Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is the 12th incarnation in the well-known Gundam Franchise, received with mixed reviews. While some love the animation style and storyline structure, others feel it’s too simplistic and thematically childish. However, there’s no denying the quality of Gundam AGE songs, with the majority of tracks being excellent. Bands like Negoto and Spyair add flare to the anime, while Faylan uses her beautiful voice to hit the depths of our hearts. To put it simply, the anime has great music. With that in mind, it makes sense to list the best Gundam AGE songs. So, I decided to whip up a list, ranking the top 5 Gundam AGE songs!

*The included verses have been translated into English.

5. Sharp – Negoto

Negoto, the all-girl Japanese band, perform the second opening song for Gundam AGE, titled “Sharp”. Mixing an uplifting tempo and an energetic melody with the soothing voice of Sachiko Aoyama, the song comes together beautifully. It’s fun and playful, with a passionate message and some memorable lines. “Now before an era of strobes sweeps you away / I’ll break out of the confines of my fate / and begin dashing even faster / for I wish to become that star”. While these lines are in English, they sound a thousand times better in Japanese, especially the way Negoto performs the song. It’s not only an enjoyable track, it sets the stage nicely for Asemu Asuno’s story arc. It’s heartwarming and fitting, making it easily one of the top 5 theme songs of Gundam AGE.

4. Asu E (To Tomorrow) – Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei perform “Asu E (To Tomorrow)”, the first opening song of Gundam AGE. Musically, the wheels are set in motion, with a lot riding on the success of the song. If it’s good and catchy, it’ll be remembered for years to come. If it fails to garner appreciation, the show might lose some love immediately. Simply put, greatness is expected, if not demanded, from the first opening song of an anime. In this case, Galileo Galilei came through with a melodically beautiful song that fits the first arc of Gundam AGE. It’s catchy, fun and relaxing, with melodies mixed well to create something truly distinct and enjoyable. It also has some memorable lines that might hit your Gundam-loving heart. “We looked up at tomorrow’s sun / the clouds in the sky dropped freezing rain / a song that pierces a hole in my heart / stopped time starts moving”. It’s an all-around well-produced song that starts the anime off on the right foot!

3. Real – ViViD

This song is easy on the ears, yet heavy on the heart, mixing a positive message with a great pop-rock sound. It’s well structured, with the build-up to the chorus being especially noteworthy. Additionally, the chorus is beautiful, being as joyful as it’s emotional, accompanying the anime quite well. “Make it reach out to my heart / your faint lingering voice / I am continuing to search for you / not in my dreams, but reality”. With a clear message and a well-timed 30-second guita solor, “Real” is able to stand out among the rest. It’s clear-cut and well-executed, making it a shoe-in for one of the best Gundam AGE songs.

2. White Justice – Faylan

Faylan’s “White Justice” is not only a great Gundam AGE song, it’s a wonderful song in general. With a message of fighting through difficult times and standing for your beliefs, Faylan is able to bring this rather simplistic message alive with her performance. It can hit the depths of your heart, especially with beautifully written lines as the following. “Determined warrior who lived through sorrowful times / once you believe in the path you have chosen / just charge through everything”. It’s an empowering song with focus on lifting you up when you’re at your lowest. Aside from that, the following line needs to recognition as well: “Realize that lives cannot be saved by taking others away”. It’s a polarizing line that could fit any Gundam anime, yet Faylan’s up-tempo song is a great way to convey this particular message. In addition, the track truly fits the theme and topic of Gundam AGE, making it a truly wonderful song.

1. My World – Spyair

Spyair’s “My World” is the second ending song of Gundam AGE, and it stands tall as the greatest track from the anime. Not only do the lyrics have depth and fit well, the heartfelt performance can send shivers down your spine. When you consider what happens in the anime, it makes perfect sense for Asemu Asuno’s arc to have a song like “My World”. Here’s an example: “For me to be myself / what is the thing I cannot lose / the answer that doesn’t come easily is painful and agonizing”. The anguish and pain can be heard in Ike’s voice, the lead vocalist of Spayri. “Don’t worry about that just one miss / if I can move on, maybe I’ll come to love, My World”. Those lines are capable of pulling at your heartstrings and hitting the center of your being, because everybody can relate to the message. Loving this world and finding our footing is made difficult by our struggles, yet life’s an adventure with a variety of positives and negatives. It goes without saying, I know, yet the song deliver the message on a silver platter, making it easy to grasp. Nevertheless, with an unforgettable chorus and a high-tempo beat, Spyair takes the cake on the Top 5 Gundam AGE songs list!

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