Top 5 Best Resident Evil: Apocalypse Characters

Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory and Mike Epps starred in this horror flick, but who played the best character? Here are the 5 best Resident Evil: Apocalypse characters!

When I completed the best characters list for Resident Evil (2002), I began writing this one, and it’s been a pleasure! When you consider that Resident Evil: Apocalypse has the most interesting characters, it was quite challenging to rank everybody. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? While I’ve changed the order a couple of times, I’m 100% certain that I’ve completed this list. I mean it wasn’t easy, but I’m happy with the end result. So without further ado, I present to you the 5 best Resident Evil: Apocalypse characters!

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5. Lloyd Jefferson Wayne

Mike Epps looking at armed civilians and smiling with hands up

Lloyd Jefferson Wayne made me giggle and laugh over a dozen times, and as he’s the comedic relief, I must say that Mike Epps did a fantastic job! But that’s not surprising, as he’s one of the greatest comedians of all time. Whether it’s verbal jokes or physical comedy, Mike Epps always nails the punch-lines, often with a hint of wholesome awkwardness. In turn, Lloyd works both as a comedic relief and as a legitimate character, which is no small feat. It’s usually either or, but in this case, Mike Epps delivers, and thus, he earns himself the 5th spot on my list!

4. Nemesis

Nemesis staring towards the camera in the dark

Let’s be honest, good ol’ Nemmy is among the highlights of Resident Evil: Apocalypse! Whether he’s firing a rocket launcher or fighting Alice, every moment with Nemesis is attention grabbing. Therefore, I had to include him, as he still counts as a character. After all, it’s Matt Addison from Resident Evil (2002). With that being said, Nemesis has a superb look and his presence alone deserves some recognition. Therefore, I’d say he’s the 4th best when it comes to Resident Evil: Apocalypse characters!

3. Carlos Olivera

Oded Fehr looking serious in the darkness

From his first scene to his last, Oded Fehr didn’t miss a beat, portraying Carlos Olivera as if his life depended on it! Whether he’s killing zombies or interacting with others, Oded’s performance comes across as being the most “comfortable”, as he seems so relaxed. But is that surprising? Not at all, as Oded Fehr’s known for having great acting fundamentals, always leaning back to what he’s comfortable with. Thus, he makes every character feel like his own. While he gives a pretty straight-forward performance, it’s really effective, considering his role. Therefore, I’d say that Fehr’s Carlos Olivera is the third best Resident Evil: Apocalypse character!

2. Alice

Milla Jovovich as Alice holding two MP5s in a church

Milla Jovovich delivers once again as Alice, but this time around, the competition was stiff and thus, she doesn’t rank higher! While I’ll explain the negatives down below, let me start off with the postives, alright? Alice is a badass character, just as expected, with great action scenes and some funny one-liners. This time around, she’s far more commanding and dominant, which is a double-edged sword, making for some polarizing moments. In addition, the lack of screentime hurt Alice’s character. In turn, she’s still a pretty good, but just not as great as Jill Valentine.

You may be wondering, what’s the problem with Alice? She’s simply awkward, doing too much, saying too little, and being far too overpowered for her own good. Without any real explanation, were just supposed to accept Alice’s superhero status, as most other characters come across as being “weak” or “helpless”. However, that’s not the case. It’s just that Alice is so much stronger, and while I appreciate Alice’s powers, especially in the sequels, she overshadows others simply because she’s “strong”. Thus, it distracts the unity of the ensemble cast. But it’s something they manage to correct in the sequel, Resident Evil: Extinction.

1. Jill Valentine

Sienna Guillory's Jill valentine aiming a gun and a flashlight in school

Surpise, surprise! Sienna Guillory‘s Jill Valentine is the very best character from Resident Evil: Apocalypse! Now, did anyone see this coming? Perhaps you did, perhaps you didn’t. But I stand firmly behind this decision, as I find Jill Valentine to be the most interesting and most engaging character from the film. Thus, she’s earned this spot on the list.

Sienna Guillory’s Jill Valentine started off so well, with a commanding presence and a downright badass introduction! I mean, what’s better than showing her headshot half a dozen zombies? In turn, the stage was set for something special, but sadly it never payed off. How come? Well, she was screwed by the writers, because as soon as Alice entered the mix, Jill went from the strong badass to the helpless cop. However, Sienna Guillory needs to be commended for her effort and stunning look, doing Jill’s iconic outfit justice. Plus, Sienna’s portrayal of the character is great, so her character being treated poorly by the writers has nothing to do with her effort. Quite the contrary, as the effort makes her stand out!

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? I crown Sienna Guillory’s Jill Valentine as the best character from Resident Evil: Apocalypse!

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