Top 10 Gundam 00 Quotes (Season 2)

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has excellent quotes, with Season 2 showing that Allelujah came to play! So, what are the 10 best Gundam 00 quotes from Season 2? Find out now!

The first season of Gundam 00 was great, with the quotes list being dominated by Graham Aker and Setsuna F. Seiei. While they’re different in many ways, there’s one particular thing they have in common: excellent quotes! Whether it was the meaning, metaphors, word selection or the voice actor’s cadence, they were unmatched. However, this particular season’s list is dominated by Allelujah Haptism. Surprise, surprise, I suppose? While merely a small spoiler, I’m sure it won’t ruin the experience of reading these amazing quotes. So, enough foreplay, let’s dig into the main course, shall we? Here’s the ranking of the top 10 Gundam 00 quotes of Season 2!

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*Quotes as they were uttered in the English version of the show.

10. “Thank you for being alive after all this time, and most of all, thank you for giving me a reason to live.” – Allelujah Haptism

Allelujah hugging Soma from behind in the rain while crying

Imagine being held captive for 5 years, getting tortured both physically and verbally to give info about Celestial Being and not saying anything. What motivates someone like Allelujah to not crack or break under these circumstances? While his grim past helped, it couldn’t have been Celestial Being, as it took them 5 years to rescue him. So, perhaps we have Marie to thank for keeping Allelujah alive for all these years? Simply knowing she was still alive, was enough for him to keep on fighting, and keep on living.

Considering what Allelujah has done and been through, suicide was likely contemplated several times. However, when he found Marie, someone who represents the innocence he’d long lost, it gave him purpose for his existence. Someone like him: A lone wolf, trained to become a cold-blooded killer without emotions, could hardly have many reasons to live. In turn, he’d likely be willing to die for Celestial Being, knowing it was for something meaningful. As fate would have it, Marie Parfacy gave him a genuine reason to exist, putting things into perspective with this great quote!

9. “Now we’ve entrusted the future to humanity. I will become a part of Veda and watch over you all. Until that time, the time of the dialogues that are to come, farewell everyone.” – Tieria Erde

Tieria Erde floating in blue space with bright eyes

There’s something special about Tieria Erde’s farewell message, as it’s almost too sincere, honest and accepting of the situation. It’s fascinating, considering that Tieria was a hard-ass who knew what would (and could) happen if the Meisters didn’t play by the book. In turn, his existence and mission were intertwined, being directly connected. So, it’s special when he, an innovade and Gundam Meister, entrusted the future to humanity. Therefore, he wasn’t bitter, as he finished his mission, even if he was killed by Ribbons Almark. As if to say, the ends justify the means, which they clearly did for him.

Additionally, the quote’s structure is rather poetic, being delivered with some rhythm to it. Thus, it’s as pleasant as it’s memorable, with the English voice actor deserving credit for his nice delivery. In closing, it’s undoubtedly among the top 10 Gundam 00 quotes of season 2!

8. “If there’s misunderstanding and then new fighting breaks out, I’m sure they’ll return. Even if they have to take all the contradictions upon themselves.” – Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy sitting together

Saji Crossroad describes Celestial Being in a nutshell: They arrive during conflicts, fight and kill for peace, willing to accept their contradictory nature. While it’s a misleading description, it’s Saji’s perspective following the events of season 2. Thus, he recognizes the irony, but might’ve not understood how hypocritical it makes him as a person. I mean, he’s a former member of Celestial Being, right? While he joined for a noble reason, to save Louise Halevy, he disassociates himself from the organization completely. In turn, he questions their decision-making, while begrudgingly showing blind faith in Celestial Being. However, it’s definitely ironic and hypocritical of him to discuss contradictions, as he was willing to shed blood for Louise Halevy. Nevertheless, it’s quite a complex quote, if really delved into, with great structure. It’s quite memorable and gives insight into Saji’s decision to leave Celestial Being in the first place.

7. “The world is about to change once again, but the sins I’ve committed for that goal, the sin of taking people’s lives, that will never change.” – Allelujah Haptism

Allelujah Haptism smiling to Soma Peries

Allelujah Haptism has taken many lives, but refuses to make excuses for his actions, calling them “sins” and admitting to being burdened by the souls he’s taken. No wonder, right? It’s written all over his face, constantly. While he fought for peace, his conscience is weighing heavy. In turn, he knows he made mistakes, but understands there could’ve been better ways to achieve peace. However, Allelujah’s acceptance of his actions make this very impactful, as he’s not hiding behind a superstitious reason. He’s taking responsibility, and accepting Hallelujah, understanding they are two sides of the same coin. While that’s grim, it makes this quote hard-hitting and memorable. Therefore, it’s as poetic as other farewell messages, while hitting a bit deeper than the rest.

6. “Even if the world should reject me, I’ll keep fighting until I’m punished. Guess I won’t be heading to where you are just yet. Until that day comes, please wait for me, Anew.” – Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy)

Lyle Dylandy wearing glasses and a hat against blue sky

The farewell messages are deep and heartfelt, yet somewhat grim and disturbing, with this quote showcasing that. It’s not simply the cadence or structure, it’s the word selection that paints the perfect picture. In turn, Lyle’s final words resemble a confession, talking about rejection and fighting until his creator comes knocking. However, he understands that his journey is not finished, while admitting to mistakes by reflecting on his own death. Therefore, Lyle’s keeping his apology to Anew Returner until they meet again. Let me be blunt, okay? Lyle’s saying his day will come soon enough, hence why he asks Anew to wait for him. Otherwise, he’d just say goodbye, but didn’t. It’s the best farewell message and easily made the cut!

5. “Hahahahaaa! The resurrection of the Super Soldier! We’re gonna fight. The future depends on what we do next!” – Allelujah Haptism

Allelujah Haptism laughing inside of Arios Gundam

The moment we see Arios flying around and that laughter hit the speakers, I knew that Gundam-Gods had blessed us with a few golden lines! On one hand, Hallelujah shows his excitement for the resurrection of the Super Soldier. On the other hand, Allelujah displays fierce determination and control, knowing the power at his fingertips. In turn, showcasing the two personalities we love so dearly, finally coming together for the most badass quote of Season 2!

Let me break it down: It’s the interaction between Hallelujah and Allelujah that makes this such a memorable quote! Hallelujah’s laugh sets this up almost like a joke, with Allelujah delivering the punch line. In turn, the emphasis lands on the right words, making it quite badass and beautifully showing the Super Soldier! Honestly, when Allelujah’s determined, he’s intimidating, but if he’s working with Hallelujah, he’s a horror movie villain.

4. “His sword play… there’s no doubt about it. That’s the young man I met. I thank my stars for giving me a chance to make up for these years when I’ve live in disgrace!” – Mr. Bushido (Graham Aker)

Mr Bushido bleeding from his mouth in his mobile suit

Graham Aker, under the moniker of Mr. Bushido, wanted to take revenge on the Gundam pilot that changed his life forever: Setsuna F. Seiei. Considering their final battle ended in a draw, Graham was ashamed, keeping his scars as a reminder of his failure. Therefore, he dedicated himself to the ways of Bushido, choosing honor over life and discipline above all. Let’s not forget, Graham could’ve killed Setsuna when Gundam 00 Raiser malfunctioned, but Mr. Bushido’s discipline and code didn’t let him. In turn, showcasing the depth of his transformation, looking for that honorable duel to settle all scores!

This quote is badass, considering that Graham actually recognized Setsuna through his sword play. In turn, his keen eye for piloting and meticulous nature were still intact, even though he was Mr. Bushido. However, this quote would’ve fallen flat, if it wasn’t for the English voice actor: Paul Dobson.

3. “Setsuna, you could change. I couldn’t, so you’ll have to do it for me.” – Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)

Neil Dylandy looking sad around destroyed buildings at night

Neil Dylandy, the real Lockon Stratos, passed away at the end of season 1. However, he made a memorable impact in season 2, helping Setsuna to become humanity’s first innovator. But, how? Neil treated Setsuna like his little brother, often mentoring, defending him and setting him straight. Whether it was foul accusations or questionable decisions, he stood with Setsuna, showing faith in him. In turn, Neil Dylandy unknowingly supported Setsuna’s journey, with his death putting things into perspective. It’s simply a stark reminder, that if he doesn’t change, he’d end up like Neil Dylandy – unable to forgive the world.

So, what makes this quote excellent? It was merely Setsuna’s dream/vision, and it wasn’t real. In turn, it’s as much Setsuna’s as it’s Neil’s, making it heartbreaking. It’s undoubtedly a tear-jerker, showing that the young Gundam Meister carries such fond memories of Lockon Stratos. He actually cared about him, yet wasn’t able to thank him for all the support. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Neil, Setsuna would’ve been booted from Celestial Being. However, Soran Ibrahim knows that, as Neil spared him. Ironically enough, he couldn’t spare Ali Al-Saachez, which lead to his demise.

2. “You think just because you avoid pulling the trigger yourself, you won’t feel any of the guilt from committing the crime!?” – Allelujah Haptism

Allelujah Haptism gritting his teeth in orange piloting gear

If anyone understands how it feels to commit a crime without pulling the trigger, it would have to be Allelujah Haptism. Simply put, whenever Hallelujah takes over, Allelujah’s no longer in control of the physical body. In turn, leading to an interesting question: who pulls the trigger and claims responsibility for the actions? Well, it’s the vessel that is responsible, irregardless of what goes on in the mind. Therefore, Allelujah understands the irony, while questioning others on their moral sense by following orders blindly. It’s a double entendre, an excellent one, with perfect structure and great delivery. In addition, it’s food for thought, quite easily one of the best quotes of Gundam 00: Season 2

1. “The only thing the past can change is how you feel about things in the present.” – Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)

Lockon Stratos making finger gun and smiling

When Setsuna’s reliving his dark and twisted past, Neil Dylandy reminds him of something very important. Whether he likes it or not, he (Soran Ibrahim) killed his own parents, and he needs to accept the situation. Why? It was a link in the chain of his sickening journey in becoming Setsuna F. Seiei. Therefore, Neil’s saying he shouldn’t let history control him, yet use it to change his perception in the present day. As a result of this, Setsuna managed to transform into humanity’s first innovator. However, Neil’s words were somewhat in vain, as Setsuna didn’t question his decision to sacrifice himself in the film. While changed like Neil wished, he wanted to be punished and redeemed for his actions. Not in our eyes, Neil’s or anyone else, but his very own. It was his way to atone for his sins and complete his transformation.

Honestly, it’s a simple quote, yet holds so much weight for all Gundam Meisters. Therefore, it’s as valuable for the show as it’s important for everyone, to at least read this quote once. Whether they’ve been through hell or dipped into the abyss, these are the types of quotes that some may need to read/hear. In turn, it hits like a thousand papercuts, digging deep, with a poetic delivery. So, with that said, it’s the very best quote of the Top 10 Gundam 00 Quotes of Season 2!

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