AnimeNewsThe Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Trailer & Visual

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Trailer & Visual

Yuuko Yoshida, Momo, Lilith and Mikan will be back for season 2 of The Demon Girl Next Door. Thus, it's time to prepare yourself for quirky comedy!

Give a warm welcome to Yuuko Yoshida, Momo, Lilith and Mikan, who are returning for season 2 of The Demon Girl Next Door! The first trailer and visual (poster) have arrived, showing off the beloved lead characters. while there’s little information about season 2, it will likely premiere in 2022. But, it’s expected that the cast and crew of the 2019-anime will return.

The 12-episode TV anime aired in 2019, produced by J.C.Staff. Director Hiroaki Sakurai helmed the show, working alongside script-writer, Keiichirou Oochi.

Yuuko Yoshida, Momo, Lilith and Mikan holding signs
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Izumo Ito‘s manga series, The Demon Girl Next Door (Machikado Mazoku), began serialization on June 28, 2014. It’s a comedic slice-of-life manga series, currently published in Manga Time Kirara Carat. Thus, it’s an ongoing series, with a rating of 8.16 on MyAnimeList.

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Preview

Plot: “One day, Yuko Yoshida wakes up with horns and a tail and learns that she and her little sister Ryoko Yoshida are actually not normal girls. They are descendants of the Dark Clan, and the clan has been cursed into poverty by the opposing Light Clan. In order to restore her clan’s former honor, Yuko is tasked with defeating one of Light Clan’s priestesses, magical girl Momo Chiyoda! Despite being allegedly the weakest among the magical girls, she posesses great physical strength even without transforming. How will Yuko overcome this dilemma and bring her clan to its former glory?!”
– Machikado Mazoku Fandom Wiki

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Source: The anime’s website.

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