New Gundam SEED Project In The Works

Kadokawa’s Gundam Ace magazine has revealed that a new Gundam SEED project is set to be announced on July 26. While it’s unclear what this mystery project could be, most Gundam fans, and myself, are expecting it to reveal images of the long-awaited Gundam SEED movie. But, it’s impossible to tell, as it could also be a manga reveal, which actually makes the most sense. Just recently, Gundam Ace revealed a new Crossbone Gundam manga and a Gundam 0080 manga as well. Therefore, it makes sense for the Gundam SEED project to follow suit, and reveal a manga.

Update: The Freedom Gundam statue ceremony video revealed many new things, and for more detailed information, click HERE.

Mitsuo Fukuda’s Working On An Anime Special for Freedom Gundam Statue Ceremony.

The Freedom Gundam statue was built in Shanghai, China. It’s located in Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Jinqiao, and it’s construction has been completed. It stands tall, and looks fantastic, with Mitsuo Fukuda planning to release an anime special for the opening ceremony on May 28, 2021.

See the video of the Freedom Gundam’s construction HERE!

The Gundam SEED Movie Was Announced In 2006 – Chiaki Morosawa Had Been Ill Since 2005, and Passed Away In 2016.

Mitsuo Fukuda and his wife Chiaki Morosawa created the Cosmic Era, and when a Gundam SEED movie was announced in 2006, everyone expected it to be released in 2007 or 2008. However, no film was released, and in 2008, Chiaki Morosawa revealed problems with her health, while confirming that the movie’s plot was finished. Therefore, fans sent their prayers, and hope for a speedy recovery. But it wasn’t long before the project was postponed indefinitely, and instead we were treated to the Gundam SEED HD Remaster in 2011. While enjoyable, it wasn’t the film we’d been promised, and in 2016 we got some truly sad news. Chiaki Morosawa, the writer of Gundam SEED, and wife of Mitsuo Fukuda, had passed away from aortic dissection. Therefore, our hearts were with her, Mitsuo Fukuda, and their children. In turn, the long-awaited Gundam SEED movie hasn’t been released, and it’s 2021.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork.


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