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Top 5 Best Akudama Drive Songs

Studio Pierrot's Akudama Drive has a memorable opening and ending theme songs, but what about the rest? Here are the 5 best Akudama Drive songs!

Studio Pierrot‘s Akudama Drive is a thrilling TV anime, that centers around the question: What is justice? But today, I’m asking a different question altogether: What are the best songs from Akudama Drive? Is it the hyper opening theme song or Cutthroat’s The Shining? Admittedly, it’s a difficult decision. But luckily, you don’t have to make a list, as I’ll do that for you. Thus, I give to you the 5 best Akudama Drive songs!

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5. “Steal!!” – Spark!!Sound!!Show!!

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Boom! Plow! Click-Clack! Oh, what am I doing? My apologies. Was I being obnoxious and mildly annoying? So that means I’m on par with this opening song! After all, this song is by definition “obnoxious”, as it mixes Jamaican rhythm with heavy metal, which is baked into a techno beat. If that’s not confusing enough, it’s a rap song, with a perplexing line delivery. Thus, it feels like this song is all over the place!

Believe it or not, this song is a grower! While I found it to be obnoxious and confusing, it’s just a vibe, isn’t it? Turn off your brain and enjoy! Thus, I’ll gladly include it at the 5th spot on my list of the best Akudama Drive songs.

4. “Ready” – Urashimasakatasen

This is pretty much mood music, isn’t it? There’s something calming about it, and I’m confident that it’s the soothing melodies and heartwarming chorus. After all, it’s about leaving behind our problems of yesterday and moving forward, and being loudly ourselves! I mean, isn’t that quite a great message? Nevertheless, it’s a song that hit my heart and I’m sure I’m not alone. Plus, it’s essentially a song to relax you after a thrilling episode. It’s mellow and calming, yet also very memorable.

3. To the Light

This song is known as Akudama Drive’s “Final Song”, but it’s appropriately titled “To the Light”. It’s very fitting, considering the song’s significance. In-fact, it plays during the show’s ending, when Courier is bravely fighting to protect and deliver the children to the promise land. While he finishes the job, he loses his life in the process, and thus, he takes a conclusive walk towards “the light”. In other words, Courier sacrificed his own life for Brother and Sister. But in the end it was a moment of clarity, peace and calm, as the fighting had stopped. So had Courier’s heart. But in death, he smiled.

To the Light is a well-structured track as well, something I must mention. Whether it’s the pipe organ or the ramping up of tempo, it’s such an experience. If you’re a fan or not, I suggest you listen to this track at least once. It’s quite special.

2. The Shining

Considering my appreciation for Cutthroat, and my love for The Shining, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I genuinelly love this song! But what’s not to love about it? It’s essentially a horror movie song, with children chanting and distorted soung effects, giving the song an uneasy vibe. But that’s the genius of it all, as it’s rather unexpected, isn’t it? Cutthroat is a superb character, so to pay homage to one of the greatest films of all time is very smart. Plus, it’s played during Cutthroat’s chase of Swindler, which elevates this song even further! Perfect placement.

1. Love and Know the Evil

While I love Cutthroat’s “The Shining”, it’s no match for “Love and Know the Evil”. Maybe you’re wondering why? It’s simply because this song embodies Akudama Drive perfectly. Whether it’s the tempo, the energy level or the upbeat feeling, Love and Know the Evil delivers as promised. It’s essentially the be-all and end-all song of Akudama Drive, as it’s played during arguably the best moment in the anime; Brawler vs. Master. Thus, it cements itself with a great action scene and becomes unforgettable!

Time for the ceremony? I crown Love and Know the Evil as the best of the best Akudama Drive anime songs!

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