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Top 5 Modern Warfare Operator Introductions


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been available for purchase since October of 2019. However, the release of Warzone pumped fresh blood into this installment, with the new updates giving the game somewhat of a refreshing restart. So, with waves of new people introduced to this Battle Royale, Modern Warfare continues to break records. According to Blizzard, approximately 60 million people have played Warzone. In turn, gamers have experienced a world they might’ve never ventured to otherwise! That’s kind of great, isn’t it? Considering how vocal the community is, the developers are kept on their tippy-toes, constantly reacting to what players deem necessary. Given, not every request will or can be granted, yet the team’s dedication in trying to balance the game is definitely admirable! So, let’s dive into Modern Warfare Operator introductions!

This marks the beginning of future Modern Warfare lists, with operator introductions setting off the chain reaction! While I’m probably far too enthusiastic about lists, there’s something fascinating about ranking the forgettable, don’t you think? I mean, most will likely skip the intros, but some might actually enjoy these 3-4 second clips. It’s obvious that I’m one of them, yet the sheer effort to create these cut-scenes deserves some recognition. This is where I come in, ranking the best intros!

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PS. Here’s to hoping that Jonathan Price will be a playable operator in Season 4!

5. Ghost

Honestly, this introduction successfully captures the demeanor and essence of Ghost! When you consider that it’s a 3-second clip, they managed to showcase the character’s intensity in a subtle way. It’s the simplicity that makes this introduction so effective, as anything crazy could’ve been deemed out of character for Ghost. While they could’ve spiced things up, there’s enough attention to detail, making up for the lack of creativity. I do like how Ghost appears from the shadows, with the British flag behind him, metaphorically representing his present and past. It’s quite the touch, as other SAS operators have mostly white backgrounds during their introductions. With that being said, it’s a great intro, with Ghost’s intense stare being the highlight.

4. Alice

This introduction starts off innocently enough, with Alice giving us a welcoming smile, which quickly turns into a frown and she flips us the bird. Oh… well, that’s different? Considering it’s actually the only “disrespectful” intro, it earns a few extra points, yet it’s the structure that makes it work. Simply put, it’s the begrudging smile, leading into the frown and head-tilt, with the middle finger hoisted highest of them all. It’s almost trying to break the 4th wall, somewhat interacting with the player, which makes it quite entertaining. Well, as much as a 4-second clip can be, right? However, it’s creatively basic, being the 4th best of all Modern Warfare operator introductions.

3. Raines

Let me make this clear, the Demon Dogs have the best background, with the flames and embers nicely complimenting their members. In turn, Raines looks like a total beast, almost engulfed in flames, making for a ferocious and energetic introduction. However, it’s undoubtedly the sound effects that make it memorable, with the roar and chest-pounding being the noteworthy additions. It’s reminiscent of a warcry, as if Raines has been unleashed, ready for combat and wants to spill some blood! While his facial expression at the end is questionable, there’s enough going on creatively, securing him a solid spot on the list.

2. Nikto

Although several operators attempt to be “intimidating”, Nikto’s intro actually succeeds in doing so, making him look downright sinister. While it’s a matter of perspective, when you consider that Nikto’s face was disfigured by Mr.Z, it makes the intro even more impactful. It’s as if the slashes signify his tortured past, with the look in his eyes signaling a warning to anyone who dares approach him. In all honesty, it’s the way the light catches his eyes after the second slash, seemingly creating an illusion of his intensions, which is definitely badass. While some may think that I’m reading too much into it, I’d like to think that nuggets like this can be found in the smallest of details. Nevertheless, it’s the motion of the blade, the glare in his eyes and sound effects that make this intro absolutely brilliant.

1. Ronin

Who could have guessed that Ronin has the best introduction? Most likely everyone who knows that he’s modeled and based on Tu Lam, a retired Green Beret. It’s the primary reason why he was highly anticipated, as his followers recognized that Ronin in Modern Warfare was based on him – a true legend. Regardless of this, Ronin’s introduction stands on its own, with a well-structured and fluid knife trick, with every motion seeming effortless. Together with the expression all the way through, showcasing the operator’s personality, the intro comes full circle from the beginning to the end. When you consider that there’s no set-up, it earns a few extra points for filling every millisecond with content. So, buckle up and enjoy these 4 seconds, as they are the best in Modern Warfare!

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