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Top 5 Gundam AGE Songs


Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is the 12th incarnation in the beloved Gundam franchise, received with mixed reviews. While some love the animation style and storyline structure, others feel it’s quite simplistic and perhaps thematically childish. Admittedly, there’s no clear consensus on the show, yet few deny the quality of Gundam AGE songs, with most tracks being praised. Considering that bands like Negoto, Spyair and ViViD are among the performing acts, it’s safe to say the anime has some great music. However, it can be a daunting task to pick a favorite, so I decided to choose 5 songs and rank them instead. So, below you’ll find the best 5 Gundam AGE songs, according to The Hergula!

Keep in mind, this list was originally written numerous years ago, and while the text has been re-written, many of the bands on this list have sadly disbanded.

*The lyrics have been translated into English, so there might be some translation errors.

5. “Sharp” – Negoto

Negoto, the all-girl Japanese band, perform the second opening song for Gundam AGE, titled Sharp. With an uplifting tempo, an energetic melody and the soothing voice of Sachiko Aoyama, the song comes together nicely. It’s fun, playful and makes you feel like a kid again, with a thematically joyous song structure. In turn, the message can somewhat get lost in translation, yet it’s meaningful nonetheless. “Now before an era of strobes sweeps you away / I’ll break out of the confines of my fate / and begin dashing even faster / for I wish to become that star”. While these lines are in English, they sound far better in Japanese, especially the way Sachiko Aoyama elongates the words. It’s enjoyable and quite heartwarming, setting the stage for Asemu Asuno’s arc, making it one of the best songs of Gundam AGE.

4. “Asu E (To Tomorrow)” – Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was given the responsibility of composing the first opening song of Gundam AGE, titled Asu E (To Tomorrow). Musically, the wheels are set in motion, with a lot riding on the success of the song. Simply put, greatness is expected, if not demanded, from the opening song of every anime television series. I mean, some shows gain popularity merely for its music, while others might lose some love for lacking in the music department. In this case, Galileo Galilei came through with a melodically beautiful son that fits the first arc of Gundam AGE. It’s relaxing and quite catchy, with some distinct lines that might hit your Gundam-loving heart. “We looked up at tomorrow’s sun / the clouds in the sky dropped freezing rain / a song that pierces a hole in my heart / stopped time starts moving / on the road that leads to a ray of hope”. In all honesty, it’s a great song that’s melodically catchy, starting the anime off on the right foot!

3. “Real” – ViViD

The song is easy on the ears, yet heavy on the heart, mixing a meaningful message with a great pop-rock sound. Still, it’s the song’s lyrical structure and energetic flow that makes it stand out, with the performance tying it together seamlessly. In turn, some lines are made memorable by the sheer craftmanship. “Make it reach out to my heart / your faint lingering voice / I am continuing to search for you / not in my dreams but reality”. It’s the way Shin (lead vocalist) is capable of switching things up, both vocally and structurally, making the message clear-cut and catchy. Furthermore, it’s the little things that elevate the song to new heights, with the 30-second guitar solo being one of them. So, with that being said, it’s quite easily a shoe-in for the list of the best Gundam AGE songs.

2. “White Justice” – Faylan

Faylan’s White Justice is an excellent song, debatably rivaling some of the greatest Gundam songs ever created. It’s the beautiful message, the lyrical structure and the brilliant vocals that make this song memorable, capable of hitting you to the core. However, I’m not gonna stray away from the beaten path, as a discussion of where this ranks All-Time is another list entirely. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the lyricism. “Determined warrior who lived through sorrowful times / once you believe in the path you have chosen / just charge through everything”. It’s quite a simplistic message, yet an empowering one, with focus on lifting you up when you’re at your lowest. However, the following line should be noted as well. “Realize that lives cannot be saved by taking others away”. While this is obviously a polarizing line, fitting of every Gundam anime, Faylan’s up-tempo song is a great way to lift this particular message. In closing, White Justice fits the themes and topics of Gundam AGE, making it a wonderful entry overall!

1. “My World” – Spyair

My World is the second opening song of the anime, and it stands tall as the best song from Gundam AGE. Considering the praise I heaped on Faylan’s White Justice, you can imagine how I feel about Spyair’s My World, easily among the S-Tier of Gundam songs. It’s not only that the lyricism has depth and the word selection is purposeful, it has much more to do with the heartfelt performance that brings that message to life. “For me to be myself / what is the thing I cannot lose / the answer that doesn’t come easily is painful and agonizing”. The beautiful thing is that Ike (lead vocalist) performs this song with so much anguish and raw emotion that every word lands perfectly. “Don’t worry about that one miss / if I can move on, maybe I’ll come to love, my world”. These lines are capable of pulling at your heartstrings, not only because of the relatable message but due to the vocal delivery. Furthermore, the instrumental is memorable on its own, with the energy grabbing a hold of you from the first second the song starts. In turn, it’s among the very few songs from the show that actually digs deeper that others, lingering on when the song is finished. So, with the remarkable chorus and Ike’s heartfelt delivery, Spyair takes the cake on the Top 5 Gundam AGE Songs list!

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