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Top 10 Quotes of Gundam 00: Season 2


The first season of Gundam 00 blessed us with many great quotes, some that rival the very best in anime history, which is a discussion for another day. So, without straying away from the topic at hand, let me explain how Graham and Setsuna dominated the first season list. Whether it was the meaning, metaphor, word selection or the voice actor’s cadence, the two characters were unmatched. However, there’s always room for discussion and debate on what quotes actually deserve a to be included, and which should be ranked at the very top. Nevertheless, it’s time for us to look forward at the second season of Gundam 00!

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*Quotes as they were uttered in the English-dubbed version of the show.

10. “Thank you for being alive after all this time, and most of all, thank you for giving me a reason to live.” – Allelujah Haptism

Let me paint a picture: Imagine being held captive for 5 years, most likely verbally and physically tortured to give information about Celestial Being, and being able endure it all. What motivates someone like that to not give up and whitstand the punishment, especially someone with a grim past such as Allelujah Haptism. Clearly being a member of Celestial Being wasn’t enough, as it took them 5 years to break him out, so perhaps we have Soma Peires (Mary Parfacy) to thank? When you consider everything that Allelujah has done and experienced, sucide was likely contemplated, yet when he found Mary, everything changed. Simply put, when the one person he truly loved finally remembered their past together, Allelujah said the lines above, putting things into perspective. Someone like Allelujah was always a lone wolf, brutally trained to become a killing machine, only to be abandoned and left alone with Hallelujah. Driven by his personal views, he often broke rules to do what he felt was necessary, whether anyone liked it or not. In turn, it was beautiful and quite sad to hear Allelujah’s reason to keep living was tied to Mary Parfacy, someone who was gentle and kind hearted.

9. “Now we’ve entrusted the future to humanity. I will become a part of Veda and watch over you all. Until that time, the time of the dialogues that are to come, farewell everyone.” – Tieria Erde

There’s something special about Tieria Erde’s farewell message, as it’s almost too sincere, honest and accepting of the situation. It’s fascinating when you consider that Tiera was a hard-ass who knew what could (and would) happen if the Gundam Meisters didn’t play by the book. In turn, he’s existence and mission were intertwined, directly connected. So, it was all the more special when he, an innovade and Gundam Meister, openly entrusted the future to humanity. Instead of being bitter, sad or distraught, Tieria Erde somewhat finished his mission, even if he died at the hands of Ribbons Almark. As if to say, the ends justify the means, which they clearly did for him. In addition, he foreshadows his return, knowing that new conflicts will spread over the years, and that one day his help would be needed again. In closing, it’s the simplistic nature and sincerety in the voice that make this such a memorable quote, showing how Tieria’s journey came full circle.

8. “If there’s some misunderstanding and then new fighting breaks out, I’m sure they’ll return. Even if they have to take all the contradictions upon themselves.” – Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad describes Celestial Being in a nutshell, as they arrive during conflicts, fight in-order to bring peace and willingly accept their contradictory nature. While it’s obviously far from a detailed and correct description, it’s how Saji feels about Celestial Being, after the events of the second season. It’s safe to say, he recognizes the irony, yet he might’ve not understood how hypocritical it makes him as a person. I mean, he was a member of Celestial Being, joining primarily to save Louise Halevy, and while that’s a noble reason, he refuses to associate himself with the group. In turn, making his statement as ironic as the actions of the Gundam Meisters. However, it’s important to note how the overall structure makes the delivery so memorable, creating an honest understanding of perhaps why Saji decided to leave Celestial Being in the first place.

7. “The world is about to change once again but the sins I’ve committed for that goal, the sin of taking people’s lives, that will never change.” – Allelujah Haptism

Allelujah Haptism has taken countless lives, but he doesn’t make any excuses, even calling his own actions as “sins” and admitting to being burdened by them. I mean, it’s written all over his face, that while he fought to bring peace on earth, his conscious is weighing heavy. Almost as if to say, there might’ve been a better way to achieve peace, instead of killing people, most of whom were simply following orders. However, what truly makes these lines impactful, is the fact that he’s able to admit to those things, accepting his actions without hiding behind a superstitious reason. It’s quite simply a reference to his own existence as a Super Soldier, knowing that he needs to take responsibility, even if Hallelujah would take control. In turn, he understands that in-order to move forward, he needs to work together with Hallelujah, accepting exactly the type of person he has always been. However, be that as grim as it may, it’s a powerful quote, especially considering everything that he’s been through in his years.

6. “Even if the world should reject me, I’ll keep fighting until I’m punished. Guess I won’t be heading to where you are just yet. Until that day comes, please wait for me, Anew.” – Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy)

Numerous farewell messages from the last episode are quite deep and heartfelt, yet grim and disturbing, with this quote showcasing that. It’s not simply the pace or the tone of how the lines are uttered, it’s more about the depth behind each sentence and word selection. While it’s obvious that Lyle Dylandy has been through a lot, losing everyone that he loves, the way he speaks at the graveyard is much like a confession. The way he talks about rejection and fighting until his creator comes knocking, as if to say that he refuses to have a normal life. In turn, he knows that he can impact the world positively with a Gundam, willing to die for the just cause, even saying that’s the plan. Let me be blunt, he’s stating that his day will come soon enough, hence why he asks Anew to wait for him. Otherwise, he would’ve said goodbye, but he didn’t, showing exactly how distraught he was about losing Anew ReTurner.

5. “Hahahahaaa! The resurrection of the Super Soldier! We’re gonna fight, the future depends on what we do next!” – Allelujah Haptism

The moment we see Arios flying around and that laughter hit the speakers, I knew that Gundam-gods had praised us with a few golden lines! From who, you ask? Well, the two personalities we oh-so love came together, with Hallelujah ecstatic about the resurrection of the Super Soldier! On the other hand, Allelujah accepted his other half and wanted to use his power to change the world around him. In turn, making for debatably one of the most badass quotes of the season, with both personalities interacting with one another in a marvelous way. It’s similar to a punch line, with Hallelujah’s laughter and his comments making it seem like he had taken over control, only for Allelujah to finish the quote? While that wasn’t a great explanation, I’m better off simply stating that it’s the superb delivery and emphasis on the right words that makes this badass. In all honesty, when Allelujah is determined, he’s a tricky and intimidating pilot to deal with, yet if he’s on the same page with Hallelujah, he’s pretty much a horror movie villain.

4. “His sword play… there’s no doubt about it. That’s the young man I met. I thank my stars for giving me a chance to make up for these years when I’ve lived in disgrace!” – Mr. Bushido (Graham Aker)

Graham Aker, under the moniker of Mr. Bushido, is a man on a mission to take revenge on the Gundam pilot who changed his life forever, and that pilot was Setsuna F. Seiei. Considering that their last battle ended in both men destroying each other’s mobile suits, there was no victor, as it ended in what could only be considered a draw. Ever since that epic battle, Graham Aker has longed for another shot at the young man he was unable to clearly defeat, feeling disgraced and bitter. When he comes across a similar-looking Gundam to that of Exia, 00 Gundam, he recognizes the sword play and knows that his time to make up for his years in disgrace has come, an opportunity to cleanse his soul. Under the name of Mr.Bushido, Graham explains his efforts to fight Setsuna quite clearly with the quote above, which he uttered the first time he came in-contact with 00 Gundam, a moment that would put Graham on a road to self-destruction. This is one of those classic Graham Aker quotes, made memorable for the way it is structured and uttered.

3. “Setsuna, you could change. I couldn’t, so you’ll have to do it for me.” – Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)

Even though Neil Dylandy passed away at the end of the first season, his spirit had a few memorable moments in the second season. You could say that this quote is actually a continuation to his last few words before dying, largely because he is telling Setsuna, the pilot who was like his younger brother, that he can change, even if he was unable to, dying a bitter death with hatred towards the world. Although, this quote is a positive one, with Neil reminding Setsuna that he can change, something that gives Setsuna strength to push through and make that change, becoming the humanity’s first innovator. You could even argue that it was all thanks to Neil that Setsuna was able to do all of the things he did, yet that spirit that Setsuna saw was a mere dream, and Neil’s spirit was a thing of the mind and not real visions. So you could say that Neil had such a great influence on Setsuna that it helped him to become humanity’s first innovator.

2. “You think just because you avoid pulling the trigger yourself, you won’t feel any of the guilt from committing the crime!?” – Allelujah Haptism

If there is anyone in the anime who knows how it feels to commit a crime without pulling the trigger himself, it would have to be Allelujah, as whenever Hallelujah takes over and does sinful things, Allelujah is no longer in control. At the same time, both Allelujah and Hallelujah share the same body, meaning that whenever anything is done, that physical body is still responsible for the actions, which is exactly why this is such an amazing quote. Not only does it hold a lot of weight for the character itself but Allelujah knows the feeling better than anyone, and to think that this is a question makes it all the more remarkable, as questions don’t tend to be as intriguing or noteworthy as statements. However, the way in which this question is constructed, and the amount of emotion heard in the way in which it is asked, is what makes this among the best quotes in the second season.

1. “Setsuna, the only thing the past can change is how you feel about things in the present.” – Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)

Even though he might be dead, his spirit lives on in the people whom he touched the most, with one of them being Setsuna, who was like a little brother to him. After he was shot by Ali Al-Saachez, Setsuna has a nightmare about his dark and twisted past. At the end of this nightmare, he sees Neil standing behind him, uttering the line above, trying to make the young Gundam Meister realize that he can’t change what has happened but he can change the way he feels about things in the present. Neil is telling the truth, and when I first heard it, I honestly felt like it was a life lesson in one poetically structured sentence that hit the heart. It is easy to grasp and understand, one line which every person should either hear or read to be able to put their own pasts in perspective, because no one can truly change what has happened, unless someone invents a time machine.

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