Top 5 Best Jormungand Songs

White Fox's Jormungand has fantastic music, composed by Taku Iwasaki. It's time to dissect the music, and rank the 5 best Jormungand songs!

White Fox’s Jormungand is known for its colorful characters, intriguing storytelling, and bloody action scenes! However, it’s also loved by many for its varied soundtrack, which I’ll be taking a closer look at today. Thus, I’ll be diving into the masterful mind of composer Taku Iwasaki, who is always looking outwards for inspiration. It’s kind of his signature, to riddle melodies with influence from around the world, which holds true even with Jormungand. There’s an obvious Indian and Arabian influence, with a couple of songs in various languages, like Portugese and French. In addition, there’s music in Japanese and English, with some straight-up techno songs, all of which work perfectly with the TV anime! Surprising, isn’t it? I guess it’s about time I wrap this up, and present to you the 5 best Jormungand songs!

PS. Songs from both seasons were eligible for the list, including the opening and ending songs.

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5. Hard Drive Music

We’re starting off with something light, but powerful. Simple, yet complex. It’s Hard Drive Music, which slowly builds, twists and turns, right before kicking into a high gear at around 1:05 mark! While it’s not necessarily memorable, it’s fitting of Jormungand, and gradually grew on me the more I listened to this track. There’s underlying tones of suspension and thrill, that evolves in to an action song, with a great amount of attitude and personality. It’s somewhat triumphant, and makes you feel like everything you do will be succesful. That, or it’s just Koko Hekmatyar pulling the strings, and we all know, she doesn’t lose.

4. Jormungand (feat. Yutaka Fukuoka)

Taku Iwasaki’s understanding of music is on another level, as he transforms a beautiful song into something monstrous, yet victorious! There’s a sense of accomplishment, mixed with a sense of danger, and it somehow manages to work. It’s not small feat, considering that his mixing many different genres of music with this track, while also making the song fit the show. I mean, that’s a challenge in its own right, isn’t it? Nevertheless, this song, with its fitting title, is easily among the best Jormungand songs!

3. Cul-De-Sac

This particular song is among my personal favorites, as it comes across like a chant or rhythmic poetry, and I love it! It’s simply different, yet fitting. It doesn’t change the feel of the show, but enhances it, and that’s what music is supposed to do. Not alter, but improve, and evolve. While there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about Cul-De-Sac’s structure or melody, it’s memorable and somewhat haunting. In turn, it’s among the best songs from the show, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling this way. It’s an outstanding track, and therefore deserves the attention!

2. Time to Attack (feat. Santa)

Who doesn’t love hearing “her name is Koko, she is loco, I’m said oh no”, and repeating it time, and time again? Perhaps I’m alone, but isn’t it catchy? Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic theme song for Koko Hekmatyar, and I’ve honestly been singing this song for months now, and it feels great! My sillyness aside, it’s a great track that fits our beloved anti-hero, who’s constantly up to some mischief and mysterious business. In turn, this energetic and light-hearted track elevates every scene it’s in, and it’s the tempo that makes it work. It’s kind of an odd pair, Taku Iwasaki and Santa, but it garnered an oddly fantastic result, didn’t it? Time to Attack is the second best song of Jormungand, and that’s that!

1. L’ambition mélodique (feat. IGOR)

Who knew that a French song would fit a Japanese anime this well? Titled L’ambition mélodique, this song, composed by Taku Iwasaki and performed by IGOR, is the definitive song if you want to know how Jormungand feels like. It’s the vibe, the energy, and the French hip-hop influence tied in a beautiful knot, topped off with an explosive chorus. In addition, the song’s message is all about Koko Hekmatyar’s world view, and her perspective on war, adding another layer to the track. In turn, it screams JORMUNGAND from every pour, making Koko’s big reveal downright epic! I mean, I literally had goosebumps. And sometimes, you don’t need much to make a scene effective, even if it’s just a character revealing her masterplan. It’s all about the attitude and the personality of the song accompanying the revelation of new information. With that said, I crown L’ambition mélodique as the very best song of the best Jormungand songs list!

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