Top 5 Best Prometheus Characters

The star-studded cast of Prometheus, with Michael Fassbender, Rapace and Theron is great! Thus, it's only right to list the 5 best Prometheus characters!

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a polarizing film, released in 2012. It’s a prequel to the Alien films, and features a star-studded cast. We’re talking about Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba and Charlize Theron, among others. In turn, no one complained about the actors, as they were big names already in 2012. So, what happened? How did it turn out? Like I said, it’s quite a polarizing film, so it depends on who you ask, but I genuinelly enjoy Prometheus. Why, you may wonder? Largely because of the visuals, spine-tingling moments and the characters. Today, I’m here to talk about the star-studded cast and the characters that they played. I mean, every good film needs great characters, doesn’t it? So, how about a trip down memory lane? Here are the 5 very best Prometheus characters!

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5. Meredith Vickers

Meredith Vickers in the med bay looking around

Charlize Theron deserved much better, as Meredith Vickers is barely a character, and makes the list for being the best of the worst. It’s ironic, isn’t it? We’re talking about Charlize Theron, who is more than capable of playing complex characters, but in Prometheus she was given a simple stereotype. She’s “the corporate bad guy”. That’s it. There’s nothing more to it. Therefore, it’s difficult for Charlize Theron to do her job, if she’s not given anything to work with. Worst of all, I’m a huge fan of Charlize Theron, and often praise her work. Not today. While she did her best, with some nice line delivery and a good amount of personality, it’s not enough. Thus, she lands on the 5th spot of the best Prometheus characters.

4. Janek

Janek looking seriously in his cockpit
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With a star-studded cast you’d expect solid acting and well-written characters. While the former is in full display, there is none of the latter. In turn, most characters feel like cheap stereotypes. Yes, you guessed it. Idris Elba’s Janek is one of them. I mean, there’s not much to say, positive or negative, as he delivers a decent performance worthy of a paycheck. But much like Theron’s Meredith Vickers, the character he’s portraying lacks flavor, which means there’s no way he gets a higher positioning. In turn, I’d like to praise him for his attitude and body language, the only things that made Janek somewhat memorable.

3. Charlie Holloway

Charlie Holloway slouching overa pool table

Logan Marshall-Green feels genuinelly comfortable playing his character, Charlie Holloway. It’s like an extension of his real self, considering how smooth he is, and how well he comes across on-screen. Whether he’s fighting for his life or having an emotional scene with Elizabeth Shaw, Logan Marshall-Green doesn’t miss the mark! In addition, I’d even say that Charlie is the most relatable character from Prometheus, as he’s very logical and emotional, coming across like an actual human being. In turn, he deserves some praise, and the 3rd spot on my list!

2. David

David looking and listening closely

Michael Fassbender is a chameleon, who’s known for his versatility, and his ability to transform into the characters he portrays. In turn, Fassbender’s magical touch made David easily the most captivating character from Prometheus. And while he’s playing an android, he’s able to give him so much flavor and personality, that David’s evolution makes logical sense. It’s a complex grey area that’s often considered a double-edged sword. I mean, Fassbender’s portraying an android who’s slowly beginning to think for himself. Thus, what he manages to do is no easy feat. Quite the contrary, it’s impressive how well he portrays a character who’s difficult to play. But thanks to Fassbender’s talent, he brings the character to life nicely. In turn, he takes the second spot!

1. Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw talking while holding her cross

Admittedly, this was a tight race between Fassbender’s David and Rapace’s Elizabeth, as both of these characters were great! Therefore, it was a challenging task to make this decision. I didn’t make my decision quickly, and rewatched Prometheus before writing this list. In turn, I came to the conclusion that Rapace had more challenging scenes to act, and she was forced to use more of her talent to play Elizabeth Shaw. Whether it was the emotional scenes with Charlie Holloway or her badass abortion scene, Noomi Rapace knocked it out of the park. While she’s obviously a bit like Ellen Ripley, she managed to be her own character. In all honesty, she’s solid all the way through, and that’s quite special, isn’t it? Therefore, I crown Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw as the best character from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus!

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