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Top 5 Best Jormungand Songs

White Fox's Jormungand has fantastic music, composed by Taku Iwasaki. It's time to dissect his music, and rank the 5 best Jormungand songs!

Top 5 The Witcher Songs

It's about time we focus on The Witcher's music, and in honor of Adam Skorupa and Paweł Blaszczak, I rank the 5 best The Witcher songs!

Top 5 Tokyo Ghoul Songs (Season 1)

Yutaka Yamada, TK and The Saints made Tokyo Ghoul feel alive, but which songs were the best? Here are the 5 greatest Tokyo Ghoul songs!

Top 5 Gundam AGE Songs

Gundam AGE has good music, with Faylan and Spyair making it memorable! However, which are the best? Here are the top 5 Gundam AGE Songs!

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