Top 5 Best The Perfect Storm Characters

The Andrea Gail crew is portrayed by Hollywood's finest, from George Clooney to Mark Wahlberg. Today, I'll be ranking the 5 best characters of The Perfect Storm!

Wolfgang Petersen’s The Perfect Storm is a disaster film, recognized today as a cult classic. It’s a heartbreaking film about the crew of Andrea Gail, with heavy focus on character relationships and The Perfect Storm that took their lives. Thus, I’ll be focusing on these individuals, portrayed by actors, such as George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. In turn, I’ll be ranking the very best The Perfect Storm characters!

This list is entirely based on the Wolfgang Peterson cinematic adaptation. If you’ve seen the film, I hope you enjoy the list! If you haven’t, perhaps this list will peak your interest? Nevertheless, I present to you, the 5 best The Perfect Storm characters!

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5. Dale Murphy

John C Reilly looking up while confused

John C. Reilly is a prominent figure in Hollywood, and with good reason. Considering his ability to seamlessly mix comedy with drama, it makes sense that he’d be offered new roles left, right and center! Whether you’re a fan or not, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of films including good ol’ John C. Reilly. However, he hasn’t always nailed every role he’s played, which brings me to Dale Murphy in The Perfect Storm.

Dale Murphy is a downright perplexing character, who is first depicted as a loving father, only to turn into a bully, who’s constantly attacking Sully. For what reason, you may wonder? I honestly couldn’t give you a concrete answer, as it’s never explained. Not only that, but the writers never even attempt to clarify the conflict, making Dale come across as irritating and somber. While it’s hinted that Sully might’ve been involved with Dale’s ex-wife, at one point or another, it’s never confirmed. Thus, we’re left with a conflict that makes no logical sense, and thus, ruining most of what makes Dale Murphy a good character.

John C. Reilly does a great job with his portrayal, but his character is poorly written, without an excuse for his mood swings and personality change. It seems that the writers or editors messed up, and I’m not sure who to blame for this, but it’s shocking. Thus, I must rank Dale Murphy as the 5th best character from The Perfect Storm.

4. Linda Greenlaw

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio smiling gently in a hat.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantionio deserves some love and appreciation for her performance as Linda Greenlaw. With limited screen time, she made her character interesting, in large part due to her realistic delivery and emotionally challening scenes. Whether she was having a deep discussion with Billy Tyne or trying to contact the crew of Andrea Gail and warn them, Linda Greenlaw had many great moments. In turn, she’s easily one of the best characters from this ensemble cast, and that’s no easy feat! Thus, she’s the 4th on my list of the best The Perfect Storm characters.

3. Bobby Shatford

Mark Wahlberg smiling in a Boston hat on Andrea Gail

In the year 2000, Mark Wahlberg was still rather new to being an actor, and it’s quite obvious in The Perfect Storm. While he delivers a decent performance, being seemingly pretty comfortable on-screen, his character of Bobby Shatford comes across somewhat awkward. In case you’re wondering why, it’s because of Wahlberg’s weird line delivery, something that has made him into an unintentional comedian in many films. While it’s impossible to put a finger on it, he seemingly just doesn’t know how to convey certain emotions, and thus, his delivery seems odd. However, that’s the only real gripe with the character, as Bobby Shatford is rather good overall.

I must admit, I’m a big Mark Whalberg fan, as he’s one of my heroes! Yeah, it’s true! But I can’t favor him over others, as honesty and objectivity is important when creating top lists. Therefore, Mark Wahlberg’s Bobby Shatford is the 3rd best character from The Perfect Storm.

2. Christina Cotter

Diane Lane waving and smiling in front of a house

Playing Christina Cotter must be Diane Lane’s most emotionally draining role, right? Considering that most of her scenes involve her being madly in love or being an emotional wreck, it must’ve taken a toll on her mental health. Whether it was easy or challenging is irrelevant, as the result is absolutely magnificent! She knocked this role out of the park, making the character Christina Cotter feel believable and relatable, with a realistic behavior. In turn, she’s a sweetheart, with every scene involving Diane Lane being a must watch, as she give The Perfect Storm a heart. I simply mean, she’s the heart of the film! Thus, she’s the second best character of The Perfect Storm!

1. Billy Tyne

George Clooney smiling in the Andrea Gail

The Perfect Storm is about the crew of Andrea Gail, with most focus on captain Billy Tyne. Thus, George Clooney shoulders the most responsibility, and you know what? He shines brightly! Not only is Billy Tyne the most believable character, he’s also the most interesting, with a distinct red thread that never gets broken! Whether it’s Clooney’s stellar acting or his adaptability, he’s able to make Billy Tyne the center of attention, while in an ensemble cast. Thus, I’ll crown Georgle Clooney’s Billy Tyne as the greatest on my list of the best The Perfect Storm characters!

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