Top 5 Best Beverly Hills Cop Characters

Martin Brest's Beverly Hills Cop is a classic with an excellent cast, but which characters carried the film? From Axel Foley to Jenny Summers, here are the 5 best Beverly Hills Cop characters!

Martin Brest’s Beverly Hills Cop, released in 1984, is a legendary comedy well-known all around the world! In large part thanks to a brilliant screenplay and an excellent cast. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Beverly Hills Cop fires on all cylinders, and is considered as one of the greatest comedies of all time! Perhaps you’re wondering if I’m one of them? Yes, I am! Beverly Hills Cop is near the top of my list, and considering that I love writing lists, I had to rank the characters. From Eddie Murphy to Lisa Eilbacher, here are the 5 best Beverly Hills Cop characters!

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*This list is based on the 1984 film, not the entire trilogy.

5. Jenny Summers

Jenny Summers smiling in a blue outfit

Sometimes good effort isn’t enough to counter limited screen time, right? While the screenplay was nominated for an Oscar, I believe they could’ve done more with Jenny Summers. She was mostly used as a crutch, without being given much to do, making her fade into the background. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that approach, it’s just disappointing that her role isn’t more prominent. Personally, I wholeheartedly enjoyed Lisa Eilbacher’s character, but kept wanting more and never got enough. But whenever she was on the screen, she put in a great effort, and thus, she undoubtedly makes the list!

4. Sgt. Taggart

Taggart smiling in a grey suit surrounded by flowers
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John Ashton does an admirable job portraying Sgt. Taggart, the stubborn good guy who comes around just in time! While it’s an age-old trope, it wasn’t overplayed in the 1980’s. It helps that Sgt. Taggart’s personality chould sharpen iron, right? I simply mean, he’s anything but dull. But there are some issues with Sgt. Taggart. The lack of depth and complexity makes him fade into the background, and thus, characters like Lt. Bogomil come across more intriguing. In addition, John Ashton played it safe, and he wasn’t necessarily pushing his acting ability, meaning that he doesn’t rank any higher. In turn, I’ll say that he’s the fourth best Beverly Hills character.

3. Lt. Bogomil

Lt Bogomil gently smiling in a suit

Ronny Cox’s performance genuinelly surprised me, as I didn’t remember him before rewatching the Beverly Hills Cop. How come? He’s presence alone is worthy of mention, but he’s also really charming, with arguably the most realistic personality. Simply put, Lt. Bogomil comes across as a real human being, while most other characters feel like caricatures. In turn, he outshines both Sgt. Taggart and Jenny Summers in my book!

2. Det. Billy Rosewood

Billy Rosewood holding a gun and badge while smiling

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine Beverly Hills Cop without Det. Billy Rosewood. He’s the character that works best with Axel Foley, and his immature and gullible nature are a big reason for that! I mean, he’s a sweetheart, but isn’t aware of his flaws. He’s the type of character that is needed for many of the jokes to work. In thus, Judge Reinhold plays an important part in the success of Beverly Hills Cop. Just think about. Even the moments when he’s just sitting in a car, waiting for Axel and Jenny, his facial expressions are everything. He’s the character that we never knew we needed, but we’re all glad exists. That’s Billy Rosewood for you!

1. Axel Foley

Eddie Murphy plays Axel Foley holding a gun and laughing

Is anyone actually surprised? It goes without saying, but Eddie Murphy is the heart and soul of Beverly Hills Cop. He’s the main attraction, and he delivers the goods! Whether it’s his charisma or charm, Eddie Murphy’s personality shines brightly, improving the character and performance. In turn, it’s the small things that make Axel Foley memorable. I’m referring to the goofy sense of humor, the underlying shiness when he speaks, topped off with a hint of awkward behavior. It’s not a mixture that sounds good on paper, but with a legend like Eddie Murphy, he knocks it out of the park with ease! Thus, I crown Axel Foley as the king of the 5 best Beverly Hills Cop characters list!

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