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Top 10 Best Shots From Jinx’s A Score to Settle

League of Legends' Arcane looks great, with the latest promo having plenty of great moments. Thus, I've ranked the 10 best shots from A Score To Settle!

Riot Games announced a League of Legends animated series a while ago, and the anticipation levels are growing higher by the month! Every single trailer for Arcane has been great, teasing the story of various characters from Piltover and Zaun. Among them, Vi and Jinx, who have been the highlighted figures from the promos, and the show is looking fantastic. With that being said, the latest teaser, titled A Score To Settle, inspired me to create a Best Shots list. That means I have ranked the best (screen)shots from this 2-minute clip, and it’s been a few hours well spent. Therefore, I suggest you scroll down below for the best shots from A Score to Settle!

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League of Legends’ Arcane: Animated Series Trailer | A Score to Settle

10. Jinx & Vi Diagonal Splitscreen

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There’s something to be said about the classic splitscreen effect, as it’s always eye-catching, and makes for a great shot. While it’s nothing special, it’s effective in drawing a comparison between two characters on-screen, which is obviously the case with these siblings. It’s quite fitting, and definitely makes the 2-minute clip better because of its addition!

9. Jinx Over the Shoulder

Admittedly, it’s a very simple shot. There’s not much to it. She’s aiming her gun at the crow that disturbed her, and it wasn’t long before the trigger was pulled. However, even without context, this is a great over-the-shoulder look, with a crisp and clean look. Therefore, I feel comfortable including a shot this simple, only because it looks damn good!

8. Jinx & The Scoreboard

Everything from the angle to the detail in Jinx’s hair, this is a memorable shot, shown at the end of the video. It’s not necessarily special, but the sheer intensity in Jinx’s eyes, and her beautiful hair, makes it stand out. I mean, it’s a given, considering that it was a shot that we lingered on for a few seconds. Thus, giving the viewers a chance to actually enjoy this one!

7. Vi Showing Signs of Abuse

This shot is equal parts disturbing and interesting, isn’t it? The contrast in colors reminds me of the Red Oni and Blue Oni. However, the roles reversed. In-fact, their behavior swapped, as Jinx became the hot-head that Vi once was, and Vi became cool, calm and collected. It seems to me that Jinx was just like that in her younger years, but the behavior of her big sister changed her. Nevertheless, there’s not much more to it, but I appreciate the highlighted tears, and the angle of the shot. It’s easily one of the most memorable moments from A Score To Settle.

6. Jinx vs. Crow Backside Angle

Honestly, there’s something about “artistic” shots that get me, and this is one of them! While it’s not necessarily complex or unique, I definitely appreciate the angle, and support the decision to cut Jinx’s head off. It’s at the cost of creating a shot where every part matters, without putting all of the emphasis on the main attraction. We’re all here for Jinx anyways, and this shot gives us a great look at her outfit, but also shows the environment she’s in. Thus, I really like it!

5. Vi Viciously Attacking Jinx

This is arguably the most disturbing shot from A Score to Settle, isn’t it? Seeing Vi punching her little sister in the face, and it’s honestly perplexing. While I’m aware of the story between these two, these actions undoubtedly come as a surprise to me. Perhaps I’m alone? Nonetheless, it’s the fact that the white scratches form a monster-like face, which means that’s how Jinx looks are Vi. She’s a monster, and Vi’s the reason Jinx is who she is, and thus she blames her older sis for what she has become. While I might be reaching right now, there’s something special about shots like these, that make my mind race to the moon and back in a split second.

4. Jinx In-Action Against Punching Machine

When I watched A Score To Settle, my eyes caught a split-second shot that I desperately wanted to screenshot, and this is the result! While it doesn’t tell a story like many other shots, it’s great to see the animation quality in fast-paced sequences. In this, we see Jinx twisting and turning her body to avoid getting hit, while dishing out her own strikes. In the end, this particular shot made me almost drop my jaw, as it’s fantastic. The angle of the body, the muscles, the colors, and even the motion of the punching machine. It all works well together and looks excellent!

3. Vi’s Gentle Touch & Jinx’s Loving Eyes

How can something so sweet be so disturbing? A Score to Settle definitely told a story in its own right, making us care wholeheartedly about Jinx. She’s sweet, she’s adorable, and she loved her big sister, Vi. Therefore, it’s a great shot, as it shows the nuances in their relationship, and how things changed in the eyes of Jinx. Keep in mind, the scratches showing hearts, are in Jinx’s own mind, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s how Vi sees things. Thus, we must wait and see what drove these two apart.

2. Young Jinx Crying Her Eyes Out

Hyped for Arcane yet? How about seeing a shot of baby Jinx crying? Heartbroken? Trust me, you’re not alone. There’s something truly special about shots that tell a story, and this is one of them. While it’s not overly complex and difficult to grasp, it makes you wonder; what’s going on with Jinx? Why is she crying like that? These are emotions that come with this shot. But, that’s not all, as this shot has a great angle and is almost devoid of contrast, with various gradients of the same color utilized perfectly. Therefore, it’s a complete shot in my opinion, and that’s why it lands so high on my list!

1. Jinx: Reflection, Value, Self-Worth – Why?

This particular shot was difficult to grab, but it’s the best from A Score to Settle. I’m sure you’re wondering, how come? This is the most vulnerable moment for Jinx in this trailer, as she shows a lack of emotion, which is uncharacteristic of her. Thus, we’re left wondering, what is Jinx actually thinking about? How is she feeling? Is she okay? All the while, the screen tears, with VI scratched across the screen. It’s as if Jinx cannot move forward, and cannot forgive her sister for what she’s done to her. Whether she’s in the right or wrong is irrelevant. There’s always two sides to every situation, and this, I think it’s the best shot from A Score to Settle.

Now, what was your favorite shot from the latest Arcane promo?

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