Top 5 Best Resident Evil (2002) Characters

Milla Jovovich, Matt Crewes, and Michelle Rodriguez star in this horror classic, but who stole the show? Here are the best Resident Evil characters!

When it comes to horror franchises, very few names ring as clear as Resident Evil. I’m not just talking about video games, that pioneered zombie horror in gaming, but the novels, comics, 3D films and live-action Hollywood movies! Thus, there’s plenty to talk about. But today, I’m going to be discussing Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Resident Evil (2002), focusing on the colorful characters.

The Resident Evil film series was profitable, making over 1.3 billion at the box office worldwide, meaning that everybody loved it, right? Not quite! Anderson’s Resident Evil films polarized fans. Some loved the creative interpretation and the artistic liberties taken. Others thought that they didn’t represent the games properly and were downright silly. Whatever side you lean towards, I’m just happy you’re here, reading this right now! Why? Because I fall under the former, and I genuinelly enjoy the Hollywood Resident Evil films, even though they are flawed. Maybe it’s the Milla Jovovich effect? Perhaps it’s the intriguing cast of characters? Who knows, it could be that I just love Resident Evil.

This is the first of many Resident Evil top lists, so get ready! Today, I’ll focus on the Resident Evil (2002) characters, with Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez among the actors. Thus, it’s time to dive headfirst into the film, and rank the best characters! So I present to you, the 5 greatest Resident Evil (2002) characters!

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5. Spence

James Puerfoy looking at Milla Jovovich

Let’s be honest, shall we? Both Matt Addison and Spence Parks are very forgettable characters, serving only to further the storyline, without an ounce of personality. It’s one of these situations where I have to pick the best of the worst, and thus, I’ll go for Spence over Matt. The reasoning is simple, as James Purefoy put up a better performance. While he barely had anything to work with, he still managed to do a decent job, being the good guy one moment and the bad guy the next. Therefore, I’d say Spence is the 5th best among the Resident Evil (2002) characters.

4. One (James Shade)

Colin Salmon as James Shade looking serious

Colin Salmon’s role in Resident Evil (2002) might be minor, but One is a memorable character, as his death is legendary in the horror film universe! However, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, as there’s more to James Shade (One) than meets the eye, as he’s downright commanding. I’m not talking about his position, but Colin Salmon’s performance. Whenever he’s on the silver screen, he’s engaging and comes across as one of the most believable characters in the film. In turn, Colin Salmon’s One is the 4th best Resident Evil (2002) character!

3. Kaplan

Milla Jovovich and Matt Crewes in Resident Evil

When it comes to realistic behavior and character relatability, look no further than Matt Crewes’ Kaplan! When it comes to Resident Evil (2002), he’s the epitome of how a “real human” would act in that terrifying situation at The Hive. Whether he’s acting scared or getting emotional, he downright nails his role as Kaplan. In turn, he’s the one character we can relate to, as he acts like most of us would in this sickening scenario!

2. Rain

Michelle Rodriguez with a flashlight in Resident Evil

Right after wrapping up The Fast & The Furious in 2001, Michelle Rodriguez followed it up with another great performance, playing Rain in Resident Evil (2002). While it’s difficult to imagine her schedule, it’s downright amazing that an up-and-coming actress would land two excellent roles within 2 years. In turn, making Michelle’s journey one of the most interesting in the show business!

When it comes to Rain’s character, she’s the badass who’s quick-witted and snarky, with funny one-liners! Thus, she’s the character that plays well off of others. Whether she’s talking to her comrades or trading jabs with others, Rain is solid, through and through. Plus, she’s got a truly polarizing personality and an attention-grabbing look, both of which make her stand out! But in the end, it’s all about her interesting character in the film, as she’s downright mesmerizing at times. Therefore, Michelle Rodriguez’s Rain is the second best on my list of Resident Evil (2002) characters!

1. Alice

Milla Jovovich as Alice looking shocked

Milla Jovovich made her breakthrough in the industry thanks to The Fifth Element (as Leeloo), but Resident Evil (as Alice) solidified her status in Hollywood. It was at this point, people started turning their heads, realizing that this Ukrainian trailblazer was a really good actress. Therefore, it’s truly not surprising that she’d succeed, and it wasn’t long before she was known worldwide for portraying badass characters. Together with her ability to kick butt and show emotion on the silver screen, the breathtaking Milla Jovovich nailed her role as Alice in Resident Evil (2002).

Alice is a captivating character, with a fantastic look and engaging personality. Considering that she’s dealing with memory loss, it’s intriguing to see Alice change over the course of the movie. However, the character’s red thread is never broken. Thus, we must thank Milla Jovovich for her fantastic portrayal of Alice, as without the right actress, this character wouldn’t have worked. In turn, she’s vital to the success of making Alice believable, and considering the emotional scenes and action sequences, Milla had plenty to deal with it. Let alone, playing a character with some memory loss, and then keeping the personality in-tact all the way through! In turn, I’ll crown Milla Jovovich’s Alice as best character of the best Resident Evil (2002) characters list!

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