The 5 Saddest Things About Nicolas Brown From Gangsta

Nicolas Brown has been through it all, from abuse to murder, he has a sickening past. Thus, I present to you, the saddest things about Nicolas Brown!

Manglobe’s Gangsta anime adaptation is a great watch, while obviously having some pretty big flaws. Now that I’ve written about Gangsta’s problems, I want to create some character-based lists, focusing on them and their past. In turn, I instantly set my sights on Nicolas Brown, a Tag with a bloody past, that literally made me sick to my stomach. While he’s not alone in having a messed up life, he’s the character who’s been impacted the most because of his struggles. Plus, he’s the most intriguing character from Gangsta, which makes him the most fun to write about!

I present to you, the 5 saddest things about Nicolas Brown from Gangsta! Grab a box of tissues or put on a brave face, because a trip down this memory lane is filled with tears, blood and pain!

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This list is solely based on the Gangsta anime!

5. Bloodlust

Nicolas Brown holding his katana and smiling

Whenever Nic senses or smells a hostile Tag, his facial expression changes to wicked grimaces and disturbing smiles. Thus, I’d say he has bloodlust, and that he genuinelly enjoys fighting. I mean, that’s all Nicolas Brown knows, isn’t it? Considering his sickening past covered in blood, it comes as no surprise that he desires bloodshed. When you think about everything he’s been through, it makes perfect sense that he’d love a great scrap! Let’s not forget that he often disobeys Worick’s orders and whenever he senses someone, he darts after them. Whether he’s allowed to or not. After all, that’s what he was made for, and is still used for. In all honesty, Nic probably feels at home covered in blood, overdosing on Celebrer and fighting until he can’t move any longer. Talk about a death wish?

4. Short Lifespan

Young Nicolas Brown pointing at himself
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Considering that Nicolas Brown is a Twilight, his lifespan is short, and he’s expected to die in his 30s or early 40s. In the anime, he’s already 34 years old, meaning that he’s somewhat living on borrowed time, considering his Celebrer abuse and constant fighting. Therefore, he’s living with the knowledge that he could die any day, and that’s downright depressing. While he’s a Hagure, a child of a normal parent and a Twilight, it’s unlikely he’ll reach his 40s, as he hasn’t taken care of himself. Childhood torture, countless battles and overdosing alone would shorten his lifespan. Thus, I’d say it’s undoubtedly one of the saddest things about Nicolas Brown.

3. Lack of Emotion

Nicolas Brown seriously looking at his hand

Nicolas Brown rarely shows emotion, and he’s often seen stone-faced, lacking any kind of facial expression. Whether he’s with Nina or speaking to people, he comes across apathetic. I mean, he doesn’t seem to show any interest in what he’s doing. It’s like Nicolas is just going through the motion, without care in the world, which is quite unsettling. Considering that he’s got plenty of demons and unhealed emotional scars, it’s likely that he just doesn’t care about living anymore. I mean, he only shows emotion when fighting Twilights and when he’s angry, but that is all!

In all honesty, it seems to me that Nicolas Brown has lost his humanity. Maybe there’s some left as he’s so wholesome at times, but it’s clear that he picks and chooses when to be nice towards someone. In turn, it’s a sad thing seeing him be so cold, while also showing signs of warmth. It is another thing that makes Nic’s story so tragic, but so heartwarming.

2. Forced to be a Mercenary & Being Abused by Them

Mercenaries abusing Nicolas Brown

What’s worse than being forced to be a Mercenary? How about being abused by them, and your own father, who happens to be their leader!? That’s the childhood of Nicolas Brown, who worked for the West Gate Mercenaries at the Arcangelo residents.

The way Nicolas was treated is equivalent to torture, as he was heavily medicated to keep him submissive and follow orders. In addition, whenever he took initiative and did a “good” thing in his opinion, Nicolas was met with verbal and physical punishment. I mean, just think about how Nic must’ve felt, being belittled by his own father and dozens of Mercenaries, all of whom took part in the abuse. I’m not talking about small things here, as he was seen bloody, with bruises, scratches and black-eyes. It’s not something I’m used to seeing in anime, and not portrayed in this gruesome way, but it was so damn effective. In turn, my heart really did ache for Nicolas. He didn’t deserve any of it. Not a single thing. Not even the verbal abuse.

1. Abandoned by His Father, Gaston Brown

Gaston Brown dropping Celebrer surrounded by Mercenaries

In all honesty, it’s difficult to rank the saddest things about Nicolas Brown. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t deserve what happened to him, or maybe it’s because he’s genuinelly good hearted? Nevertheless, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing Nicolas Brown’s only “family” sell him, and abandon him. While he was an abusive father, Nic still chased after him. Now, imagine being deaf and trying your hardest to say “father”, only to have him reply “stop pretending your a human, monster”. Not only that, but Gaston even laughed at Nicolas and said that he’s “good for nothing”, and not worth taking to Ergastulum. How do you react to this? In Nicolas’ case, he decided to stick with the only person who treated him like family, and the only one he considers a friend, Ricky.

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The 5 Saddest Things About Nicolas Brown From Gangsta

Nicolas Brown has been through it all, from abuse to murder, he has a sickening past. Thus, I present to you, the saddest things about Nicolas Brown!

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