, I’m gonna say it’s different in a good way!

4. Demon Vi

Demon Vi launching towards you with an evil grin
Artist: Unknown

I must confess, I wasn’t able to find the artist of this artwork. While I may or may not be a heretic, I’d like to avoid the 6th circle, so there’s no chance in hell I’m gonna exclude this splash art! So, with all puns intended, I’d like to cut to the chase and praise this work for all it’s worth, okay? It’s quite simplistic at first glance, offering enough to peek interest, but doesn’t go over-the-top, finding a good pocket. It’s clear-cut and defined, making great use of depth to draw focus on the well-drawn gauntlet and brightening the primary assets. While that may or may not be your cup of tea, Vi’s beautifully crafted, with her expression selling the illustration! It’s easily one of Vi’s best splash arts. Also, I hope to find the artist sooner or later!

3. Heartbreaker Vi

Heartbreaker Vi being knighted by Fiora in front of a large crowd
Artist: Sangsoo Jeong

There’s something to be said about Sangsoo Jeong’s effort, actually putting some time into the background. It’s much-needed praise, considering that most artists focus solely on the character models, often neglecting the space behind them. While that makes sense, spending time on the main attraction, it’s important to create a cohesive illustration. Given, it’s not always about the background, as cohesion can be achieved in various ways, but it’s the most logical step in tying things together. In this case, it’s the primary reason this particular illustration feels so vibrant and full of life, making the world come alive with the story it tells. Ironically enough, it’s not even the primary highlight, as that’s obviously Vi’s model, specifically her well-crafted face and expression. While it could’ve been action-packed, with a different pose all together, it’s the end result that matters the most, giving us an amazing splash art.

2. Warring Kingdoms Vi

Warring Kingdoms Vi crushing an enemy under her gauntlet
Artist: Alex Flores

This is quite marvelous, isn’t it? The momentum of the gauntlet breaks apart the ground, crushing the person underneath the vice grip, shattering his hopes, dreams and bones. It sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? No, perhaps not. However, it’s an illustration that packs a mean punch, with great utilization of color, seamlessly bringing it to life. It’s impactful and powerful, while telling a story, with the detailing on the gauntlet among the highlights. Not only that, it’s a cohesive splash, with every piece having rhyme and reason. In turn, this artwork comes together like a puzzle, with every element complimenting the other. While Vi’s face gets lost in the mix, it’s still clearly an amazing splash art. So, if you consider this as the best of Vi splash arts, I can fully understand!


Project Vi standing on rubble with one fist clenched
Artist: Esben Lash Rasmussen

This illustration beautifully showcases the skin it represents, with an obvious wow-factor, while still holding on to artistic integrity. It’s the type of splash art that ticks all the boxes, with excellent understanding of the champion and skin’s themes, leading to a triumphant work of art! While it’s obviously the composition, detailing and execution that elevate the splash, the decision making should be praised as well. It’s the stoic pose, the element of rain and choice of colors that really create the base for this futuristic and striking illustration. While I could spend more time explaining my feelings towards this splash art, I think I’ve done it enough justice! So, it’s Vi’s greatest splash art, yet you might feel differently? Well, feel free to express yourself in the comment section!

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