Top 10 Best Shots from Nightmare of the Wolf Trailer

Vesemir's story is about to unfold, and the latest trailer inspired me to compile a list. Here are the best shots from The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The latest trailer for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is excellent, and it inspired me to write this list, of the best shots! Therefore, I’m here to repeatedly watch the trailer, in order to grab the best screenshots possible, in hopes of getting you ready for the film. We’re merely 2 weeks from its release, so it’s time to get hyped! Without further ado, here are the 10 best shots from The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf trailer!

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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is directed by Kwang II Han, written by Beau DeMayo, and obviously based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher. It stars Theo James as Vesemir, Lara Pulver as Tetra, and Graham McTavish as Deglan. Studio Mir’s Nightmare of the Wolf is set to premiere on Netflix, on August 23, 2021.

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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Official Trailer

10. Vesemir Reading About Witchers

Vesemir holding a note about The Witchers
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There’s nothing that needs to explained about this shot, as it’s pretty straight-forward. It’s just a shot of Vesemir reading about Witchers, and how they are perceived by whoever wrote it. But most likely, it’s written by people in power, and by humans, as Witchers are known as outcasts. They don’t fit in, but not for their lack of trying. Quite the contrary, as Witchers are feared, and often labelled as “creatures” themselves. In turn, it’s quite funny, isn’t it? Considering what the Witchers do, there’s a reason Vesemir reads this in a sarcastic and humorous tone. Therefore, it’s also one of the best shots from Nightmare of the Wolf.

9. Vesemir Riding His Steed

Vesemir riding on a horse on a bridge

This shot isn’t particularly interesting, but the sheer look and determination on Vesemir’s face is enough to earn a spot on my list. Perhaps you’re wondering why? Throughout the trailer, we see Vesemir cracking jokes and making light of situations, without an ounce of seriousness. In turn, this moment shows us how determined he can get if need be, and it comes when he’s riding his horce. With that being said, it’s a pretty good shot, without being anything special. Therefore it earns a low spot, but makes the list of the best shots from Nightmare of the Wolf!

8. Vesemir Camping & Conversing

Vesemir in the forest near a small fire

While there’s plenty of action shots to choose from, something about this simple gesture caught my attention. I mean, it’s great to see Vesemir in a “normal” situation, as he’s conversing in the forest near a bonfire. While it may be very simple and somewhat “pointless”, there’s weight in the filler scenes, as they tie one spectacular moment together with another. Thus, it’s great to see how they’re handling simplistic dialogue scenes, and the angles they’ve selected.

7. Vesemir Closely Examining A Coin

Vesemir Examining a golden coin

This is a simple shot of Vesemir examining a golden coin, with some blood on his coat. It’s not really creative or memorable, but pretty good if you enjoy character close-ups, and I definitely do! Thus, I kept coming back to this shot, only to examine in further, and find myself intrigued. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of a trailer? To peak interest? It sucessfully grabbed me, and because of that, I feel it’s among the best shots from Nightmare of the Wolf

6. Young Child, A Dark Forest, A Poisonous Blade

Young child frightened at the sight of a sword

This shot is simplistic in essence, but quite complicated when you think about, right? I mean, it brings forth so many questions, and therefore, makes me more interested in watching the film. Like, who’s the child? Why is he standing across from someone who’s wielding a sword covered in poisonous oil? While these questions will be answered in the film, it’s definitely a great shot to make the viewers more intrigued and create suspension. I mean, it’s a Witcher story, so it needs to be thrilling, mysterious, and bloody action-packed!

5. Vesemir and Tetra, Sitting In a… Snowy Field

Vesemir and Tetra together in a snowy area

I can already tell that Vesemir and Tetra are going to be a fantastic on-screen duo! Just look at their faces in this shot. Their expressions tell a thousand tales and convey dozens of emotions, and it’s all happening within a single shot. In addition, they’re face-to-face with an Alp and her Draconoid, and as the shot suggests, they’re having a funny scene moments before the battle. With that being said, it’s the shot I probably value the most, as the facial expressions and body language tell stories. Therefore, it’s a superb shot!

4. An Alp With A Draconoid?

Demonic woman and a wyvern near mountains

In all honesty, this is the most significant shot from The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf trailer. In this shot we’re presented with Vesemir’s villain, and as we know, every hero is only as great as their villain. Thus, the reveal of an Alp with her Draconoid companion is pretty great, as it’s not what I was expecting. Not one bit. However, I’m gladly surprised, as this shot is superb!

In addition, I’d also like to point out that the Draconoid is in 3D, and the Alp is in 2D. While it’s common practice to mix 3D with 2D animations, it caught me by surprise, and is worth noting.

3. Vesemir Furiously Attacking With Two Swords

Vesemir attacking with two daggers

Very early on in the trailer, we see Vesemir fighting, and if you stop the video at the right time, you’re presented with this golden nugget! Everything from the angle to the shading is fantastic, with the sparks lighting up Vesemir’s face, and it feels like it’s in motion. Thus, they’re actually showcasing how good of a job they’re doing with this film, as it’s looking great. And while it’s too early to tell, this shot is enough for me to feel comforted by the quality of the film.

2. Vesemir In the Spotlight, Holding Wanted Posters

Vesemir holding wanted posters with coins flying around

Vesemir is equally loveable and hateable, isn’t he? He’s got plenty of charisma, with a fantastic smug smile, and the talent to make it all work! However, to be fair, there’s many other reasons as to why I adore this screenshot, as it’s pretty info-filled. Vesemir’s seemingly being showered in coins, while holding a stack of Wanted posters, and he’s loving it. While it’s not clear exactly what’s going on, it’s a part of the reason I like it, as it leaves something to the imagination. It’s something I wholeheartedly appreciate. Together with the great selection of colors, and people in the forefront, it’s definitely among the best shots from the trailer!

1. Vesemir Engulfed In Flames; Cool, Calm, Collected

Vesemir using a fire spell and holding off creatures

I absolutely love this shot of Vesemir, surrounded by flames, with an arrogant look on his well-designed face! While it’s not too deep or important, it’s simply eye-catching. In turn, it’s one of those shots that’s worth rewinding to, simply to see what’s actually going on. In addition, we’re given a look into Vesemir’s abilities, as he might’ve used Igni in this particular screenshot. He’s engulfed in flames and doesn’t seem worried, with creatures dropping like flies around him. It’s pretty special, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I crown this shot as the best from the latest trailer for The Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf!

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