Asha looking at star who is sparkly and happy in Disney's Wish.

Dive into the world of Disney cuteness with my ranking of the top 5 cutest Wish characters! From Asha to Star, find out who made the list!

Dave smiling with Oscar and Cameron behind him as the worst Halloween characters.

Let’s be honest, some of the new additions to Halloween are bad, but which are the worst? I present to you the 5 worst Halloween (2018) characters!

Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones back to back against scorching flames behind them.

Tom Hanks give a good performance, Felicity Jones impresses, and Irrfan Khan is unique; here are the top 5 best Inferno (2016) characters!

Annie with curly 80s hair wearing a backpack and smiling warmly.

Alice is badass, Annie is heartwarming and Mrs. Voorhees is terrifying. So, I guess it’s time to rank the top 5 characters of Friday the 13th!