Movie ListsTop 5 Greatest Daniel Craig James Bond Villains

Top 5 Greatest Daniel Craig James Bond Villains

From Christoph Waltz's Ernst Stavro Blofeld to Mads Mikkelsen and his fantastic Le Chiffre, I present to you the top 5 Daniel Craig James Bond Villains!

What better way to start my James Bond lists than focusing on the Bond villains? While it’s safe to say there are plenty to choose from, it’s always fun and challening to rank the antagonists. I mean, they’re the reason we need James Bond in the first place, right? But enough small-talk. It’s time for me to present to you the 5 greatest Daniel Craig James Bond villains! I hope you enjoy!

Daniel Craig’s Bond movies are known for rather weak and poorly-written villains, which means there’s not much too choose from. Ironic isn’t it? Considering how well Bond is portrayed, you’d expect great villains for him to face off against, but that’s not the case. Thus, I’m going to have a blast writing this list!

Honorable Mention: Mr. White

Jesper Christensen in a suit looking up with a mountain behind him
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Mr. White is a character that’s rather simplistic, but portrayed excellently by Jesper Christensen. Whether he’s comfortable on-screen or just passionate about playing Mr. White, the character’s presence is captivating. With a great look, this stone-faced villain does it all with flare. He even goes out on his own terms, which already makes him better than most other Daniel Craig Bond villains.

5. Lyutsifer Safin

Rami Malek with a scarred face looking sideways

Honestly, I’m only including Lyutsifer Safin because there’s no one else to place on the 5th spot! While Rami Malek does a decent job, it’s still a poorly-written villain, who’s very clich√© and filled with old-school tropes. He thinks he’s saving the world, while obviously destrying it. He’s a firm believer in leaving something behind, while easily killing others. It makes no logical sense, but that’s to be expected from a character named “Lyutsifer”. It was bound to be mediocre at that very moment! Thus, I must commend Rami Malek for his efforts, and rank Safin as the 5th of Craig-era James Bond villains.

4. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Christoph Waltz gently smiling with five people behind him

As a huge Christoph Waltz fan, I’m greatly disappointed by his iteration of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. I mean, what a way to waste a two-time Oscar winner’s talent? Whether it’s his shallow character or his foolish plans, Ernst Blofeld never comes across as an intimidating villain. He doesn’t have the presence I was expecting, which is surprising considering that Christoph Walts is portraying him. Nevertheless, it’s a disappointing character that they didn’t write well. I’m putting it all on the writers, as we know that Christoph Waltz delivers 99.9 % times!

The only reason I’m not ranking Blofeld lower is because there’s no other contenders. The latest villain in No Time To Die, ridiculously named Lyutsifer Safin, doesn’t come close to Mr. White or Ernst Blofeld. Thus, I’m forced to rank Christoph Waltz rather highly, even though he’s easily one of the weakest Bond villains of all time. Ironically enough, if you exclude Waltz’s portrayal, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the best Bond villain, played by the liked of Donald Pleasance.

3. Dominic Greene

Mathieu Amalrix speaking to a man in uniform

Dominic Greend is a weasel, a rat or a snake, isn’t he? Whether it’s Mathieu Amalric‘s portrayal or the script, Dominic Greene is a beautifully vile villain, someone who is despicable and wrong. Not only does the character make logical sense, but Mathieu Amalric does a good job all things considered. While his performance is borderline theatrical, he’s definitely entertaining to watch. Thus, his cheesy behavior and mildly disturbing personality are somewhat charming.

While Dominic Greene is a good villain, he’s nothing special compared to other Daniel Craig-era James Bond villains. In turn, his firmly in the 3rd spot, without any wiggle room. Simply put, I think he’s head and shoulders above Blofeld, while not touching the kneecaps of Le Chiffre and Tiago Rodriguez.

2. Le Chiffre

Mads Mikkelsen smiling in a black suit and scar on his eye

What would Casino Royale be without Le Chiffre? This Mads Mikkelsen-played character was one of many reasons the rebirth of James Bond was so succesful. But what made Le Chiffre special? Was it his background, his eye that cried blood or his look? Nope! Not at all! It’s the character’s demeanor and behavior. It’s the way he walked and talked. Whether he was delivering lines to James Bond or bluffing during their poker game, his realistic behavior made him a great villain. But that’s not surprising, as I’m talking about Mads Mikkelsen, who’s a straight-up chameleon. In turn, he easily takes the 2nd spot on my list!

1. Tiago Rodriguez (Raoul Silva)

Javier Bardem laughing with blod hair in a glass box

Javier Bardem is an expert when it comes to human behavior and body language, and his Tiago Rodriguez is proof of that! While he’s introduced in the second act, he steals the show from that point forward. Maybe it’s Bardem’s natural charisma or the character’s distinct mannerisms, but Tiago Rodriguez stands out like a sun in this rather dark film.

Tiago Rodriguez works because his motives are actually personal, as he’s a former MI16 agent, just like James Bond. Thus, it’s not only a battle of brawn and brains, but a fight for belief and faith in MI6. When you consider that James Bond is struggling with his trust in the organization, his dance with Tiago Rodriguez becomes ever more interesting. In turn, Javier Bardem’s efforts bear fruit, as he gives the character much-needed humanity, something that is lacking in many other Craig-era James Bond villains.

I crown Javier Bardem’s Tiago Rodriguez (Raoul Silva) as the best Daniel Craig-era Bond villain!

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