Reunited Apart Is Must Watch & Supports Good Causes

Josh Gad's Reunited Apart has brought together the cast of movie classics. The Goonies, The Lord of the Rings, and more! Find out here!

Josh Gad has utilized his time during the COVID-19 outbreak quite well, creating his own YouTube series, titled Reunited Apart. It’s quite the heartwarming concept in-order to bring attention to charities, while chatting it up with the cast and crew of some of the greatest films of all time! That’s saying something, as he’s already managed to get the Fellowship back together and bring The Goonies out of retirement. It shows that Josh Gad probably has some pretty good home cooking or deep connections, as I still don’t understand how he puts these episodes together? However, he deserves some praise, not only for the reunions, but also tying each episode together with a charity. In turn, it’s a way to bring attention to good causes, and if you’d like to learn more, make sure to visit Josh Gad’s YouTube Channel!

Below, you’ll find all 4 episodes of Reunited Apart, with quotes and a few words to get you intrigued.

The Lord of the Rings

Can I ask a question, quick, please? There’s been a bloody weeks of a lockdown here, sure it’s the same for you guys. During all of that, there was only one thing that kept me awake. I was just wondering with, how does social distancing work for Smeagol and Gollum? How did they social distance?

Peter Jackson

Social distancing is for p***ies!


We likes to drink disinfectant, precious!


Isn’t it great to hear Andy Serkis speaking like Gollum and Smeagol for old times’ sake? It’s quite humorous, seeing him put on a bit of a show, willing to indirectly joke about President’s recent remarks. While I won’t go too deep into that, it’s apparent that Andy Serkis knows what his crazy fans want from him. Ironically enough, I’m one of them. Surely he know what his efforts mean to his fans, who’d gladly walk with him to Mount Doom!

Of course, Andy Serkis is joined by his former co-stars, with the cast and crew chatting it up about The Lord of the Rings! Quite the shocker? Well, it’s great to see them come together, with plenty of laughter and bickering, topped off with a few heartwarming moments. It’s not enough that they showed off their tattoos, they also answered questions and made a lot of small talk. It’s like the perfect sundae, isn’t it? If the sundae is the Fellowship of the Ring, I suppose. Anyways, watch the cast and crew get Reunited Apart!

PS. If you’d like to see Sir Ian McKellen casually sip red wine (08:34) and joke about his sexuality (30:05), view the timestamps. In all honesty, the man’s a living legend and a national treasure, so he must be procted by all cost!

Back to the Future

What was most fun for you to play? My broken mother, My succesful mother, My drunk mother, My elderly mother, My school mother, Or first-generation Irish frontier immigrant ancestor?

Michael J. Fox

It melts my heart, seeing Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd having a conversation with Lea Thompson. It truly brings back memories, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re childhood consisted of repeated viewings of the Back to the Future trilogy, you most likely know the feeling. I’m sure that the reminiscing from the cast and crew will hit the hearts of many, with the sheer enthusiasm from Fox, Lloyd and Thompson setting the stage beautifully. This episode of Reunited Apart is must watch!

The Goonies

How exactly does one go about writing a movie about a bunch of offbeat kids who meet a deformed man in the basement of a criminal syndicate, which also happens to sit upon a cave housing a trapped pirate ship with enough treasure to save multiple families from foreclosure, in the most exciting action-adventure setting of them all, Oregon?

Josh Gad

I’ve never been to Oregon, first of all.

Chris Columbus

The Goonies was special, wasn’t it? A film that took the world by storm, with a simple story that was brought to life by the personalities of the children. They became beloved and memorable, each with their distinct archetype, arguably representing an entire generation. Whether that’s good or bad is irrelevant, as these characters brought as along for the ride and made us feel the family-vibe of The Goonies. Make sure to watch this episode of Reunited Apart!


Then he came up to do it, and sweat to God, the very first time John [Candy] hit the ball, it came right back and smacked him in the head. And we, I mean, we all just collapsed and laughed.

Tom Hanks

It’s heartwarming to hear a simple story about John Candy, especially considering how Tom Hanks lights up when telling it. Ironically enough, I was merely 3 years old when he passed away in 1994. However, he left a prominent mark on comedy with his movies. It’s simply sad to think about all the people that were in Splash (1984) who are no longer with us: Dody Goodman, Howard Morris, Tony Longo and Richard B. Shull. Honestly, it’s a an emotional episode, but it’s worth the rollercoaster of feels!

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