The Slice of Life Anime Tabi-Hani Teaser Released

Studio hb is making its debut, producing a short anime, titled Tabi-Hani. It's going to tell the story of two young girls, travelling in Japan.

The anime was announced in May, earlier this year. But now, we’ve finally got a rough sketch of what to expect from Tabi-Hani short anime!

It’s a Studio hb-produced anime, focusing on two girls who are travelling in Japan. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the plot, it’s important to note that it’s Studio hb’s first anime. In turn, it’s going to be exciting to see how the anime will look and feel like!

Kaori Maeda will be the voice of Nagi Kitayama and Miyu Tomita will be taking on the character of Akari Yashima.

Tabi-Hani will premiere in December, 2021.

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The Tabi-Hani Anime Teaser Trailer

Tabi-Hani is a light-hearted slice of life anime, telling the story of two young girls; Akari Yashima and Nagi Kitayama. Thus, the stage is set for their adventure, going from one place in Japan to another, enjoying their journey. In turn, it’ll be a story about life and how people change when experiencing new places and exciting new things. While the official plot has not been released, I’m sure that I’m not too far off, considering the info we’ve got so far. Anyways, it’s an anime worth keeping an eye on!

Source: Tabi-Hani Twitter page.

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