New Action-Packed Spriggan Trailer Has Arrived

This upcoming original net animation (ONA) is looking quite good, with flashy action scenes and solid animation. It’s not really surprising, considering Spriggan is produced by David Production, the animation studio behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. While it’s a completely different ball park, I can’t help but to get excited. My expecations are high, to say the least. But it’s not blind faith in David Production. It’s the recently released Spriggan trailer that’s reassuring, as it gives us a great glimpse into the ONA. I mean, everything from the animation to the character spots looks pretty good, and the action sequences look jaw-dropping. If nothing else, I’m sure that Spriggan will be an enjoyable ride, as long as they properly adapt Hiroshi Takashige’s source material. So, with that being said, enjoy the Spriggan trailer below!

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“This is the power of ARCAM‘s Armored Muscle Suit!” – Yu Ominae

Plot: “Many years ago, an ancient civilization known for their advanced technology once ruled Earth, but were destroyed in the end by their misuse. So, they left messages for later generations in the form of indestructible message plates written in ancient Hebrew, informing them that if they could not find a good use for their creations, they should be destroyed.

Various paramilitaries, national armies, and armed private forces began to secretly search for these “mysterious artifacts” in order to be used for their own good and against their enemies. The ARCAM Corporation and their military arm, the ARCAM Private Army, can stop these forces from destroying themselves with their elite secret agents known as Spriggans (or Strikers).”
Spriggan Wiki

This David Production ONA is directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi and written by Hiroshi Seko. It’s set to premiere at an unknown date in 2022!


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