AnimeNewsThe Kuroitsu-san Anime Trailer Reveals January Premiere

The Kuroitsu-san Anime Trailer Reveals January Premiere

Studio Quad's making its debut with the Kuroitsu-san anime adaptation, with the first trailer showing off Hiroaki Mizusaki's original vision pretty well!

The first trailer for the Kuroitsu-san from the Monster Development Department TV anime has arrived. It’s short and sweet, giving a great look into studio Quad‘s very first anime! Thus, it’s important to keep criticism until the show’s been released, as the Kuroitsu-san anime trailer can be a bit deceiving. But I must admit, it looks rather good already, with the trailer revealing that the anime will premiere on January 9, 2022.

Studio Quad’s TV anime is based on Hiroaki Mizusaki‘s manga series of the same name, with 3 volumes released to date. It’s a fantasy comedy with colorful characters and an action-packed storyline, with light-hearted side-plots. So if that sounds interesting, make sure to look out for the anime adaptation, coming next year!

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Hisashi Saitou is directing the Kuroitsu-san anime, with Katsuhiko Takayama responsible for the series composition. For more information about the cast and crew, click here!

Kuroitsu-san 60-Second Teaser Trailer

Plot: “Touka Kuroizu is a research assistant who belongs to the Monster Development Department of the evil organization Agastia. However, the enemy she has to fight right now isn’t the heroes of justice, but her boss. So long justice exists, evil too, will exist. This is the story of those who fight secretly in the shadows of justice and evil’s confrontation.”

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Source: Kuroitsusan-anime website.

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