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Top 3 Funniest Re:Creators Characters

Troyca's Re:Creators is an action-adventure, but there's always room for some laughter! Here are the 3 funniest characters from Re:Creators!

Troyca’s Re:Creators is a fantasy action-adventure, with intense battles and some heartbreaking moments. But, there’s always room for laughter, isn’t there? Even during the darkest of times, a funny joke can go a long way, can’t it? Sometimes it’s just a glimmer in someone’s eye that can fuel a good giggle, and other times, a joke can make a heavy scene feel light-hearted and warm. Therefore, it’s time we take a close look at Mamika Kirameki, and the crew, as I attempt to rank the 3 funniest Re:Creators characters! While it’s no easy task, as humor is extremely subjective, I’ll do my best to be as objective as humanly possible. So, with that said, it’s time I present to you another Re:Creators list, of the 3 funniest characters from the TV show!

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3. Mamika Kirameki

Mamika holding her staff and smiling brightly
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There’s something special about Mamika, isn’t there? During the course of just 9 episodes, she was able to captivate audiences, being a pretty memorable comedic-relief character! How come? First, Mamika’s overwhelmingly cute, so everything she does has some flair to it. Second, she’s unintentionally funny, making even her more serious sense somewhat humorous. Whether she’s feeding her bestie (Alicetaria February) or trying to make peace during battle, Mamika’s run as the comedic relief worked excellently! Thus, it’s the reason she makes the list, but sadly doesn’t rank any higher. Ironically enough, she made me smile the most, but a few characters had more screen time, and thus, were more funny overall!

Honestly, it’s a peculiar decision to off this ray of sunshine, right? Mamika was easily among the best characters from the show, and appeared in merely 9 episodes, proving once again, that it’s all about the writing. Therefore, Mamika Kirameki takes the third spot on this list of the funniest Re:Creators characters!

2. Magane Chikujoin

Chikujoin smiling in a maid's outfit

Chikujoin is oddly charming, with a quirky personality, fun-loving behavior and memorable witty lines! Together with her dark sense of humor, and playful nature, Chikujoin made my laugh and giggle over a few dozen times. If it wasn’t her joke, it was her behavior. If it wasn’t that, it was something else that made every scene with Chikujoin worthy of a good giggle. It’s simply about the wide array of topics she jokes about; Mamika’s death, people dying, period blood, and more. Therefore, it goes without saying, Chikujoin is among the funniest Re:Creators characters, if not the funniest!

If it wasn’t for a certain miss know-it-all, Magane Chikujoin would take the cake, but she’ll have to settle for the second spot, as Meteora Österreich reigns supreme!

1. Meteora Österreich

Meteora holding two spatulas while serious

Our little miss know-it-all, Meteora Österreich, is a humorous character, isn’t she? Whatever she says or does is actually funny, as she’s always stone-faced and serious, while looking somewhat bored. How’s that even possible? A comedic relief who doesn’t set up jokes and doesn’t laugh? Well, it’s the age-old way of making unfunny things funny! It’s about the delivery, attitude, and wordplay. Thus, Meteora makes legitimately funny jokes, without trying too hard. That means that you as the viewer decide if something is funny, without the character laughing or making a humorous face. In turn, Meteora delivers the goods as a secondary comedic-relief character, and that’s surprising, because I think she’s also the best Re:Creators character! Now, she can add to her trophy with another one, as I crown her the funniest Re:Creators character as well!

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