Top 5 Darkest Dungeon Character Comics

Darkest Dungeon was birthed by Red Hook Studios in 2016, and what a lifespan this dungeon crawler has had! It’s been labelled “best of its kind”, won numerous awards, and been praised to heavens for its memorable art style. In all honesty, Chris Bourassa, Tyler Sigman and the rest of the crew deserve all the love and appreciation, and so much more! However, I’m not here to heap more praise, but list the best character comics, and if you know about them, then you know. If you don’t? Let me simply say that these comics give some flavor to the playable characters, giving them some backstory. I mean, if you’re planning on taking a stroll through hell, isn’t it important to know who you’re fighting with? Therefore, I’ll be listing the 5 best Darkest Dungeon character comics, and I hope you enjoy the list!

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5. Abomination

Abomination Character Comic

The Abomination character comic is simple, straight to-the-point, and tells a humiliating story. With the help of the artistic decision to keep the panels nearly devoid of color, the comic highlights sadness and despair. It feels somewhat alluring, considering the panels that are very simple, yet esthetically pleasing. It’s almost like watching an old-school monster movie, if that monster movie was a single comic page! With that being said, Abomination has a really distrubingly poetic character comic, that is quite memorable. Thus, it’s one of the best Darkest Dungeon character comics.

4. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Comic

The Bounty Hunter character comic depicts poetic justice, doesn’t it? Put a price on someone’s head, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets cut off. Whether for good or for bad, the Bounty Hunter is portrayed as a cold-blooded killer, willing to put on a bloody good show for the right price. But, is he actually heartless? Although these comics can be interpreted in various ways, I simply enjoy this particular portrayal. But, the reason it lands a top spot is because of the warm colors, the angles and the lighting. Simply put, it comes across as really badass and action-packed at the same time!

3. Crusader

Crusader Character Comic

The story of the Crusader reminds me of Guts from Berserk. Perhaps it’s just me? However, it’s the stoic nature, his bloody victories on the battlefield, and the fact that he wields a greatsword. The Crusader is a man of war, a man of the people, and someone truly great! But, the comparisons aside, this character comic is beautiful in other ways. Everything from the color to the shading, the detail to the motion, make it captivating. It’s so vibrant, but gloomy, and so powerful, yet sad. Thus, the panels tell a lengthy tale in a few seconds, and somehow, it doesn’t feel rushed? How can an illustrator put so much into their pen, and convey such energy, I will never understand!

2. Highwayman

Highwayman comic

This story hits hard, doesn’t it? While the Highwayman isn’t necessarily a “good guy”, it’s these types of things that change people for the better. It’s the definition of irony, right? Doing something until you realize it’s been wrong all along? Where do we draw the line is subjective, as the only difference between “good” and “bad” is simply a decision. With that being said, it’s a beautifully twisted character comic, and I love the emphasis on the blood, as it’s the only real “color” in this panel. It’s so disturbing and gritty, that it makes me want to brush my teeth and take a shower. In other words, it’s obviously one of the best Darkest Dungeon character comics!

1. Arbalest

Arbalest Comic

Darkest Dungeon is known for its great artistic storytelling, with the Arbalest comic being the cream of the crop! It’s the type of comic that’ll break your heart, and make you look at the character in new light. It’s so sad seeing our little Arby being so vulnerable, showing her being stripped from her innocence. Forced to grow up, with a crossbow tucked in her arms and tears running down her face. However, it’s not just the heart-wrenching story, it’s just as much about the illustrations in each panel. The way it’s drawn makes the story so effective, with subtlety as the key ingredient!

While it’s a toss-up between Highwayman and Arbalest, I crown Arby’s comic as the best Darkest Dungeon comic, according to The Hergula!


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