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Top 10 Gundam 00 Quotes (Season 1)


Seiji Mizushima’s Gundam 00 is one of the most beloved entries in the Gundam franchise. The intense action sequences, well-written characters and heart-wrenching storytelling had us stuck to our seats! In turn, it’s easy to remember what we saw, yet difficult to recall the dialogue lines that made Gundam 00 so impactful. That’s a shame, considering that the anime has some of the best one-liners, with many saying remarkable things. Whether it’s Graham’s poetic commentary or Setsuna’s spine-tingling honesty, Gundam 00 has several excellent quotes. Some can make you teary-eyed and emotional, while others can energize you and brighten your day. So, with that being said, perhaps it’s about time we reminisce? This is where I come in, and present to you, the 10 best Gundam 00 quotes from season 1.

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*Quotes as they were uttered in the English-dubbed version of the show.

10. “You deserve ten thousand deaths!” – Tieria Erde

Tieria Erde staring intensely inside of Gundam Virtue

Who could have imagined that Tieria Erde, someone so factual and realistic, would say something this outlandish? Well, I couldn’t. However, I’m aware that it’s a figure of speech and an obvious exaggeration. Needless to say, it doesn’t make this quote any less impactful or badass. It’s one thing to pray death on your foes, it’s another when the number of deaths is as specific as ten thousand. This is especially surprising considering that Tieria Erde is an austere character, rarely giving into his emotions. However, when he does relinquish control, he seems to have a lot to get off his chest!

9. “Time for a lover’s embrace, Gundam.” – Graham Aker

Graham Aker smiling in the cockpit of the Flag mobile suit

Honestly, most of what Graham Aker says is quotable, yet this line is noteworthy because he said it to a Gundam. So, while most anime characters would yell “I’ll destroy you”, or something similar, Graham goes for the poetic approach. Simply put, he compares grabbing a hold of a Gundam to embracing a lover, as it looks like a hug. However, it’s the word selection that makes this quote stand out and land nicely when uttered. I mean, it’s said with such conviction and determination that the outcome seemed like a foregone conclusion. Let’s be real, he’s one of few characters that can be flamboyant and badass at the same time. However, that’s why we love him, and why this is one of the best Gundam 00 quotes!

8. “I am Gundam” – Setsuna F. Seiei

Setsuna looking emotionless inside of Gundam 00

This is likely the most memorable quote in Gundam 00, said by Setsuna on numerous occasions. Halfway through the season, it became the Gundam Meister’s catchphrase, often uttered during battles. However, considering Setsuna’s past as a child soldier, it’s easy to assume it to be a product of his PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). While it’s obviously a piece of the puzzle, the line has a deeper meaning that initially thought. Simply put, the quote is in-fact a metaphor. Consider the following: Gundams were created as tools for the eradication of war, used for armed interventions in-order to bring peace on earth. In turn, Setsuna’s saying that he’s the embodiment of the eradication of war, being one with the Gundam and its purpose for existing. It’s quite the grim view to have of himself, yet it gives us a glimpse into Setsuna’s dedication to rid the world of twistedness.

7. “It was your display of overwhelming power that stole my heart. That feeling I had could only be called love! But if you go beyond love, it becomes hatred!” – Graham Aker

Graham Aker looking worried in the midst of battle

Graham Aker poured his heart out to the Gundam, much like a distraught person would say their peace after a failed relationship. It started with interest, lead into love, continued into passion, then twisted into obsession and ended with bitter hatred. In all honesty, I merely filled in the gaps. However, I digress, as it’s the English voice actor’s delivery that makes this such a memorable quote in the first place! It’s so effortless in structure, yet carries a ton of weight for the character, as Graham somewhat admired the Gundams. When things changed, so did his views on the mobile suits, altering his understanding of their creation and existence. So, while it’s a simple quote in essence, the delivery and structure is enough to make Graham feel genuinely hurt by the Gundams. In turn, it’s definitely among the best Gundam 00 quotes.

6. “You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)

Lockon Stratos looking sad while floating in space

As Robin Williams once said: “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that”. I found this quote to be fitting, as while Neil Dylandy came across as being positive and joyful, he was the furthest thing from happy. When you consider what happened to his family, it makes sense for him to feel useless and perhaps suffer from survivor’s guilt. Also, his entire life was a journey to find a place he could call home, yet that place was no longer earth. Neil Dylandy found peace as a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being, granting him the power he lacked as a child.

Honestly, it was shocking, hearing arguably the nicest guy from the show say those lines. While he obviously hid his true feelings, right before death, he still couldn’t forget nor forgive what had happened to his family. In turn, he died hating earth, despising it for what it had become in his eyes – a world of destruction that couldn’t be saved. Nevertheless, the raw honesty and word selection make this a tear-jerker, and together with all of the above, it’s one of the most important quotes from the show. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if this tops the list for many, as it’s definitely one of the best quotes of Gundam 00.

5. “You’re just forcing your own distorted ego on others, and now I’m coming for you! To cut that twisted part out of you!” – Setsuna F. Seiei

Setsuna looking angry in his cockpit

Setsuna calling anyone out for a distorted ego is quite hypocritical, especially when you consider his own selfish actions. However, that’s the reason for this quote being fascinating, as a dissection proves it’s quite complex. While the lines are simplistic at face value, there’s depth to the word selection, considering that “distorted” is a synonym for “twisted”. With that in mind, Setsuna’s saying that through death there will be salvation for those who he believes to be twisted. In other words, cutting (killing) the twistedness (physical body) releases the spirit, as the body was used as a vessel for evil deeds. However, this shouldn’t be surprising, as Setsuna F. Seiei is a shell for Soran Ibrahim to use for good deeds. After all, the only reason this young man fights is to rid the world of twistedness.

4. “I am a warmonger. I can’t help it, I love everything about war. I’m the very worst kind of person, someone who lives and dies for humanity’s most primitive impulse.” – Ali Al-Saachez

Ali Al-Saachez smirking while driving

We all saw the kind of monster Ali Al-Saachez was in the first season, being responsible for many deaths. Not only was he involved in killing Neil Dylandy’s mother, father and sister, he successfully killed the Gundam Meister later as well. Similarly, he took the life of Saji Crossroad’s older sister Kinue, leaving her to bleed out in a dark alleway. Furthermore, when he created the KPSA, he brainwashed children to join a cause, forcing them to bear arms and commit murder. In turn, he forced every child to kill their own parents, in-order to show their devotion to God. Soran (Setsuna) was among these children. I mean, should I really keep going?

It’s apparent as to why Al-Saachez is among the most evil and despicable characters in anime history. I mean, he admits to everything with a grin on his face. Without even trying to count the victims, it’s obvious that he’s a sociopath, lacking sympathy and empathy for others. Ironically enough, that’s the main reason for this quote being good and memorable. To be more specific, the delivery and structure excellently portray his twisted perspective of his role in the world. In all honesty, the first time hearing this gave me chills, as he uttered the lines with such conviction. However, let’s not forget that these words are descriptive of his character: the one who lives and dies solely for his own sick/twisted gain.

3. “Don’t push your own feelings on to others. No matter what pretty words you string together, your kindness is just hypocrisy. You’re pretending to be nice just to make yourself feel better!” – Allelujah Haptism

Hallelujah Haptism laughing with his hands up in the air

When Allelujah Haptism was struggling to destroy the Super Human Research Institute, his other half delivered this philosophical statement. In turn, questioning Allelujah’s reasoning and logic as being self-serving, which is rich coming from the egotistical sociopath, Hallelujah. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before the trigger was pulled and his brethren dead, leaving the scene with tears in his eyes. In all honesty, I still wonder who pulled the trigger that day?

While it may be a ridiculous theory, Hallelujah somewhat reminds me of survival instinct. I mean, think about it? It’s common for people that face danger/death to become selfish and let their instincts take over: fight or flight. So, when in-need, Allelujah internally activates Hallelujah, simply to survive when he’s emotionally overwhelmed. Whether he likes it or not, Hallelujah keeps him alive, much like our survival instinct does, don’t you think?

Character driven ideologies aside, this quote is excellent at face value, easily something that I’d consider food for thought. It has depth, substance and a superb delivery, coming across as pure poetry! While I’ve heaped enough praise, it’s undoubtedly among the best Gundam 00 quotes.

2. “The eradication of war through force – that’s Celestial Being. And the Gundam will do it… together with me. That’s right, that’s what I am! What all of us are. We’re Gundams!” – Setsuna F. Seiei

Setsuna gripping the controls of his Gundam

Setsuna F. Seiei didn’t say much during the first season, doing most of his talking through fighting. However, when he did say something, it would often be profound and noteworthy. Therefore, this particular quote caught my attention, being as deep and meaningful as it’s heartfelt and sincere. I mean, it’s not often a character can succesfully ramble, clarifying his views and true feelings to this extent. Simply put, Setsuna succeeded where many characters failed miserably.

Now, let me ramble like Setsuna for a moment. First, it’s great to see Soran Ibrahim separate himself from the machine that makes him Setsuna F. Seiei. Second, his idealistic views paint a vivid picture, comparing people’s battle against wars to the purpose of the Gundams. Third, the innocence in his rambling, trying to find the correct words to piece things together, makes this a heartwarming quote overall. In addition, it’s arguably one of the few times Soran Ibrahim was being himself, not viewing the world through the eyes of a Gundam Meister. It’s the context that elevates its raw structure and meaning, making it a hidden golden nugget!

1. “I don’t care how much better your machine is, today I’m beyond that! I strike like an avenging angel!” – Graham Aker

Graham gritting his teeth inside of his cockpit

It’s difficult for anyone to compete with Graham’s poetic tongue, with this quote being the prime example of that! With his friend and fellow Flag-Fighter, Howard Mason, killed by a Gundam, Graham Aker released his mental and emotional restraints. So, when he got a chance to duel Gundam Throne Eins, he took the opportunity and outclassed Johann Trinity in battle. During this fight, Graham made it clear that it’s not about suit strengths, piloting an inferior machine to the Gundams. In addition, he’s stating that it’s about the pilot and nothing else, willing to die if it means defeating the Gundams with the Flags. At this point, it became a mission, knowing full well his dead comrade believed in the Flag mobile suits.

It’s the last bit of the quote that makes these lines come together brilliantly. The word selection is priceless, as Graham compares his way of fighting to that of an avenging angel. In turn, he draws an indirect comparison between himself and an angel, and the meaning has depth. Considering “2 Samuel 24:16”, some angels were very deadly and with a mere hand gesture could destroy an entire city, impossible to be stopped by mere humans. So, Graham is saying that with one swift move, he’d be capable of winning against anyone and that no one stands a chance against him in battle. That’s not only badass and poetic, it’s somewhat biblical as well. Now, that’s enough to send shivers down my spine! Therefore, this is the best quote of the Top 10 Gundam 00 Quotes (season 1) list!

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Top 10 Gundam 00 Quotes (Season 1)

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