Top 5 Best Riddick (2013) Characters

Riddick's characters are badass, like Dahl, which means it's time to rank everyone from Diaz to Riddick. Here are the 5 best Riddick characters!

David Twohy’s Riddick (2013) was a pretty fun action film, wasn’t it? With some bloody brutality, cringey humor, and interesting characters, it’s somewhat entertaining! However, you don’t need to worry. I’m not trying to sell you the movie, but rank the very best Riddick characters, alright? Therefore, it’s time we delve back into a 2013 action-flick, with a cast lead by Vin Diesel, and find out who comes out on top! Will it be Bautista’s Diaz, Sackhoff’s Dahl, or perhaps someone else? Maybe it’s time I cut the chit-chat, and present you the list? Done deal! Here are the 5 very best Riddick (2013) characters!

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5. Diaz

Dave Bautista as Diaz from Riddick smiling in desert

Dave Bautista definitely tried his best with this character, but Diaz was surely written to be “the muscle”, and that’s it! Therefore, the character could only be shallow. But, that’s not really the actor’s fault, as it’s obvious that Dave tried his best to give Diaz some much-needed personality. While it’s not enough to rank higher, Dave’s efforts are enough to topple everyone else, except the Top 4. Thus, I’d still like to mention that I enjoyed Dave’s presence and one-liners. However, they could’ve given big Dave Bautista a better character, as we all know that he can actually act!

4. Boss Johns

Boss Johns and his soldiers looking serious

Matt Nable portrays Boss Johns in quite a realistic way, making him the most relatable character from Riddick (2013). While that may come as a surprise, it’s still a subjective thing, isn’t it? But, I believe that Matt Nable genuinelly felt comfortable with this role. His performance shows that, and he actually delivered lines well, making for a character that you either love or hate. Why is that? Well, Boss Johns does a 180-degree turn, and turns really agressive later in the film, which goes against his earlier character behavior. It’s not really that well explained, and it feels forced. Nevertheless, Matt Nable’s Boss Johns takes the 4th spot!

3. Santana

Santana holding a box in a desert near huge lights

Jordi Mollà’s performance as Santana is quite memorable, isn’t it? Sure, he plays a stereotypical bad guy, with a weak motive and despicable behavior towards others. However, Jordi Mollá gives this watered-down description a ton of attitude, making Santana an entertaining character every time he’s on the screen. In addition, he’s pretty cringey and awkward at times, but that actually works in the character’s favor. It makes him even more annoying and weird, but it works! Thus, the overacting of Jordi Mollá can be considered a double-edged sword. It’s equal parts good and bad. While he can hardly compete with Dahl and Riddick, Jordi Mollá’s Santana is easily the third best Riddick character!

2. Dahl

Katee Sackhoff as Dahl froim Riddick smiling

Katee Sackhoff did everything she could to make Dahl interesting, with an excellent look, superb body language, and convincing line delivery. Simply put, she obviously put in some effort! While she’s playing “the badass”, who can be found in every action film, Katee Sackhoff’s dedication to the role elevates Dahl above characters with larger roles. It’s all about attitude, personality, and making sure you shine once you’re on the screen, and she nailed it! Every single scene with Dahl was genuinelly intriguing, and together with her badassery, she stole the show from Riddick on a few occasions. I mean, that’s no small feat, now is it? Nevertheless, Katee Sackhoff deserves a ton of praise for portraying a basic chracter that worked mostly because of her own effort and great work ethic!

1. Riddick

Vin Diesel Riddick smiling in the desert with goggles

It’s obvious that Vin Diesel feels at home playing Riddick, as he’s so comfortable when delivering his lines, and his body language proves it! It’s not always the most important thing, but comfort can translate into a great performance, and that’s the case with Vin Diesel’s Riddick. He’s clearly the highlight of the movie, with numerous cool scenes that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen. Therefore, it’s a mission accomplished, making the titular character the very best one! While it may seem trivial, it’s actually not always the case, as side-characters often shine brighter. Why? It’s because we expect nothing from characters like Dahl, so when Katee Sackhoff turns up like she did, she deserves a top spot! Nevertheless, Vin Diesel’s Riddick takes this bloody cake, at the top of the list of the 5 best Riddick characters!

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