Top 5 Best Tomb Raider (2018) Characters

The Tomb Raider reboot is a great action film, with a great cast, led by Alicia Vikander. Now, it's time to rank the best Tomb Raider (2018) characters!

The Tomb Raider reboot, starring Alicia Vikander, is an excellent Saturday night action film. It’s filled with thrilling action sequences, spine-tingling twists, and emotional moments that’ll leave you teary-eyed! Perhaps that’s just me? Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be possible without the great actors and actresses who brought the film to life with their characters. Therefore, I’m please to present to you, the 5 best Tomb Raider (2018) characters! While the list was anything but easy to write, I genuinelly enjoyed rewatching the film and think it’s actually pretty great. Anyways, enjoy the list!

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5. Ana Miller

Ana Miller smiling in a black suit

Kristin Scott Thomas has a small role, but her performance is solid. From her stoic nature to her elegant line delivery, she does everything possible to leave her mark with the few minutes she’s given on-screen. Ironically enough, Ana Miller will be the primary villain in Tomb Raider 2, which makes me wonder, why didn’t they do more with her? I mean, I can’t blame her for the amount of time she spent on screen, and completely hold the writers responsible. If they’re gonna build Ana Miller, they should’ve done more in Tomb Raider. They didn’t, and thus, she can’t rank any higher than the 5th spot!

4. Lu Ren

Lu Ren in a white tanktop and hand on ladder
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What will we do with a drunken sailor? If you’re Lara Croft, you offer him money, and force him on a trip that’ll result in certain death! Luckily for both of them, they survived. But this good ol’ Sea Shanty was too heartwarming to pass up, especially considering how Lu Ren’s introduction is old-school film-making. Daniel Wu is in-fact a (drunken) captain of a ship, named Endurance. While he’s part in the film is simplistic, he does his job well and comes across really likable. But because of how little he contributes, it’s difficult to give him a higher spot.

3. Richard Croft

Richard Croft holding up two fings near a tomb

Dominic West’s performance is equal parts heartwarming and awkward (cringey), as there’s too much emphasis on Richard’s love for his daughter, Lara Croft. While their relationship is a huge part of the storyline, the constant flashbacks of loving moments is completely unnecessary. We get it. Richard loved his daughter. Lara loved his father. Now, let’s move the story forward, shall we? However, I should mention that his emotional delivery and fatherly moments were honestly convincing. In turn, he delivered well, but the editing and writing didn’t do him any favors. That means he grabs the 3rd spot on the list of the best Tomb Raider characters!

2. Mathias Vogel

Mathias Vogel looking seriously with a scruffy beard in jungle

Walton Goggins is really good at playing creepy dudes, isn’t he? I mean, it’s a compliment. He’s this film’s main villain, Mathias Vogel, and he does a fantastic job. Whether he’s delivering lines or using his body language, Walton Goggins nails the character he’s portraying, somewhat too well! He completely transforms, and while he’s somewhat mustache-twirling, it works in a film where all characters are a bit “too much”. I simply mean, he found the gray area necessary for playing an awkwardly disturbing character like Mathias Vogel, and did it well.

1. Lara Croft

Lara Croft holding a bow in the jungle

There’s no two ways about it, Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft is the highlight of the film, and it’s not even close! She’s the heart, the soul, and the entire bloody thing! It’s not just about competent writing, but what Alicia Vikander brings to the table, as she IS Lara Croft. Whether she’s kicking ass or delivering emotional lines in a heartfelt scene, Alicia Vikander’s performance is top notch! I must admit, she managed to make me teary-eyed on multiple occasions, simply because she’s so powerful in expressing the character’s feelings. Thus, she’s a loveable Lara Croft already, and it’s safe to say, Tomb Raider 2 will be amazing! As long as we got Vikander in it, I can sleep well at night, and so can you! With that being said, I crown Lara Croft as the best character of Tomb Raider!

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