The Night House Trailer Shows Parallel World

Honestly, I’m overjoyed by the class of horror movies in 2021. While 2020 wasn’t necessarily bad, it was simply lackluster, right? Admittedly, we should blame the pandemic for that! But for whatever reason, my hopes are high, wanting the best for the horror genre in 2021! Therefore, it’s great to see horror movies like The Night House, taking a simple story and adding a parallel world twist! Whether it’ll be good or bad is hard to tell, but The Night House trailer looks promising. If nothing else, we get to see the fantastic Rebecca Hall putting on another amazing performance! Perhaps I’m a fan of her work? Anyways, she seems dedicated to the role of Beth, and that’s enough to get me excited! So, get your creep on, and watch The Night House trailer!

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“It’s our house, but backwards. What the hell was he doing!?” – Beth

PLOT: The story revolves around Beth (Rebecca Hall), who loses her husband to suicide, and is struggling with her grief. While she’s trying to move on, something’s not letting her, and soon it’s revealed that her husband might not be gone after all! However, he’s not alive, and it seems like he was keeping secrets. Soon, Beth is thrown into a parallel world, and she must fight for answers and survival, as she’s haunted and hunted by the love of her life! Let the battle begin!

The movie is directed by David Bruckner, and written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. While it first debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020, the official released date is July 16, 2021.


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