Sing a Bit of Harmony Looks Like A Must-Watch Movie

Sing a Bit of Harmony is the collaborative effort of Funimation and J.C.Staff. This Yoshiura Yasuhiro-created movie looks great, with a trailer released!

Sing a Bit of Harmony (Ai no Utagoe wo Kikasete) is the collaborative movie of Funimation and J.C.Staff. Considering the mind-blowing resumés of both production studios, it’s not surprising that this Yoshiura Yasuhiro-created movie looks fantastic! From the seamless animation to the visual tone of the movie, Sing a Bit of Harmony looks promising. But that’s not all! This movie tells a very touching tale, focusing on what “humanity” actually is, with an AI character that’s the seed of the storyline. So the question is, can you make an AI happy? But enough chit-chat. Watch the trailer below, and seeing whether or not this film is for you!

The trailer features Tao Tsushiya‘s song, titled Umbrella!

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Sing a Bit of Harmony Movie Trailer

Plot: “The beautiful and mysterious Shion transfers to Keibu High School where she quickly becomes popular for her open-hearted personality and exceptional athletic talent… but she turns out to be an AI in the testing phase. Shion’s goal is to bring chronic loner Satomi “happiness.” But her strategy is something no human would expect: she serenades Satomi in the middle of the classroom. After finding out that Shion is an AI, Satomi and her childhood friend, engineering geek Toma, steadily warm up to the new student. They become more and more moved by Shion’s singing voice and earnestness even as her antics bewilder them. But what Shion does for Satomi’s sake ends up involving them all in some serious pandemonium.”

Sing a Bit of Harmony is Yoshiura Yasuhiro‘s baby, meaning that he’s the creator, director and writer of the movie! However, he’s obviously not making it alone. He’s joined by writer Ichirou Ookouchi, character designer Kanna Kii and chief animation director, Shimamura Hidekasu.

The movie is going to be released on October 29, 2021.

Source: Sing a Bit of Harmony website.

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