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Top 10 Gundam 00 Quotes (A Wakening of the Trailblazer)


After two seasons of great quotes, it’s time to take a look at Seiji Mizushima’s Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, the film that ends the saga of our beloved Gundam Meisters. There were a number of great lines uttered in this action-packed flick, with Andrei Smirnov making a memorable comment regarding his reasons for fighting and Sumeragi giving great advice to Feldt Grace about her feelings towards Setsuna F. Seiei. Also, Graham Aker made the list with his amazing lines, and so did Allelujah Haptism. To put it simply, there were more than enough quotes to choose from, and like the previous Gundam 00 quotes lists, it was no easy task finding the 10 best and ranking them in order. However, I did my best to include the quotes that were well-structured, meaningful, impactful and were special in one way or another. Hopefully you will enjoy reading the top 10 quotes of Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer!

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*Quotes as they were uttered in the English-dubbed version of the film.

10. “Even if you are on different paths, you have to continue caring for him. Otherwise your feelings will never reach him. Those feelings are what tie people together, they’re what help us understand each other in the truest sense.” – Sumeragi Lee Noriega

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to hear Sumeragi Lee Noriega have such sweet things to say about feelings, giving some nice advice to Feldt Grace about how to deal with her emotions towards Setsuna. While Sumeragi can often fade into the background, she’s an individual who genuinely cares about her crew, leading me to feel that she is sincere in every word she utters from the quote above, as she seems to want what’s best for everybody. Also, I believe as if she’s speaking from personal experience, knowing the heartache of having feelings towards someone who doesn’t feel the sameway, something that I’m sure many of us can relate to. However, what truly stands out is the last part of the quote, as Sumeragi makes a solid point about caring for people as that’s what ties people together, that’s what ties humanity together. If we care for one another, we can understand each other in the truest sense, and that’s really what people need to hear in the world we live in today. As with feelings comes care, with care comes understanding. So whether or not your feelings for someone are related to loving them or not, it is about caring for the individuals, even if they don’t feel the sameway you do. Honestly, this quote really spoke to me when I first heard it, as Sumeragi explains things in such vivid fashion, with the perfect structure and delivery.

9. “Humans must learn to apply their intelligence correctly and evolve beyond their current state. People must change. Otherwise, even if humanity expands into space, it will only create new conflicts, and that would be a very sad thing.” – Aeolia Schenberg

At the very end of the film, we are treated to a few words from the founder of Celestial Being himself, Aeolia Schenberg, who describes his feelings and opinions regarding humanity in a well-sructured fashion. Not only must people evolve but they also need to apply their intelligence the proper way before being able to bring forth any change. The way in which he explains himself is why the quote really caught my attention, as Aeolia comes across as an observer of humanity rather than a human being, literally making it his job to change people around the world with the help of Celestial Being. However, Aeolia recognizes the flaws of humanity, understanding that expanding to space might be a step in the right direction but pointless if people don’t evolve, as new achievements will simply create new conflicts. While creating Celestial Being was a brilliant idea, bringing humanity together against a common enemy, Aeolia must have known that Celestial Being would cause equally as many problems as solutions. Considering that throughout history we have seen change come from destruction and wars, I wonder whether or not that was Aeolia’s plan all along, to destroy as much as necessary to bring forth some type of a change in people. If there is anything humans can do, it’s adapt. Nevertheless, the main reason this quote is so memorable is because it’s honest, fair and could even be used in real life. We might be heading towards an expansion to space as well, but what would it mean if it would only cause more conflict? Not much, not much at all.

8. “You worry too much. There won’t be anymore accidents like that. Of course, if there are, I guess that means the earth must be under attack… by evil space aliens! Whouhhoohuoo!” – Patrick Colasour

Oh Patrick Colasour, how you humor us even in the darkest of times. Well, this quote didn’t make the list for its meaning or message, it made the list largely for being humorous and very memorable because of the way in which Patrick delivered the lines. He utters the words above while bringing a beverage to her stern and lovely wife Kati Mannequin, trying to lighten the mood and make a joke with a proper punch line. The fact that it comes across as a bit ridiculous and goofy is exactly why it is a notworthy quote, as it either makes you giggle because you thought it was funny or it makes you laugh because of how silly you thought it was. Also, the quote holds some weight as well, because with his joke, Patrick foreshadows what actually happens in the film, as earth does indeed come under attack by evil space aliens named the ELS. Oh boy, if Patrick only knew that his words were being praised, he would lose his mind, after all, he is one arrogant pilot with a heart of gold!

7. “You’re alive. That’s right, don’t you see? You’re still alive!” – Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)

It’s heartwarming to see how much Neil Dylandy touched the heart of the young Gundam Meister by the name of Setsuna F. Seiei, as even during the events of the film, our lead character finds strength in the words of his fallen comrade. However, much like Neil’s quotes from the second season, the lines above were uttered by Neil in Setsuna’s nightmare, after suffering brain damage when trying to communicate with the ELS. So, when Setsuna is receiving tissue regeneration to heal himself, he hears Neil Dylandy telling him that he is not yet dead, he can still get up and fight, and change the world as he once promised. I feel that Setsuna hears Neil saying the words above so that he subconsciously doesn’t get too comfortable being in a dream world. After all, Neil is saying things that Setsuna believes he would say, and knowing Neil, he probably would do whatever possible to get Setsuna’s head straight. It feels as if Neil is trying to push Setsuna’s consciousness back into his body, and for Setsuna to wake up after those words, makes this quote all the more special.

6. “This is the power of a Super Soldier! No, the power to slash through to the future!” – Allelujah Haptism

Honestly, I never get tired of hearing Allelujah speak, especially when he is speaking to Hallelujah, as the two tend to have some seriously intriguing and memorable things to say. So, during the fierce battle against the ELS, Hallelujah felt the need to express himself by stating that it’s the power of the super soldier that is enabling them to rip through the living-metal shape-shifters. However, Allelujah refuses to agree with his other self, feeling that there is another reason why they are doing great on the battlefield. It is not the power of the super soldier but the power to slash through to the future. With that statement, Allelujah is saying that with the fate of the world at stake like never before, the strength and passion to fight is within us all, especially if winning means saving the earth and creating a better tomorrow. While Allelujah obviously knows the strength of the super soldier, he is acknowledging that more is needed to win battles than mere skill and technique, as driving force, determination and willpower are equally as important. Also, I love it that Hallelujah starts the quote with Allelujah finishing it, making it truly memorable. It is a great quote, one which holds a lot of weight and has a deep meaning to it, much like many other quotes from Allelujah.

5. “You keep looking for the past where people can understand each other, don’t you? You even tried to do it with the ELSes. Blazing a trail to the future. That’s what your fight has always been. Hasn’t it, young man?” – Graham Aker

Call it intelligence, call it intuition, Graham Aker seems to understand Setsuna F. Seiei like nobody else. Honestly, Graham Aker’s Solbraves team saving the Gundam Meisters is one of the best moments in the movie, and when the former Mr. Bushido comes across the unconscious Setsuna, the comments he makes are unforgettable. Considering that Setsuna barely ever talks about his feelings or explains himself, Graham is able to give some insight to the viewers on what might be going on in Setsuna’s head. After all, Graham does seem to hit the nail on the head with his comments. Not only does he ask a few rhetorical questions regarding his actions, Graham even brings up Setsuna’s ill-advised attempt to communicate with the ELS, in confrontational fashion. However, the quote holds some genuine weight because that’s how Graham Aker perceives Setsuna F. Seiei. To put it simply, the words above are not coming from Setsuna himself, nor does Setsuna have the possibility to answer them, meaning that Graham’s assessment of the young man is that he is the type to fight for a brighter tomorrow. Graham’s perception and understanding of Setsuna is that he is trying to make a way for a better future where people can understand each other, so that others can follow in his footsteps. The fact that Graham thinks this way about Setsuna is simply marvelous, yet we don’t know if Setsuna himself would agree, as maybe the 00 Raiser pilot would have another explanation for his actions if he would ever open up to others emotionally.

4. “You tend to get a little rotten on the inside when people treat you like a guinea pig.” – Descartes Shaman

Moments after we are introduced to Descartes Shaman, he utters one of the catchiest quotes of the movie, comparing the way in which he is being treated to that of a guinea pig. He says the line above shortly after ignoring Kati Mannequin, almost interrupting her to explain why he seemingly snubbed her at first with a nice one-liner. The sentence comes across as an excuse or an apology for his behavior, as he feels that he is being poorly treated, which in turn has made him a bit rotten on the inside. The fact that he is sitting strapped to a chair, as cool as can be, is what truly makes this quote badass, as he is so nonchalant in the way he says the line. While a simple quote in essence, it’s catchy and to-the-point, painting the perfect picture of how the character is actually feeling. If only Descartes Shaman would have been a part of the first or second season, he would have had more time to develop as a character and throw out a few more great quotes like the one above.

3. “The difference in fighting strength is 10,000 to 1. The situation couldn’t be worse. But no matter what, I’ll fight to protect it. I will protect what father and mother stood for!” – Andrei Smirnov

Every once in a while, Andrei Smirnov has a great moment or something noteworthy to say, and during the events of the film he makes a comment worth remembering and goes out with a bang. Right at the time of being deployed in his mobile suit to enter the battle against the ELS, Andrei says the lines above, acknowledging the difference in fighting strength and showing a great amount of courage. Considering that he is the son of Sergei Smirnov, it’s expected to see him able to pilot at a high level, yet for Andrei to fight for what his mother and father stood for is something I didn’t expect. The young pilot had a rocky relationship with his father, whom he blamed for the death of his mother, making his words during the events of the film all the more extraordinary. Not only did he make peace with his father’s past but he even died fighting for what his parents fought for, and that’s truly beautiful. Also, with his statement above, he knew that when he entered the battlefield that his chances of coming back alive were slim to none, and he still did whatever possible to fight for his comrades, parents and the people of the earth. He came into the anime with an impact and he left the show with a big bang, dying in battle, fighting for what he believed in.

2. “Why are you hesitating!? You were the one who told me to keep fighting in order to live. You tought me that! Even if it’s a contradiction, you must continue to exist! You said that is what it means to live!” – Graham Aker

It’s crazy how Graham Aker throws Setsuna’s very own words back at him when he hears the young man say that he is not there to fight the ELS. This angers Graham Aker, as Setsuna himself once told Graham to continue fighting in order to live. Those words did not only make an impact on Graham Aker, those words stopped him from taking his own life, under the monicker of Mr. Bushido, after losing a mobile suit fight to Setsuna. So in essence, Graham Aker admits to Setsuna that he was completely right in what he said, as whether you fight literally or figuratively, you must fight for your life and the life of others. That’s not all, Graham acknowledges the obvious contradiction in fighting to live, as often fighting leads to death, and for him to say encouraging words to the young man he once wished death upon is truly extraordinary. Let’s not forget, Graham shows no hesitation in his last few moments alive, showing his level of determination and passion for doing what he must in order to save the earth. One could even say that maybe it was thanks to Setsuna’s words that Graham was able to sacrifice himself for a greater cause, and if so, Setsuna’s words held more weight than I initially thought when watching the second season.

1. “Young man! Do you need a beacon to the future? I, Graham Aker, will gladly oblige! This is not death, it’s for humankind to live on!” – Graham Aker

Graham Aker made me remember how poetically sentences can be structured, as his last few words were by far the most meaningful and memorable among all the other great quotes in the movie. Graham sacrifices himself for the greater good and goes out the only way Graham Aker can, with a quote that will stick to the back of your head. Not only does Graham call Setsuna a young man to start his last few lines, he asks whether or not he needs a beacon to the future. This is a rhetorical question, one which Setsuna doesn’t respond to but Graham does, saying that he will gladly do whatever necessary to breach the outer shell of the ELS mothership. Right before he flies his ELS-covered Brave mobile suit into the mothership, he utters a line that makes you understand how Graham truly felt, as he knows that one man’s death is another man’s gain. In this situation, it’s factual, as while Graham unfortunately had to die, Setsuna was fortunately able to make his way into the mothership, all thanks to Graham Aker. Also, Graham knows that his death will not be in vain, or so he believes, as he shows a tremendous amount of faith in the young Gundam pilot, and luckily enough, Graham was right in betting everything on Setsuna’s capabilities to save the people of the earth from the ELS. Honestly, I feel that Graham Aker’s last words were truly fitting for a man of his status, and considering his importance in the anime’s storyline, he ended his chapter with beautiful last words. In the first season, Graham said that he fought like an avenging angel, which he did, and in the film he becomes the beacon to the future for Setsuna, and that’s truly worth remembering. Also, it’s one of the greatest quotes in the entire Gundam 00 anime series!

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