Rich Police Cash YouTube Anime Revealed

Sakuya Kuroda's Rich Police Cash is getting an ONA, which is going to be available on YouTube this fall! More on the Rich Police Cash YouTube anime inside!

Sakuya Kuroda‘s Rich Police Cash (Rich Kaikan Cash) is getting an anime adaptation, slated to premiere later in 2021. It’s a comedy manga series that follows Cash, the lead character, who solves crimes with money. Thus, it’s a quirky manga with plenty of humorous scenes and silly moments. While not for everybody, I think this ONA is gonna be quite the treat for comedy anime fans! Sure, it’s intended for kids. However, I’m sure everyone can get a kick out of it, especially because it’s going to be available on YouTube.

While Rich Police Cash is being adapted, the ONA won’t actually follow the events of Kuroda’s manga series. In-fact, the YouTube net animation will tell brand new stories! Thus, Cash will find himself on completely new adventures, and no one knows what his future will hold! Unless your one of the creators, that is. Nevertheless, it’s colorful and silly, with plenty of money being thrown around. So, keep your eyes open for more on the Rich Police Cash YouTube anime!

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The ONA Will Premiere On YouTube Later This Year!

While little is known about the anime adaptation, more information will surely be released in the coming weeks. If not, we’ve already got an idea of “when and where”. Rich Police Cash is going to premiere this fall, and it’s going to be available on the Coro Coro YouTube channel!

Source: Natalie.Mu

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