Mieruko-Chan Anime Cast, Crew, Posters & Trailers

Here's everything you need to know about the Mieruko-Chan anime! From the voice actors to all of the posters, here's what you need to know!

Mieruko-Chan is an ongoing horror-comedy manga series, written by Tomoki Izumi, published in Kadokawa Shoten. This manga is very popular, and according to MyAnimeList, it’s within the Top 800 manga on the website. In addition, it ranks as one of the 300 most popular manga as well. In turn, it’s a manga that’s soon going to become a full-blown franchise. If the first Mieruko-Chan anime trailer told us anything, it’s that it’ll be as horrifying as it will be funny!

Studio Passione is producing Mieruko-Chan, meaning that the anime is in good hands. Why? It’s because I’m talking about the studio behind Rail Wars, High School DxD and Higurashi. So if you’re interested in studio Passione, I’d suggest checking out all of their work on MyAnimeList.

Mieruko-Chan Anime Director, Writer & More!

Director – Yuuki Ogawa
Script/Writer – Kenta Ihara
Sound Director – Fumiyuki Gou
Theme Song – Sora Amamiya

Yes, you’re reading it correctly! Sora Amamiya, the voice of Miko, is performing the theme song for Mieruko-Chan. Trust me when I say this, you’ve heard her music before. What if I told you that she’s behind Skyreach, the opening song of Akame Ga Kill? Yes, that’s her. In addition, she performed the second ending song, Tsuki Akari, as well! For more on Sora and her many talent, click here!

Mieruko-Chan Cast!

Miko Yotsuya, Hana and Yuria cropped against a white background

Sora Amamiya as Miko Yotsuya
Kaede Hondo as Hana Yurikawa
Ayane Sakura as Yuria Niguredou

Characters With No Confirmed Voice Actor

Kyousuke Yotsuya
Mitsue Takeda
Zen Toono
Romm Shindou

Mieruko-Chan Posters, Showcasing Miko Yotsuya, Hana and Yuria!

These 3 Mieruko-Chan visuals show exactly what Miko Yotsuya’s dealing with, being surrounded by “them”. I’m obviously talking about the ghostly spirits. But I’m pointing out “them” because Mieruko-Chan’s manga is also known in English as The Girl That Sees “Them”. Thus, it’s a funny thing to inform people, as most are unaware of this English name, which didn’t last. Today, both the manga and anime go by Mieruko-Chan, and thank heavens for that!

First Mieruko-Chan Teaser Trailer

Plot:“Miko Yotsuya is an ordinary high school student who has the unfortunate ability to see horrifying ghosts and spirits that haunt her and the people around her. Despite this, Miko does her best to ignore the existence of ghosts and tries to live out a normal high school life.”

The English-Subtitled Mieruko-Chan Trailer

The Mieruko-Chan manga is terrifyingly funny, and horrifically scary! While it’s a horror-comedy, through and through, it’s an emotional rollercoaster for a manga series. Thus, it’s just fun and games for Miko Yotsuya, who’s genuinelly suffering from seeing ghosts. So when she’s struggling to live her life normally, you’ll find yourself feeling all types of emotions, including a sense of somber sadness. However, don’t be frightened by my own personal description! It’s an entertaining storyline, with funny moments and wholesome scenes, covered in ghostly spirits!

Mieruko-Chan Table Reading With Voice Actors

This video features Mieruko-Chan voice actors, who are reading ghost stories! It’s not necessary to watch it, but it gives a great insight into the cast and their chemistry. So feel free to watch it!

The Mieruko-Chan anime is going to premiere on Funimation, on October 3, 2021! For more, please visit Mieruko-Chan official website!

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