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Top 10 Best Shots From Jinx’s A Score to Settle

Riot Games announced a League of Legends animated series a while ago, and the anticipation levels are growing higher by the month! Every single...

Top 5 Vi Splash Arts (League of Legends)

Champion splash arts are the catalyst to a purchase, with Vi splash arts being among the best. It's time to rank Vi's greatest splash arts!

Top 5 Zed Splash Arts (League of Legends)

League of Legends has many great illustrators. It's time to shine a spotlight on them, and rank the 5 best looking Zed splash arts!

Top 5 Wukong Splash Arts (League of Legends)

Wukong from League of Legends, comes in many styles and forms. Which one is your favorite? Here are the 5 best Wukong Splash Arts!

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