Seiji Mizushima’s Hula Fulla Dance Gets New Trailer

Bandai Namco Pictures is releasing a dance anime, directed by Gundam 00-director, Seiji Mizushima. Watch the Hula Fulla Dance trailer here and now!

Bandai Namco Pictures’ Hula Fulla Dance is an original movie, with focus on emotional struggles and the medicine that can make it all better; dancing and good company! It’s a Seiji Mizushima movie, which gives me high hopes, considering his impressive body of work. Thus, it’s going to be exciting to see how he envisions this project. But there’s very little buzz surrounding this movie, and I wonder why? Honestly, it’s likely because of the niché subject of hula dancing. I mean, it’s not exactly something that people know about, and it can deter fans from giving it a watch. But I must say, the Hula Fulla Dance trailer does look pretty good!

The Hula Fulla Dance anime stars Kaori Maeda, and many up-and-coming voice actors. Perhaps it’s a reason there’s not a lot of news surrounding this movie? But, there’s plenty to be excited about, like the director, studio and the fresh cast of actors! So, give the Hula Fulla Dance trailer a watch and see what you think!

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Here’s the Hula Fulla Dance Anime’s Voice Cast!

Haruka Fukuhara as Hiwa Natsunagi
Karen Miyama as Kanna Kamakura
Kaori Maeda as Ohana Kaaihue
Emiri Suyama as Shion Shirosawa
Miu Tomita as Ranko Takigawa

The Trailer!

Plot: “The story follows Hiwa Natsunagi, a high school girl who, inspired by her older sister Mari, takes up a job as a hula dancer at Spa Resort Hawaiians. Hiwa and the other four new members of the team fail their first dance miserably due to their inability to synchronize and are labelled as “the most lamentable newcomers ever.” Even so, the girls find their bonds strengthening as they experience love, dieting, and hula dancing together, as well as sharing both good and bad experiences.”

Bandai Namco Pictures’ Hula Fulla Dance is going to premiere on December 3, 2021.

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