Kasumi and Olivia hugging Hanako in Asobi Asobase

Kasumi, Hanako and Olivia love to pass the time, and I love the music in this anime, so I present to you the top 5 best Asobi Asobase songs!

Anna and Elsa with other Frozen characters posing cheerfully

Elsa and Anna’s wild adventure was accompanied by great music. Which song is your favorite? Here’s my list of the 5 best Frozen songs!

Tetsurou Arahabaki screaming with waves of sound

Kenji Kawai composed the music for No Guns Life, and now it’s time to run through all the songs from this Madhouse anime and rank the 5 best!

Guts smiling and looking over his shoulder in the night

Susumu Hirasawa will go down in history for his music in the Berserk (1997) TV anime, and today I’ll be ranking the very best songs from the show! Enjoy.

Akudama Drive characters slouching together near neon lights

Studio Pierrot’s Akudama Drive has a memorable opening and ending theme songs, but what about the rest? Here are the 5 best Akudama Drive songs!