Top 5 Raiden Quotes of Mortal Kombat (1995)

Christopher Lambert's Raiden is pretty iconic, and it's about time we paid our respects. Here are the 5 best Raiden Quotes from MK 1995!

The Liu Kang and Johnny Cage quotes lists were fun to create, but now it’s time to focus on the great Christopher Lambert, and his Raiden quotes! While his portrayal of the Thunder God is a bit odd, it has gone down in history, and is considered somewhat iconic by today’s standards. I mean, it’s not only his all white look, but his facial expressions and the way in which he speaks. Simply put, it’s a combination of things that makes the character feel so wrong, while feeling all the way right! How is an oxymoron like that possible? I’m really not sure, but I am sure in some good lines he delivers! Thus, I present to you, the 5 best Raiden quotes from Mortal Kombat!

5. “Listen. What you’re about to face is vastly more important than your ego, your enemy or your quest for revenge. You have embarked on a sacred mission. You have been chosen to defend the realm of Earth in a tournament called Mortal Kombat.”

Raiden talking in the moonlight
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Christopher Lambert’s voice and expressive delivery is something special, isn’t it? While there’s nothing inherently interesting about this quote, it’s poetically uttered and well-structured. Thus, I felt compelled to include it! But above and beyond that, it’s simply epic to hear Raiden give us a proper introduction to Mortal Kombat. Whether it’s his facial expressions or the fact that he put emphasis on pretty much every word, it’s delivered in memorable fashion. In turn, I’d say it’s among the top of Raiden quotes from Mortal Kombat (1995).

4. “Only one thing can defeat you… Your own fear.”

Raiden speaking to Johnny Cage and Liu Kang

There’s nothing more classic than a quote about fear, is there? Strip away everything, and we’d still not be able to outrun fear, as it’s something we all must deal with and face in our lifetimes. It’s not a one-and-done deal either, as fear is a product of everything surrounding us, and just like things change, so do we. But our sense of fear doesn’t, unless we face our fears and defeat whatever is the underlying cause of it. In turn, it’s a timeless quote that’s a must-have on a list like this. Not because it’s special, but because it’s a classic, and how Raiden delivers these lines! Thus, I’d say it’s one of the best Raiden quotes from the film.

3. “The Great Tournament was too much responsibility. But vengeance, that’s so much simpler.”

Raiden with a straw hat in a temple
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Raiden gets introduced in a badass fashion, as he’s just walking around in the temple. Moments after, he confronts Liu Kang, and with the flick of the wrist, he defeats him and says these lines. I mean, what do you expect? Liu Kang called Lord Raiden a “beggar”, so the ass-whooping was a foregone conclusion!

With this quote, Raiden is saying that Liu Kang is neglecting his responsibility. Instead of taking steps towards saving the Earth realm, he chooses the path of vengeance, but why? Because it’s “so much simpler”, just like Raiden said. In turn, Liu Kang is forced to choose whether he fights for the right reasons or the wrong reasons. When you consider Raiden’s warning, it’s likely that Liu Kang was heading towards a loss if he’d fight with revenge in mind, but win if he fights for everyone living on Earth. In turn, his motivation would shift and he’d reach his full potential.

2. “Despair is the most dangerous fear of all.”

Raiden with long white hair in darkness

Raiden has many great lines in Mortal Kombat, and this is among his very best! With this quote, he’s saying that the loss or lack of hope is the “most dangerous fear of all”, as everything is tied to our hopes and dreams. Without hope, what becomes of us? What becomes of Liu Kang who’s destined to save Earth realm? Simply put, it’s the worst fear as it removes motivation, passion, ambition, and so much more, leaving us without anything to work towards.

The absence of hope is truly terrifying, as it’s often considered a point of no return. It’s at that moment that people do foolish things because they don’t care, hurting themselves and others around them. Therefore, it’s actually a very important quote and truthful, as I’d agree that it’s one of the most dangerous fears, as it cannot end well when you’re in despair.

1. “Every mortal is responsible for his own destiny.”

Raiden speaking with Liu Kang near statues

Some might call this quote a clich√©. Others might call it a classic. I’m somewhere in the middle, as quotes like usually force the viewer to question it, and wonder whether or not destiny exists. If it does, are we responsible for our “own destiny”? But how can we take responsibility for that of which we don’t believe in, understand or know about? This is where it gets really deep, and I love it, as Raiden’s quote is somewhat of an oxymoron and a contradiction, while being truthful.

Instead of saying that Liu Kang is “in control” of his destiny, Raiden says that he’s “responsible” for it, meaning that he cannot change his destiny but must take ownership of it. In addition, he says “every mortal”, and not “everybody”, which means that there are exclusions to this quote. Some, most likely otherwordly beings, are not or don’t have to be responsible for their destiny. While I’m likely going far too deep, it’s the reason I genuinelly like this quote, as it makes me think, a lot! Perhaps some of you have a different take altogether?

Without drawing this post any longer, I crown this quote as the best Raiden quote from Mortal Kombat (1995)!

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