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Top 5 Greatest Akame Ga Kill Villains

White Fox's Akame Ga Kill has some scary villains, and now it's time to rank them! From Lady Esdeath to Seryu Ubiquitous, here are the 5 best Akame Ga Kill villains!

Tomoki Kobayashi’s Akame Ga Kill has dozens of exciting action scenes, plenty of comedy, and colorful characters to fill your every need! Whether you love a gloomy hero with an underdog story or a villain whose puppy turns you into a puddle of blood, Akame Ga Kill has it all. Thus, I’d say that the characters are the main attraction of the show, with the bad guys being oddly interesting and surprisingly disturbing. I’m obviously talking about Lady Esdeath and her crew, The Jaegers, including the likes of Bols, Dr. Stylish and Kurome. When you consider how much value villains hold, it comes as no surprise that quality bad guys make good guys look better! Thus, I’ll be diving into the Akame Ga Kill villains, listing the very best!

Considering my love for creating top lists, I can tell you that I’ve got some special Akame Ga Kill lists coming, and they are rather nich√©! However, I’ll start off with the Akame Ga Kill villains list, in large parts because the villains were really intiruing and some were downright alluring! I hope you enjoy the list!

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*This list is solely based on the Akame Ga Kill TV anime!

Honorable Mention – Zanku

Zanku holding his hand forward in purple mist and smiling

General Ogre might’ve been the first villain we encountered, by Zanku was the first formidable relic-wielder who put on a show! Let’s be honest, Zanku’s fight against Akame is easily among the best fights from the anime, isn’t it? While I might be alone, it was the moment I got hooked on Akame Ga Kill, and it’s largely because of Zanku’s villainous behavior. I mean, the huge grin, the large frame and the overall arrogance, with some underlying vulnerability. It’s just a superb homage to old-school anime villains, and I simply love it!

5. Dr. Stylish

Dr Stylish injecting himself with a serum and laughing during night

Dr. Stylish is a mad scientist, whose personal interests and hidden agenda were more important than The Jaegers, and their common goal. In turn, Dr. Stylish is responsible for one of the best moments, when he and his minions attack the Night Raid hideout, and it’s complete madness! Together with his flamboyant behavior and awesome quotes, he’s definitely one of the greatest Akame Ga Kill villains!

4. Bols

Bols holding a flamethrower in the mountains

I honestly struggled placing Bols, as I don’t consider him a “true villain”. While he’s obviously a member of The Jaegers, the group that’s after the Night Raid, him and his pals are on different levels when it comes to being a “bad guy”. I mean, Esdeath, Kurome, Seryu and Dr. Stylish are true villains, as per their individual motivation. But when it comes to Bols, he’s a good-hearted man who’s just poviding for his family. He’s an anti-hero in his own story. In turn, I don’t look at him as a “bad guy”, and because of his death, I genuinelly have a soft spot for the big guy!

Bols is a better character than a villain, if that makes sense? While he had some fantastic fights with Night Owl members and plenty of memorable moments, as a villain, he just can’t rank over the Top 3. Scroll down to see what I mean!

3. Kurome

Kurome smiling while holding her katana and surrounded by puppets

There’s no doubt that Kurome is a great villain, considering her heartless behavior and personal vendetta against her big sister, Akame. While she’s a member of The Jaegers, she’s on her own journey, with tremendous power and ruthless intent. She’s ready to kill anyone, and make them into her puppet, making them a part of her collection, and using them to fight her battles. Plus, she’s an excellent swordsman, much like her elder sister, whom she’s a spitting image of. Thus, Kurome makes for the perfect villain, who’s well-created and nicely executed.

Kurome doesn’t rank higher merely because Lady Esdeath and Seryu Ubiquitous are just better! If you’re wondering about Kurome’s negatives as a villain, it’s that she doesn’t get enough time on the screen, and thus, the build-up to fights isn’t good enough. I mean, the battle against her sister Akame was great, but the build-up and conclusion were lackluster. Therefore, she’s the third best on my list of the Akame Ga Kill villains!

2. Lady Esdeath

Lady Esdeath smiling with pieces of ice flying around

Lady Esdeath is obviously one of the best villains of Akame Ga Kill. She’s the “big bad”, with a plethora of mind-blowing skills, and thus her chase after the Night Raid is made really thrilling. Whether she’s turning dominant leaders into submissive dogs or overpowering the Night Raid’s members, Lady Esdeath is a great villain overall! Together with her iconic design and downright sultry moments, she’s definitely memorable, both as a character and a villain. However, there’s a lack of motivation and poor reasoning behind her actions, and thus she doesn’t get the crown!

Perhaps you’re wondering why Lady Esdeath isn’t first? It’s because Seryu Ubiquitous has actual bad-blood with the Night Raid members, and there’s real tension between them. Thus, Seryu is a proper villain, who’s motivated by more than just the thought of eradicating the world of weak people, like Esdeath. I mean, Seryu is by definition a true villain, while Esdeath never had real motivation to kill the Night Raid. Therefore, I’d say that this spot is a snug fit for Esdeath!

1. Seryu Ubiquitous

Seryu Ubiguitous pointing with her finger and smiling maniacally

Let’s be honest, Seryu Ubiquitous is the most psycopathic and terrifying villain of Akame Ga Kill. She’s not only unstable, but she’s a twisted character, with a perplexing sense of “justice”. Plus, she’s accompanied by a fluffy and cuddly relic, nicknamed Koro, that turns into the most vicious blood-thirsty creature I’ve seen in years! I mean, if there’s one character that I genuinelly loved from the anime, it would have to be Seryu Ubiquitous, as she’s simply a horror movie villain!

So, what’s Seryu’s deal? She blindly enforces “justice” of a corrupt Empire, without caring about the motivations of the Night Raid. Thus, she’s uncaring and unforgiving, only following the rules of the Empire, without any interest in the truth. In turn, she’s a person blinded by her hatred. I mean, who can blame her? The only thing is, she’s mentally unstable, and was willing to modify her body in hopes of defeating a group she really knows nothing about, the Night Raid.

Seryu Ubiquitous is the best villain of Akame Ga Kill, with proper motivation and real bad-blood. In addition, every single Seryu encounter is fantastic, and best of all, she leaves the show as a proper villain! Thus, I crown Seryu as the greatest of the great Akame Ga Kill villains!

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