AnimeNewsRequiem of the Rose King Trailer Is Dark & Suspensful

Requiem of the Rose King Trailer Is Dark & Suspensful

J.C.Staff's Requiem of the Rose King is an action-drama with supernatural elements, and the trailer shows that the studio has captured Aya Kanno's vision.

The first trailer for J.C.Staff‘s anime adaptation of Requiem of the Rose King has been released. It’s the perfect teaser, showing off the characters and the vibe of the TV show, without giving away too much. Thus, it’s a must-watch, as the anime itself seems downright enthralling. But it’s far too early to tell, isn’t it? However, the promotional visual and trailer are making me look forward to it more than before. So make sure you scroll down and check them out for yourself!

Kentarou Suzuki is directing the TV anime, with Hiroki Uchida in charge of the script. Requiem of the Rose King will premiere in January, 2022.

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Aya Kanno‘s Requiem of the Rose King (Baraou no Souretsu) manga series debuted on October 2, 2013. It’s published by Akita Shoten in Monthly Princess magazine, with 15 volumes released to date. Volume 16 will be available on December 16, 2021.

The TV Anime’s Visual

Requiem of the Rose King 1st Trailer

Plot: “As the Kingdom of England is torn between the House of York and the House of Lancaster—each claiming their leader to be the rightful king—young Prince Richard III is fighting a battle within himself. Despised by his mother, adored by his father (the Duke of York, a claimant to the throne), and alienated from most others, he grapples with frightful spirits haunting him, unsteady and unintentional alliances with his enemies, and his own passion for a throne.”
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