AnimeNewsSugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime Has Been Announced

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime Has Been Announced

Kadokawa announced that Sugar Apple Fairy Tale will get an anime, which means, it's time to follow Ann Halford and Shall Fen Shall on their journey!

It’s official! The fantasy adventure Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is inspiring a TV anime! While there’s no information on the show’s release, it’s officially confirmed by Kadokawa’s Twitter page. Thus, the Tweet can be found below. So scroll down for more!

Miri Mikawa‘s light novel series debuted in April, 2010. With a total of 17 volumes, it concluded in February, 2015. It spawned a manga with 2 volumes in 2012, and then again in 2021. Thus, Miri Mikawa’s Suga Apple Fairy Tale will launch a brand new manga on November 4, 2021. It’s illustrated by Yozora no Udon, published in Kadokawa Shoten in Young ACE magazine.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime Announcement

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Plot: “After her mother passes away, Ann decides to become a Silver Sugar Master like her mother—a highly regarded occupation in the country of Highland, where very few masters of the craft exist. Ann leaves for the town of Lewiston, where the royal family holds a sugar sculpture festival. To become a Silver Sugar Master, she has to win the top spot and receive a royal medal.

In this world, humans treat fairies as slaves and take one of their wings to control them. Ann reluctantly buys a fairy named Shall to be a bodyguard on her way to Lewiston. Ann is torn between setting Shall free, but needing a bodyguard on the dangerous roads to the festival.”

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Source: Kadokawa BeansBunko Twitter Page.

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