Tesla Note Cast, Crew, Trailer & Posters

Masafumi Nishida's new manga is being adapted by Gambit, and here's everything you need to know about the Tesla Note cast, crew, trailer, and more!

Studio Gambit is adapting Masafumi Nishida and Tadayoshi Kubo’s manga series named Tesla Note, published by Kodansha. It began serialization earlier this year, in January, with the anime adaptation slated to premiere in October. Thus, these two products will almost be running hand-in-hand, as only 2 manga volumes have been released. In turn, it’s almost like a package deal, which isn’t a bad idea, especially considering the crew behind the anime adaptation. We’re not only talking about Gambit producing, but Michio Fukuda, known for Hyakko, Stray Cats Overrun and Nura. In addition, the manga author himself, Masafumi Nishida is the one who’s writing the script. While it should be well-known, he’s behind Re-Main and Tiger & Bunny. Thus, it’s time to get hyped about the the show, and you’ll find Tesla Note cast, crew and more below!

There’s been plenty of information released about Tesla Note, so I decided to include everything in this post. Below, you’ll find the Tesla Note cast, crew, trailer, as well as the posters! If nothing else, you’ll likely find some new info and perhaps learn something new about Tesla Note. Enjoy!

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Tesla Note Posters

Tesla Note Cast of Voice Actors

Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kuruma
Shizuka Itou as Lily Steinem
Konomi Kohara as Botan Negoro
Junichi Suwabe as Mickey Miller
Hidenobu Kiuchi as Kensuke Toriumi
Kazuya Nakai as Kyouhei Himi
Hiroshi Kamiya as Oliver Thornton
Tomoaki Maeno as Ryuunosuke Takamatsu
Mugihito as Jingo Negoro

Tesla Note Official Teaser Trailer

Plot: “Mission T sets out on a secret mission to save the world. Botan Negoro, who was raised as a ninja and a spy, teams up with Kuruma to recover the legacy of the inventor Nikola Tesla, the “Shards of Tesla”, competing with agents from other countries for the same artifact.”
Tesla Note Wiki

Michio Fukuda is at the helm of Tesla Note, with the script by Masafumi Nishida. Tesla Note is produced by Gambit, and is slated to premiere in October, 2021. For more on Tesla Note, visit the official website.

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