Top 10 Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer Quotes

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer finishes the Gundam Meisters saga. Now, it's time for the last Gundam 00 quotes list, and it's downright epic, so enjoy!

Finally, it’s time to dissect Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer! It was quite the ending, wasn’t it? With exciting battles, emotional moments and well-written dialogue, the saga of the Gundam Meisters was compelted. With the addition of techno-organic sentinent aliens was a weird decision, they actually manade to make it work? My state of surprise aside, I really enjoyed the movie, even though the ELS came out of left field. Nevertheless, I’m not here to change your opinion. If the post’s title is of any indication, I’m here for the quotes and so are you! So, let’s cut to the chase, shall we? It’s time for the top 10 Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer quotes!

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*Quotes as they were uttered in the English version of the movie.

10. “You worry too much. There won’t be anymore accidents like that. Of course, if there are, I guess that means the earth must be under attack… by evil space aliens! Whouhoohuoo!” – Patrick Colasour

Patrick Colasour holding a drink and smiling in his pyjamas
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Patrick Colasour deserves some props, as he sells the “goofy character with a heart of gold” really well, doesn’t he? Even during the darkest times, Patrick Colasour’s child-like enthusiasm and optimism come across as heartwarming. In turn, his silly and pathetic attempt at lightening the mood worked marvelously! Whether it made you laugh or cringe, it was fitting and memorable, especially for being a dumb joke. Funnily enough, Patrick Colasour foreshadows what actually happens in the movie, as earth does get attacked by aliens (ELSes). However, it goes without saying, the voice actor’s cadence and delivery make this quote punch above it’s weight.

Oh boy, if Patrick only knew that his words were being praised, he would lose his mind. After all, he’s an arrogant pilot with a heart of gold!

9. “Even if you are on different paths, you have to continue caring for him. Otherwise your feelings will never reach him. Those feelings are what tie people together. They’re what help us understand each other in the truest sense.” – Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Sumeragi Lee Noriega smiling gently in a hallway
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I was pleasantly surprised hearing Sumeragi Lee Noriega say this, trying to comfort Feldt Grace. While there’s nothing inherently special or complex about these lines, it’s the flow and message that make it work. It’s quite simple in essence, meaning the word selection and delivery are key. Therefore, Sumeragi sticks the landing with the poetic structure, with the message coming across truly heartfelt. In turn, it’s the presentation that adds depth to these lines.

Whether you agree or disagree with her perspective, Sumeragi’s message is definitely insightful and relatable. When she’s referring to feelings, she’s actually talking about love, making it all the more special. Considering all of us can understand heartache, having feelings towards someone who doesn’t feel the same way, it hits home. Perhaps not for Feldt Grace, but for us as viewers, knowing that Setsuna doesn’t share the same feelings. Furthermore, Sumeragi’s saying we’re all connected through our emotions, so Feldt shouldn’t be worried. Whether Setsuna feels the same way or not, those feelings make us understand each other, for better or for worse.

8. “The difference in fighting strength is 10,000 to 1. The situation couldn’t be worse. But no matter what, I’ll fight to protect it. I will protect what father and mother stood for!” – Andrei Smirnov

Andrei Smirnov blinded by bright light while in his cockpit

Andrei Smirnov utters these lines right before deploying, getting mentally ready to battle the ELS. With this quote, he indirectly acknowledges his foolishness, accepting his mistakes and showing remorse for his actions. Considering that he killed his father because of a misunderstanding, his conscience is weighing heavy on his shoulders. In turn, his words come across like a confession, saying his peace, while wanting to be atoned for his sins. Quite the common theme in Gundam 00, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away from his quote. It’s made noteworthy because of his observation of fighting strengths, yet it becomes heartwarming when he mentions his parents. So, whether you love him or hate him, Andrei Smirnov made an impact. He entered Gundam 00 with a spark and left with a bang. Therefore, it’s easily one of the best quotes from Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer!

7. “This is the power of a Super Soldier! No. The power to slash through to the future!” – Allelujah Haptism

Allelujah exhausted inside his mobile suit during combat

I genuinely enjoy Allelujah’s quotes, especially the ones involving Hallelujah. While it’s simplistic at face value, it’s noteworthy because Hallelujah starts it, with Allelujah finishing it. Now, that’s pretty awesome, or is it just me? Anyhow, it shows their volatile and complex relationship. On one hand, Allelujah has accepted Hallelujah, even willing to cooperate with him. On the other hand, he’s not willing to relinquish control, keeping him on a leash, with a hand around his throat. In all honesty, it seems like Allelujah’s becomes the dominant personality, showing that they’ve come along way. While that’s mere speculation, there’s no doubt about Allelujah’s intentions, considering his stern “no” to Hallelujah’s statement. In turn, he disagrees with the sociopath, saying he’s motivated by a brighter future, not by spilling blood.

6. “You’re alive. That’s right, don’t you see? You’re still alive!” – Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)

Setsuna crying with Neil Dylandy floating behind him in a dream

It’s heartwarming, yet twisted, that Setsuna’s nightmare includes sad memories of Neil Dylandy, of all people? It makes you wonder; how close were they? In actuality, Setsuna’s simply not capable of forgetting the people he’s lost, and feels somewhat responsible for their deaths. That includes Neil Dylandy, whose father (Owen), mother (Lyndsay) and sister (Amy) were killed by the KPSA, Setsuna’s former terrorist group. Simply put, Setsuna’s subconsciouly terrorizing himself with all the lives lost, knowing he could’ve saved Neil Dylandy if he was stronger. What makes it sad is that Setsuna knows Neil doesn’t blame him, and that bothers him. I mean, it’s clear that young Soran wants to be cleansed (or punished) for his sins. So, it makes sense why he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself in the end.

Neil Dylandy’s words are like an alarm clock, reminding Setsuna that he’s still alive and breathing. When you consider Neil’s personality, he’d likely do whatever it takes to pull Setsuna from his funk. I mean, he did it multiple times when he was alive, so he would surely do it in spirit, right? Anyways, it’s important to remember, while Neil’s the author of the quote, those lines were uttered in Setsuna’s dream. Therefore, it could just be his subconscious reminding him what Neil would say, would he be alive today.

5. “You keep looking for the past where people can understand each other, don’t you? You even tried to do it with the ELSes. Blazing a trail to the future. That’s what your fight has always been. Hasn’t it, young man?” – Graham Aker

Graham Aker and Feldt Grace looking over an injured Setsuna

Whether it’s intuition or intelligence, Graham Aker seems to understand Setsuna F. Seiei like very few others. Ironically enough, he’s never properly met the young man. However, he shows sincere admiration towards him, while asking rhetorical questions about his true intentions. His words are delivered with conviction, confronting Setsuna for his ill-advised attempt at communicating with the ELS. Consequently, he realizes that he’s focused on the present, while Setsuna has always been fighting for the future. In turn, they’ve been worlds apart, yet shared common goals. It’s funny, isn’t it? The two of them would’ve gotten along well, if they just had a conversation. In addition, it was at this moment, Graham decided he was willing to die for Setsuna, knowing they’ve been on the same team all along.

4. “You tend to get a little rotten on the inside when people treat you like a guinea pig.” – Descartes Shaman

Descartes Shaman smiling while restrained to a chair

Moments after we’re introduced to Descartes Shaman, he utters one of the catchiest one-liners from Gundam 00. When ignoring Kati Mannequin, he nearly interrupts her in-order to compare the way he’s treated to that of a guinea pig. It comes across like an excuse and an apology for his “bad” behavior”. In turn, he somewhat replicates a test-subject rodent, who does the “right” thing in fear of being punished. Simply put, he might feel worth less than a human and an animal – but more like a rodent, used for human benefit. It’s quite fitting, isn’t it? While he’s poking fun and joking around, it makes sense he’d be resentful, don’t you think?

The nonchalant delivery makes it memorable, especially considering the circumstances, as he’s strapped to a chair and being tested. While that’s quite ironic, it’s also badass, seeing him so cool, calm and collected, showing that he’s somewhat content. In addition, it’s catchy and to-the-point, painting the perfect picture of how Descartes Shaman’s actually feeling. In turn, it’s definitely among the finest quotes of Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer!

3. “What I hate are people who misuse their intelligence. The ones who get caught up in their own personal beliefs and prejudices, and lose sight of the truth. It leads to misunderstandings, followed by discord and then by conflict. All I want is understanding between people.” – Aeolia Schenberg

Aeolia Schenberg with glasses in front of huge computer screen

In the epilogue, Aeolia Schenberg appears out of nowhere, dropping some knowledge and giving us food for thought. However, it’s not that simple, as he’s the founder of Celestial Being, meaning his words carry weight. Therefore, his honest and insightful perspective on humanity is important, being packed to the brim with substance. In turn, Aeolia Schenberg comes across as an observer of humanity, rather than a human being himself. Someone with his intelligence likely views himself above most other humans, so it makes perfect sense.

So, what makes this quote special? Let me explain: Aeolia Schenberg is saying there’s objective truth, and that our subjective views cloud our judgement, while taking away from actuality. He’s making a “fact vs. fiction” argument, and indirectly saying that most people don’t know any better. Therefore, he views humanity as somewhat incompetent. I mean, he even notes that through civil discord, there would still be conflict, showing very little faith in humanity. Ironically, he’s inciting violence with Celestial Being. Almost like he’s trying to “beat them at their own game”, knowing that sometimes discord isn’t the answer. Consequently, he’s using the Gundam Meisters (and Celestial Being) as martyrs, spilling blood for a better tomorrow. Simply put, for Aeolia Schenberg, the end justifies the means.

It’s a magnificent quote, easily among the best from Gundam 00. I mean, it seems like every word was carefully selected, tied together seamlessly and delivered with conviction. In turn, his words stick to the back of your mind, capable of making you question your views on humanity. That’s special, to say the least.

2. “Why are you hesitating!? You were the one who told me to keep fighting in order to live. You taught me that! Even if it’s a contradiction, you must continue to exist! You said that is what it means to live!” – Graham Aker

Graham Aker angrily looking around in his mobile suit

It’s crazy how Graham throws Setsuna’s own words back at him, hearing the young man say he’s not there to fight the ELS. Obviously this angers Graham, considering that Setsuna one told him to continue fighting in order to live. These words didn’t only resonate with him, they deeply impacted Graham and stopped him from taking his own life. Let’s not forget, that when he lost to Setsuna in his Susanowo, he was ready to perform Seppuku (ritual suicide). In essence, Graham admits that Setsuna was right. Whether you fight literally or figuratively, you must fight for your life and the life of others. In addition, he acknowledges the obvious contradiction, as fighting can lead to killing and death, which makes it quite special. When you consider that Graham once wished death upon Setsuna, he now encourages him with those exact words.

Let’s not forget, Graham shows no signs of hesitation, showing fierce determination and passion for humanity’s survival. While Setsuna’s overanalyzing the situation and growing passive, Graham actually protects him and leads by example. In all honesty, Graham Aker is saying; you saved my life once, maybe it’s my turn to save yours? You got to love this man, he’s a national treasure. Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer proved it!

1. “Young man! Do you need a beacon to the future? I, Graham Aker, will gladly oblige! This is not death, it’s for humankind to live on!” – Graham Aker

Graham Aker being surrounded by ELS and throwing up before death

Yousuke Kuroda must have favored Graham Aker, right? Considering how well he strings words together, it’s like witnessing Shakespeare in motion! While we can debate his piloting skills and decision making, he’s unrivaled in wordsmithing. In all honesty, it’s the vowen web of Graham Aker, making his lines land perfectly. Therefore, a character’s red thread and consistency are vital for impactful and memorable quotes! So, enough chit-chat. Let’s delve deeper into the best quote of Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer!

Honestly, I feel that Graham Aker’s last words were truly fitting for a man of his status, and considering his importance in the anime’s storyline, he ended his chapter with beautiful last words. In the first season, Graham said that he fought like an avenging angel, and in the film he becomes the beacon to the future for Setsuna, and that’s truly worth remembering.

Graham Aker once said he fights like an avenging angel. In the Gundam 00 movie, he becomes the beacon to the future for humanity. He lived and died on his own accord. In some ways, he truly was an angel, wasn’t he? Therefore, I’ll leave you with an important quote. I hope you’ll see the significance and the similarities!

Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to a place that I have prepared.

Exodus 23:20
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